Top 5 Beach Destinations in Mexico

Mexico is one of those unique places that attracts visitors from all over the world looking for culture, great beaches and amazing food. Exotic, tropical and exciting, yet familiar enough and easy to travel to, Mexico has all the ingredients for an amazing vacation.

Mexico has risen in popularity over the last 20 or 30 years thanks to better direct flight routes to the USA and Canada. Mexico is very convenient for North American visitors and the Mexican culture has so much to offer, while also delivering the comforts and quality that are expected.

The wonderful thing about visiting Mexico on vacation is the array of cultural, geographical, gastronomical and historical experiences that await you. From folkloric dancing, indigenous tribal ceremonies, Mayan ruins to tacos, mariachi and tequila, there are so many attractions that make Mexico a unique country to visit.

However, one of the most spectacular assets that Mexico has to offer are its stunning beaches that compete with the best in the world.



Cancun benefits from its location in the Caribbean, enjoying soft white sand and turquoise sea and all the charms that Mexico is famous for. The proximity of Cancun to a host of amazing Mayan archeological sites, makes it a destination that attracts all ages and offers a more cultural view of the fun loving country. There are also incredible natural wonders to see such as the cenotes, which are underground waterholes, many of which you can explore with diving equipment.

Cabo San Lucas

On the Baja California Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is another amazing beach destination that has unique surroundings. Cabo enjoys a desert temperature and outback, as well as mountains and sandy beach. It is also the destination of choice for many famous people looking to getaway from the fame and attention of the USA and Canada.

Puerto Vallarta

On the Pacific coast in the center of Banderas Bay, one of the largest bays in the world, Puerto Vallarta is a popular beach destination whose historical attractions are more contemporary than the ancient wonders of Cancun, having risen to fame during the 1960s with the filming of John Huston’s The Night of the Iguana. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had a house there for many years, and turned the sleepy fishing village into a chic, Hollywood playground.

Riviera Nayarit

Nuevo Vallarta in the state of Nayarit is renowned for its stunning long stretch of certified beach and host of five star hotels offering great all inclusive packages and timeshare opportunities. It is the perfect location for complete relaxation, and the shallow waters of the ocean there make it a great family destination.


This is a small quaint Mexican town that is perfect for couples and groups of friends looking for relaxation and sophistication. Located on the Sea of Cortez and surrounded by mountains, Loreto is a picturesque destination that boasts a lovely boardwalk, golf courses, beautiful beaches and a marina. Complete tranquility and relaxation are on the menu here.


Do I have to pay tax on a timeshare gift?

The common technique for time share developers to employ to persuade people to attend a time share presentation is to offer a gift of some sort. Up until now, there have been no legal taxes imposed on time share gifts and you should not believe anyone who tells you that you will have to pay such a tax at the airport before leaving a destination.

Time share gifts usually include complimentary meals, free excursions, discounts on accommodations, free bottles of alcohol, bicycles, and so on, all of which would be difficult to tax, even if there was such a law. A grey area comes with cash incentives, although most reputable time share companies offer money or vouchers that are redeemable against the purchase of a property rather than physical cash.

In most cases, if you are threatened with having to pay tax on your gifts at the airport, this is likely to be a scam to get you to return your free gifts. Avoid unpleasant time share experiences and chose a reputable company with a good track record.

Timeshare Scams Explained

It seems that many people see timeshare as a scam when in reality the scheme is a genuine offer and those who have been ripped off have had the unfortunate experience of meeting with a deliberate fraud. Buying with a reputable timeshare company with a long track record will keep you safe from being swindled.

In fact, if timeshare suits your vacation needs, it is a far from a scam and can actually save you money and time in the future. Nevertheless, the real benefit of buying a timeshare is not to save money but to raise the quality of your vacation experience and invest in time with your loved ones.

Even so, there are those who have experienced a deliberate timeshare scam, so let’s take a look at some of the ways to save yourself from a timeshare scam.

Most timeshare scams are related to selling your timeshare property. For example, you may get a telephone call from an agent who claims they have a buyer who wants to buy your timeshare. You may not have even considered selling but if the price is right, you might well take the bait. In order to receive the information of the buyer you have to pay an introduction fee, and there goes your money! You never hear from the agent again.

Some timeshare scams relate to the gift you receive to attend a presentation. You go to the presentation and decide not to buy a property but are still entitled to your free gift. Some companies charge you a hefty delivery fee, which costs more than the gift is worth. Other scams involve having to pay to enter a raffle in order to win your free gift. These kinds of scams are getting less common as timeshare companies are recognizing the need to protect their reputations and trust that the properties should simply sell themselves.


Timeshare in Cabo: Villa del Palmar

A member of the celebrated The Villa Group chain of timeshare resorts, Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas is located in a prime position just minutes from the downtown area. Its location is perfect for timeshare owners, who may wish to walk to the hustle of the town center or get a short taxi ride for groceries. The resort also boasts a sandy beach which can be accessed directly from the pool area, overlooking the beautiful Los Arcos landmark.

The five star timeshare resort has huge swimming pools to delight guests and a serene waterfall giving the resort its distinctive architectural signature. Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas also has a saltwater aquarium to keep both kids and adults fascinated.

At Villa del Palmar Cabo, you can opt for both all inclusive plans, even if you are staying as a timeshare owner. You can buy reasonably priced all inclusive passes. The quality of the restaurants on site is excellent catering for all kinds of guests and children. There is a mini market with a deli selling fresh produce so that you can take advantage of the fully equipped kitchens in your timeshare apartments.

Timeshare owners at Villa del Palmar Cabo should be proud of their world class spa which spans 10,000 sq ft and offers an extensive range of massages, treatments, facials and hair styling at great prices. The gym facilities are equally as impressive with weights, running machines and cardiovascular exercise equipment.

Owning a timeshare at Villa del Palmar Cabo is a dream come true. The suites are as amazing as the resort with lots of space for all the family. Tastefully decorated and outfitted with decent furniture both inside and out, your timeshare apartment will delight you every time you arrive.


5 Ways to Avoid a Timeshare Nightmare

timeshare nightmare

Timeshare ownership is supposed to bring joy and happiness into your life not leave you with a nightmare experience. So here are some ways to make sure you avoid a timeshare nightmare.

1. Research

While the majority of timeshare operators are genuine, you are advised to research the timeshare company you are going to buy with before signing any contracts. If you are going to a timeshare presentation, then it is worth taking a look at the internet reviews of the resort and properties before heading to the presentation. Timeshare scams are well documented and fraudulent companies are obvious to spot.

2. Look at the Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to owning a timeshare property, such as saving you money on future vacations, spacious accommodations with kitchens and dining rooms, luxurious properties that you could not afford to buy outright. You also need to look at other considerations such as the destination and the cost of flights from your hometown. Is the location somewhere you would like to visit regularly?

3. Know your Finances

One way to avoid a timeshare nightmare is to avoid buying beyond your means. There are many different price ranges when it comes to buying a timeshare, therefore you should be honest and realistic with the seller when you sign your contract to avoid a financial nightmare at a later stage. The good thing to remember is that in most cases, payments become easier in the future as you finances naturally improve.

4. Maintenance Fees

Timeshare maintenance fees can be a cause of complaint but it is essential to recognize that the maintenance of your property is very important to protect your investment. Maintenance fees are a standard charge in all timeshare units, and the more established companies usually have the lower fees. The key is not to see maintenance fees as an expense but as part of your investment

5. Beware Resale Scams 

Sometimes happy timeshare owners receive a telephone call or email telling them that there is a buyer interested in their timeshare property. Even if you were not intending to sell, most people are attracted to the great offers that are given. These communications are usually scams and once you have paid an introduction fee or surveyors’ assessment, you will probably not hear from them again and you will be living a timeshare nightmare.