All-Inclusive Vacations in Cancun

Choosing to stay in an all-inclusive resort in Cancun as opposed to a hotel offering European plan or a vacation rental is becoming more and more fashionable. While the initial cost seems expensive, for families in particular it could end up saving you money. The great news is that today the price of all-inclusive packages are more and more reasonable and the quality of the food better and better. There are many resorts in Cancun, such as Villa del Palmar, that even offer gourmet inclusive packages which means you get to enjoy fine dining throughout your day, all included in the cost of your package.

The great thing about an all-inclusive vacation in Cancun is that the destination has so much to offer. You are not limited to the resort and a great beach like many Caribbean island destinations, Cancun is a destination worth visiting time and time again. There is great nightlife with a host of bars and discos, excellent adventure tours and lots of cultural and historical attractions such as the Mayan ruins which dot the whole Yucatan area. All-inclusive hotels also generally cater carefully for children and many have kids clubs.

The weather is also guaranteed in Cancun. It is sunny throughout the year with the coldest season from December through February actually offering some more pleasant temperatures. You can rest assured that you will be able to sun yourself on the beach no matter when you arrive to Cancun.

Cancun’s connectivity is excellent. The international airport serves the whole world and you can find some of the cheapest flights to and from the city. Excellent deals on package vacations are the norm thanks to the popularity of the destination.


Advice on Selling Your Timeshare

Before making any decisions about selling your timeshare, it is important to recognize why you wish to sell. Thinking carefully about your reasons will help you avoid a lot of hard work and trouble. Often our reasons for wanting to sell our timeshare are circumstantial and easily rectified.

Change of Circumstances

Maybe your economic circumstance have changed somewhat since the time when you first bought your timeshare and now you cannot afford to take a vacation every year. Rather than sell your timeshare, you could join a vacation club which will let you bank your timeshare points for the following year, meaning that you take a vacation every two years rather than every year. That way you can stay in a bigger or more luxurious apartment than the one you originally bought and therefore invite friends and family to share the costs.

Another consideration to think about before selling your timeshare is how quickly things can change for the better. Once you have paid for your investment timeshare, then it does not make sense to sell it. Instead you should make the most of your vacations at yesterday’s prices.

Cannot Afford the Maintenance Fees

An easy solution to this predicament is to rent your timeshare to friends and family, charging them only the cost of the maintenance fees. If you want to rent it for a profit then you are best to do so via the Internet or through word of mouth. That way you keep your investment until such a time that you can once again afford the maintenance fees and are able to enjoy your timeshare once again.

Want to Visit Different Places

Nowadays it is very easy to swap your timeshare weeks for other destinations. You can do so through a vacation club or privately through social networks. Vacation clubs or points systems make exchanging your vacation property very easy and flexible.

Bereavement or Divorce

There are frequently emotional reason for no longer wanting to use a timeshare, because of psychological attachments and memories. Rather than selling your timeshare, you may consider a vacation club like Interval International where you could take cruises instead, giving you a completely different experience than the one you shared before.

Inherited Timeshares

You may be in the position that you have inherited a timeshare. Before selling, you should at least visit the timeshare property to decide if you could make good use of it. You might also want to consider donating it to a charity or lending it to other members of your family.


Villa Preferred Access

What is Villa Preferred Access?

This is timeshare points scheme which enables timeshare owners to convert their current Villa del Palmar timeshare into points or to purchase points directly. Villa Preferred Access is an initiative offered by The Villagroup, one of Mexico’s most long standing and reputable timeshare companies.

What is the purpose of Villa Preferred Access?

One of the complaints voiced by people who do not buy a timeshare is that they do not want to return to the same resort year after year. Villa Preferred Access is a direct response to this opinion in that the scheme provides greater flexibility and more options for customers. In a nutshell, your timeshare property is converted into points; that is, the value of your timeshare is given a point score which you can then divide and use as your wish.

What are the benefits of Villa Preferred Access?

Due to the fact that The Villagroup have such an great range of resorts in fantastic beach locations in Mexico, including Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun and Loreto, the points scheme makes it easier for owners to exchange their timeshare for other destinations. It is then easier for you to transfer your points to an international vacation club, where you can further enhance your exchange possibilities for accommodations globally.

Another clear benefit of Villa Preferred Access is that timeshare owners can become more flexible with their dates. You no longer have to stick to the same 7 days every year and can decide to split your points and therefore take two short vacations in one year, or even save your points for the following year to spend on a more luxurious or bigger property.

Villa Preferred Access responds to the changing needs of more sophisticated vacation schedules. No one want to be trapped by their vacation home, on the contrary, Villa Preferred Access liberates timeshare owners to truly experience their investment.


Villa del Palmar Timeshare in Puerto Vallarta

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta is a timeshare complex and resort owned by The Villagroup, a timeshare company with an impeccable track record and close to 30 years experience. Puerto Vallarta is a prime location for timeshare properties, owing to the fact that it is so versatile and constantly developing. You could come back every year and find some new and thrilling novelty to entertain you and your family. It comes as no surprise then that Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most successful destinations.


On the Pacific Coast, at the heart of Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta is blessed with soft sandy beaches and wonderful mountains covered in tropical forest. It is simply breathtaking. Puerto Vallarta is also renowned for the boardwalk called the Malecon, which is a delightful distraction from the beach where you can walk and enjoy the souvenir stores and bars, or simply watch the sunset. Further south, you will see Los Arcos on the horizon – these are rock formations that arch out of the bay and are a great spot for snorkeling and diving.

Villa del Palmar Resort & Spa

Close to the downtown area, only a short taxi ride, you will enjoy the privacy of the hotel zone yet a great location to reach activities that you may wish to carry out with your family. There is a supermarket and small shopping mall just opposite the hotel, within easy walking distance, which is great for those who own a timeshare at Villa del Palmar.


Villa del Palmar has two large pools and outdoor Jacuzzis with direct access to the beach. There are plenty of sun loungers and seating areas so there is no need to rush down in the morning and reserve a lounger with your towel! There is also an excellent spa offering a huge range of services and pampering for guest and timeshare owners as well as a full gym.

There are two excellent restaurants in addition to the Palmita Deli to keep the taste buds fully serviced. Timeshare owners have the choice of preparing meals in their apartments or eating at the restaurants. Timeshare residents can also by an all inclusive pass for a minimum of 3 consecutive days if they wish to take a break from cooking in their units.

The Suites

The suites at Villa del Palmar are large and have cooking facilities and a fridge in all units. Some have a kitchenette, including a dining table, while other suites come with full kitchens. In fact the one and two bedroom suites are big enough to live in! You will also find that each Villa del Palmar suite has a balcony and many have ocean views, or at the very least a garden view.

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Cancun Climate

You just cannot beat a sunny beach getaway and Cancun promises just that, whatever season! The climate in Cancun is reported to be the best of all the Caribbean destinations, boasting the most sunny day days on average. Both the sea and the air temperatures are warm no matter what times of the year you visit, making it the perfect choice for a winter vacation yet still pleasant during the summer season.

Statistics claim that Cancun has around 240 days of sunshine throughout the year and so you can be sure that the sun will shine on your vacation. It is not at all common for you to experience bad weather for the whole time you visit Cancun, which is why it is such a popular choice.

The length of the day does not fluctuate a great deal from the summer months to the winter, with 13 hours of daylight during summer as opposed to 11 hours in winter. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder or SAD, a visit to Cancun could be just what the doctor ordered.

The temperature in Cancun is also very pleasant, although it can get very humid (which is great for wrinkles!), ranging from lows of 66ºF (19ºC) to highs of 91ºF (33ºC). In winter you will find that temperatures are pretty balmy, around 81ºF (27ºC) with an average low of 66ºF (19ºC).

Rain is a common concern for people planning on where to take a vacation and while it might rain during any time of the year in Cancun, you will find that it is not cold, dismal rain like in the States or Canada but more like warm light to moderate showers, followed by sunshine. Statistics also claim that Cancun experiences only an average of about 60 days of rain a year. However, it is worth noting that Cancun does have a hurricane season which can bring breathtaking electrical storms from June through November, and also put a spanner in the works if you are unlucky.

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