Q. Are The Villa Group timeshares worth the money?

There are many ways you can spend your money and investing in a lifetime of vacations is just one of them. The Villa Group is a reputable timeshare developer with a track record that exceeds 25 years in the business offering some of the best value timeshare accommodations in Mexico. If you are thinking about buying a timeshare, then you can not go wrong with opting for purchasing a timeshare with The Villa Group.

So, are they worth the money you pay and what do you get for your dollars?

Firstly, when you invest in a timeshare, you are essentially freezing the cost of your vacation accommodation at today’s prices so that you and your family can benefit for years to come. In terms of financial benefits, you will save money in the long run, although it would be wrong to think of timeshare as an investment in the traditional sense of giving you dividends. The dividends you receive from your timeshare are calculated in experiences and memories.

The Villa Group’s timeshare accommodations are great value for money as you benefit from the group’s expertise as well as the low construction costs in Mexico. The accommodations are very spacious with balconies, kitchens, living areas and excellent quality furniture and appliances. Many happy timeshare residents comment that they are big enough to live in.

Another way your timeshare with The Villa Group is worth the money is owing to the first class resorts where the timeshares are located. The Villa Group’s resorts all boast large pools overlooking the sea, world class spas, cutting edge fitness centers, an excellent selection of restaurants and snack bars, many of which are gourmet, and first class services.

Finally, when you buy a timeshare with The Villa Group you are actually buying into a whole range of possibilities. Thanks to Villa Preferred Access, you can swap your timeshare week with another destination within The Villa Group’s repertoire or even join Interval International to exchange your timeshare for destinations around the world and even cruise vacations. Now, if that is not worth the money …


Mario Lopez Makes a Splash at Villa del Palmar Cancun

American actor, TV host and broadway star Mario Lopez turns heads with his pregnant wife, Courtney Mazza and toddler Gia at Villa del Palmar, Cancun this summer.

Enjoying an idyllic vacation at Cancun’s newest luxury resort, Villa del Palmar, Cancun, Mario Lopez was joined by his sister and her four children. With so many little people to entertain, they surely had fun in the fully equipped kids club and children’s pool with splash pad.

The stunning couple are expecting their second child together, and Courtney Mazza was seen showing off her beautiful bump by the pool. Lopez was even caught on camera kissing her pregnant belly while at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Lopez talked excitedly about his vacation at Villa del Palmar, Cancun on the Kris Jenner Show in July, sharing his idyllic experiences at the resort. The handsome star tells Jenner, “I did the coolest thing that I have even done in my life. I went swimming with Whale Sharks“. He was so excited about his whale shark tour that he shared the experience with thousands of viewers saying “it was awesome”.

The couple were also seen enjoying the Villa del Palmar, Cancun’s gourmet restaurants, including the world class sushi restaurant, Hiroshi, the Mexican inspired Zama and the modern steakhouse, La Casona STK.


The Villa Group Timeshare

Villa Group timeshare cancun

If you are thinking about buying a Villa Group timeshare,  it is wise to take a little time to research the timeshare developer you are planning to buy from.

Who is The Villa Group Timeshare?

The Villa Group is a reputable timeshare developer with resorts in Mexico that has proven itself time and again to deliver quality products at great prices. The company has been in the business for nearly three decades and look set to continue to be leaders in the timeshare property market in Mexico for decades to come.

Is The Villa Group Timeshare trustworthy?

With such a great track record and excellent reputation, any timeshare purchase with The Villa Group will be bona fide and above board. The only thing you need to worry about is choosing the property that suits your vacation needs. As is the case will all long standing companies, buying with The Villa Group will ensure you avoid any timeshare scams or deliberate frauds.

Does The Villa Group Timeshare have a best practice policy?

In terms of The Villa Group’s best practice rules, the company is very active in its self assessment and monitoring of sales staff. The Villa Group timeshare division has very strict guidelines for staff members and how they deal with potential buyers in an attempt to safeguard its reputation and combat the bad press that timeshare so regularly receives. The company prides itself on the fact that their exceptional products sell themselves. Therefore, if you are not happy with how you have been treated by a Villa Group timeshare associate, you should contact the company immediately.

Why buy a timeshare from The Villa Group?

When you buy a timeshare with The Villa Group you are guaranteed an apartment in one of Mexico’s top beach vacation destinations. The Villa Group has nine resorts in destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and the Islands of Loreto. Owing to the fact that The Villa Group has so much experience and expertise developing timeshare resorts, you will enjoy the very best accommodations in resorts that have the finest facilities, such as world class spas, gourmet restaurants, large pools and other amenities.

Will my investment be safe?

You can also be sure that your investment is safe with The Villa Group Timeshare. This long standing company is here to stay and its resorts are well established throughout Mexico. You and your family will be enjoying your timeshare for years to come.

The Villa Group Resorts by locations:


UVCI – The Villagroup’s Vacation Club

UVCI are the initials of Universal Vacation Club International, which is a leading network for timeshare exchange founded in 1984. The primary focus of the vacation club is to facilitate and manage exchanges between the beachfront vacation resorts of The Villagroup. The company is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation that allows owners of Villa del Palmar properties to swap their weeks or points for other destinations owned by The Villa Group. The availability of exchanges will depend on the level of membership purchased or any restrictions associated with the type of property bought.

While Universal Vacation Club International deals with exchanges between the Villagroup properties, members also have the opportunity of accessing Interval International and RCI vacation clubs which enable members to exchange their properties worldwide, making your timeshare completely flexible.

UVCI Exchanges

The resorts where you can exchange your Villagroup timeshare through UVCI are: Villa del Palmar Cabo and Villa del Arco Cabo, Villa del Palmar Cancun, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Palmar Flamingos Riviera Nayarit and Villa del Palmar Loreto.

Joining Universal Vacation Club International guarantees a lifetime of wonderful vacation experiences in accommodations that welcome you like you are returning home.

UVCI Membership

There are various ways to use your Universal Vacation Club International membership. For example, if you have FIXED WEEK MEMBERSHIP you can use your specific unit during your allocated week, while FLOATING WEEK MEMBERSHIP means you can stay in your timeshare during a specified season or period. You can also choose BIENNIAL MEMBERSHIP, which conveniently allows you to alternate the years when you use your membership benefits.

Becoming a PREMIER MEMBER means that you can use any property administered by UVCI and enjoy the advantage of dividing you week in both time as well as resorts. For example, you could spend a weekend in Villa del Palmar Loreto and then four days in Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta in the same calendar year. A step up again, would be VILLA PREFERRED ACCESS, which turns your timeshare into points, offering the greatest flexibility.  You can then bank points for the following year, split your points for two vacations in one year or stay in a different resort each year. Your points are also easily transferable to RCI and Interval International.

The ELITE PROGRAM was introduced to reward loyal Villa Preferred Members, offering additional benefits depending on the tier of their membership of which there are three levels:  Elite Four Star, Elite Five Star and Elite Residence Club


Types of Timeshare Gifts

To entice you to go to a timeshare presentation or tour, most developers will offer some kind of incentive or free gift. These gifts can be all sorts of things, from discounted tickets, money, vouchers, wine and so on. While it is common to receive some kind of freebie, you should beware of companies that offer over the top gifts as you may find you will be paying the price of the privilege of receiving them in some way!

Signs of a Scam

There is a common saying in the industry that you can smell a timeshare scam a mile away by the gift. Generally, the most popular and genuine timeshare developers are pretty secure about the product they are selling and therefore the gift reflects this position. They do not need to “bribe” people to visit the property and you will find that the chance to visit the resort and enjoy a free breakfast is often enough to entice most people to some of the best timeshare resorts.

If you are asked to pay something towards receiving your gift, such as taxes, delivery or a permit, then you should think very carefully about accepting the gift and certainly avoid buying the timeshare property.

Genuine Timeshare Incentives

A reputable timeshare developer selling a great property will usually be pretty conservative about lavishing gifts on its visitor, secure in the knowledge that simply visiting the resort will be a pleasurable experience. Usually the gifts offered are more realistic and less likely to be used to make you feel guilty about not buying a timeshare unit. Common incentives are discounted tickets for local activities, car hire, restaurant vouchers or a free breakfast at the resort. Nowadays, timeshare companies are less likely to offer cash incentives, although some some still do, but that is usually at the discretion of the timeshare promoter or OPC.