Timeshare Lawyers? Timeshare Attorneys?

The world of timeshare can be confusing, especially if your encounter with timeshare has you looking for a timeshare lawyer or attorney. Most people who purchase a timeshare will not need the services of a lawyer or an attorney. All contracts will be drafted by a timeshare lawyer, but those costs will already have been covered by the timeshare company you are buying from.

The only time you may need a timeshare lawyer or attorney is in the event that you have been involved in a deliberate scam, for you which you have collected evidence or you have a case where the timeshare company is in breach of their contract. Otherwise, the majority of timeshare or fractional owners may never need the services of a timeshare lawyer.

Nevertheless, should you be looking for legal advice in relation to your timeshare, you should first know the differences between a timeshare lawyer and timeshare attorney.

The first thing to note is that anyone who has a college degree in law or been to law school is technically a lawyer. However, having studied law does not give you the right to represent someone in the courts. You need to take specialized bar exams to be qualified as an attorney.

Seeking the advice of a timeshare lawyer is a good option if all you are looking for is some guidance and suggestions, and that is a good starting point if you have been victim to a scam. Once your case goes to court, you will need to pay for a timeshare attorney who specializes in real estate. This may become more complicated if your purchase occurred in a foreign country.

Other occasions where you may need the services of a timeshare lawyer is if you are behind on your timeshare maintenance fees and are on the receiving end of legal action from the timeshare operator. In those instances, a timeshare lawyer will be able to advise you, although you could save yourself a lot of money by simply paying the fees or coming up with a payment program directly with the timeshare company, cutting out the lawyer’s fees.


Timeshare Scams in Mexico: Villa del Palmar

Being involved in a timeshare scam in Mexico is an infrequent yet sad reality for some buyers, renters and re-sellers of timeshare. However, there are simple ways to avoid a timeshare scam in Mexico to ensure that you get the very best deals on excellent legitimate properties.

The easiest way to avoid a scam when looking to own a vacation property at a Villa del Palmar resort is to buy direct from the Villagroup, the timeshare developer and operator of the Villa del Palmar brand. When you purchase a timeshare while on site at a Villa del Palmar resort during a presentation, you are guaranteed that the property you are buying is the real deal. After just a little research, you will see that scams associated Villa del Palmar timeshare properties result from buying a resale, renting from a dubious agent or being duped by a resale agent when attempting to sell your Villa del Palmar timeshare.

When you purchase direct from The Villa Group during one of their tours, you can rest assured that you are buying a genuine timeshare. Whether timeshare as a concept is suitable to your vacation needs is up to you to decide; however, you can trust Villgroup with its 30 years or so in the business to sell you a legitimate unit – the company are not about to go out of business and in fact, their inventory of resorts keeps growing.

Top Tips to Avoid a Villa del Palmar Scam:

1. Always buy directly from the developer (The Villagroup)

2. Do not buy from internet sites claiming to sell or resell Villa del Palmar timeshares

3. Do not pay any upfront agent fees for selling your Villa del Palmar timeshare

4. Do not respond to unsolicited calls claiming to be timeshare advocates and lawyers

5. Read your contract carefully


Time share at Villa del Arco, Cabo

Time Share At Villa Del Arco

Owning a time share in Cabo San Lucas is a wonderful privilege but owning a time share  at Villa del Arco Beach Resort & Spa is another level of luxury completely. The Time Share at Villa del Arco is a five star complex in Mexico that forms part of the The Villa Group family of time share resorts. Apart from being one of The Villa Group’s most elegant and upscale resorts it is also perfectly located close to the downtown attractions overlooking the Land’s End arches.

Cabo San Lucas

This top Mexican beach destination located on the Baja California Peninsula attracts stars and celebrities thanks to its stunning sandy beaches and amazing scenery. It is a unique destination in that it boasts mountains, desert and ocean all in one location, making it a top destination for time share exchanges.

Cabo San Lucas also benefits from excellent accessibility with many direct flights from Canada and the USA’s biggest cities. You can usually find some cheap air tickets if you book in advance.

Villa del Arco

The architects that designed Villa del Arco knew what they were doing to ensure that guests and members had the best of comfort and aesthetics. They took good care to make the most of the unforgettable Arco rock formation that stands tall emerging from the waters where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.

The Villa del Arco resort has some excellent places to dine, including one restaurant that is the shape of a pirate ship looking like it is floating on the swimming pool. Here you can watch the mesmerizing scenes of the cruise ships as they arrive and depart.

The Desert Spa is another impressive feature that attracts both time share residents and guests alike. The spa covers three floors and has all sorts of treatments from hydrotherapy, massages and wraps to beauty salon services. Time stands still within its walls and you leave looking 10 years young and feeling like a youngster.

Time Share at Villa del Arco Suites

As you would expect of a 5 star hotel, this Villa Group time share resort offers the large elegant suits overlooking spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez with its Arco landmark. Suites come equipped with a chef’s kitchen and dining area where you will instantly feel at home. For those of you who like the idea of cooking but don’t wish to make it a reality while on vacation, Villa del Arco also offers a private chef service.


Timeshare Resales at Villa Palmar

You will be surprised by the sheer number of companies on the Internet and free newspapers selling Villa del Palmar timeshare resales. Unfortunately, it is hard to ascertain if these agents are the real deal selling genuine timeshares or if they are (as most are) a scam. Firstly, Villagroup does not endorse any resale agents on the Internet, which means that you could be vulnerable for a resale scam.

Both buying and selling a Villa del Palmar timeshare unit has its pitfalls unless you are doing so privately to friends of family. There have been many scams associated with Villa del Palmar resales, which have no bearing on the original seller Villagroup. Once you get into the territory of the resale market, your initial timeshare developer no longer has any way of helping you if you become involved in a scam.

One of the most common timeshare frauds is a resale scam that targets current Villa del Palmar owners. These scams promise members great returns on their timeshare investment but ask for an upfront fee. Once you pay the scammers, they will take forever and a day to sell your timeshare, yet they have your money.

Often these resale scams will call you at home to say that there is a buyer interested in your Villa del Palmar timeshare property. Regardless of whether you had been thinking about selling, if offered a great price, most people would probably consider selling. You then have to pay an introduction fee to receive the details of the buyer who will never buy or pulls out at the last minute after you have paid for the agent’s surveyor and lawyer to prepare your contract.

How to avoid a resale scam

The best way to avoid a Villa del Palmar resale scam is to always buy from the developer. If you really need to sell your timeshare then you should sell privately to someone you know, or think about exchanging your unit through a vacation club for other destinations. There is always the option of renting too.