Puerto Vallarta, the Best for Family Timeshare Resorts

If you have ever been to Puerto Vallarta then you will know that there are few destinations in the world to compete with this Pacific playground. There is always some amazing activity, restaurant and beach to keep all ages entertained. It is easily one of the most family friendly destinations in Mexico if not the world. You can return each year and still find some wonderful new pastime to keep you occupied or a brand new restaurant or bar. As far as locations go for timeshare, Puerto Vallarta is a prime spot.

There are many factors to consider when looking for somewhere to purchase a timeshare. Families should consider how long the flights are from home and whether there are direct flights or easy stopovers. Puerto Vallarta is very lucky in this aspect with daily flights from most major cities in the US and Canada. You will also find that the airport is in a super location close to both Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta, which makes your arrival with kids more pleasant.

Vacationing with children, you are going to be looking for a destination where it is safe to swim and Puerto Vallarta has a sweeping coastline packed with clean, safe beaches for swimming. In Nuevo Vallarta, you will find get spots for playing in shallow surf, while Puerto Vallarta is great for swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking. Surfers will also be able to find key points to surf and there are many surf schools in nearby towns like Sayulita and San Pancho that will teach your kids to surf on safe beaches.

Puerto Vallarta is also teeming with activities and tour companies poised with fantastic activities for all the family. There will be something to keep you busy every day of the week for sure. Most timeshare resorts will have a fun packed activities program, especially during the school vacation times which provide many free activities. Some of the top paid activities in Puerto Vallarta are the Pirate Ship, City Tour, swimming with dolphins, zip line, ATVs and sky diving.

Puerto Vallarta’s restaurants are kid friendly. Mexico in general is pretty lenient when it comes to allowing children into bars and restaurants and so you will always find something on the menu for little tummies and most restaurants would prepare something special for your children. Even so, there are always the kids’ favorites like Bubba Gump and Señor Frogs if you are looking for a completely stress-free meal time.



What are the financial benefits to timeshare ownership?

The question of the financial benefits of timeshare is highly disputed, especially between advocates of timeshare and those that see it as a money making scam. However, no matter what side of the fence you are sitting, what is clear is that you are not going to get rich renting your timeshare, nor is it a highly lucrative financial investment in the traditional sense of stocks and shares. Nevertheless, there are financial benefits to owning a timeshare, and it is precisely these advantages that entice thousands of people into purchasing a timeshare every year.

The easiest place to see where you timeshare might save you money is in the fact that the price you pay for your timeshare is calculated at today’s prices. It stands to reason therefore, that you will be saving money on any future vacation accommodation costs as you have essentially frozen the price of your suite by paying today. Within a relatively short time, you can note the savings you are making in comparison to paying for hotel rooms every time you take a vacation.

Unlike hotel rooms that limit the number of people that can stay in your suite, a timeshare property is yours to use as you see fit. Most will have sofa beds so that you can make the most out of the space. In this way, your timeshare can save you money on paying for more than one hotel room.

Another fringe financial benefit comes if you purchase a timeshare for a unit that has kitchen and dining facilities. In this way you can eat at home and prepare some meals in your unit, thus saving money on eating in restaurants for every meal. Over time, this can be a significant saving for you and your family’s budget.

Finally, the majority of reputable timeshare operators offer discounts and have special arrangements with local tour agents and stores. You will find that you are constantly being offered vouchers or special discounts thanks to your membership.



Universal Vacation Club Scams Uncovered

There is no evidence to suggest that UVC (Universal Vacation Club) is a scam. In fact UVC is a mutual benefit organization whose primary function is to manage maintenance fees, exchanges and members’ services for timeshare owners at Villa del Palmar resorts. That is, UVC’s function is to support timeshare members in getting the most out of their Villa del Palmar timeshare membership and to help protect members’ long-term investments and enjoyment.

When you purchase a timeshare at one of the Villa del Palmar timeshare resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Loreto or Cancun, UVC will help you organize any exchanges and to organize your points usage if you have purchased Villa Preferred Access membership. UVC is not a scam, it is a service that is included in your maintenance fees.

Universal Vacation Club’s purpose is to help you take advantage of your timeshare membership and to access all the benefits that are yours to enjoy. There is a UVC newsletter to keep you up to date with essential information as well as email communication about any special offers and discounts that you may wish to explore.

You should beware any forums or resale agents trying to lure you into a scam, claiming that UVC is not a genuine company, and you should direct any questions, complaints, reviews or suggestions to UVC members’ services for efficient and helpful responses. Remember, as Villa del Palmar timeshare owners, UVC is there to help you.

Perhaps the reason for bad press, if any, about UVC is due to the maintenance fees. No one wants to have to pay them, but they are the reality of vacation and full ownership, especially in condos and resort timeshare properties. As a mutual benefit organization, UVC account for their expenditures and you will receive regular accounts regarding your UVC maintenance fees.


Canceling your Timeshare Contract with Villa del Palmar

canceling your Villa del Palmar timeshare contract

Canceling your Villa del Palmar timeshare contract is not impossible to do if you feel that you really need to get out of your binding agreement. The biggest scam, however, are the various firms offering you assistance and advice while charging crazy prices to help you get out of your Villa del Palmar timeshare contract.

Should I cancel my timeshare at Villa del Palmar?

This is the most important thing to ask yourself when you are thinking about canceling your Villa del Palmar timeshare contract. Many people get cold feet once they talk to people who do not own a timeshare or belong to a vacation club. Often, people who do not believe in timeshare are stuck with the old mentality of the timeshare hard sell of the 80s and are not seeing how timeshare has evolved.

You need to think carefully about the benefits of a Villa del Palmar timeshare:

  • Resorts in the top locations in Mexico
  • Your future vacation costs frozen at today’s prices
  • World class resort facilities
  • Guaranteed quality accommodations each time your travel
  • Special timeshare owner privileges
  • Access to exchange networks for global timeshare swapping
  • Assured quality and excellence

When should I cancel my contract?

If you are sure that you wish to cancel your timeshare at Villa del Palmar you will need to do so within the cooling off period. This time frame is specified on your contract and can vary depending on the resort. It is relatively easy to cancel during the cooling off period and you do not need to pay a timeshare lawyer huge sums of money to do so. If in doubt, contract the Villa del Palmar sales office where you purchased your timeshare or the Villagroup directly.

Once the cooling off period has passed, you will find that canceling your Villa del Palmar timeshare is more complicated. Like any legal contract, it is binding unless you have justifiable cause for cancellation, such as that you were mis-sold a Villa del Palmar timeshare or that their is some clause in your contract that allows you to cancel. In general however, unless you have a legitimate reason to cancel, not even a timeshare lawyer is going to be able to get your money back, so save yourself the expense! In actual fact, cancellation of your timeshare is not a problem if you have no interest in getting your money back.