Best Beach Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

beach rentals puerto vallarta

beach rentals puerto vallarta

One of the best options for vacation accommodation in Puerto Vallarta is beach rentals. Although reserving a hotel room is still very popular, especially at all inclusive resorts, there is a very healthy market for beach rentals in Puerto Vallarta that continues to flourish.

Today, visitors to Puerto Vallarta are looking for something different; and being that it is the kind of place where people return year after year, beach rentals are a super alternative to paying the high rates and taxes in a hotel or resort. Many people arrive to Puerto Vallarta for the first time on a package tour with beachfront hotel accommodation included and simply fall in love with the destination. On their next visit, most repeat visitors will chose to stay in a beach rental or timeshare, which provides greater autonomy, space and freedom to prepare meals in the beach rental.

The most popular kinds of beach rentals in Puerto Vallarta are seaview studios or one bedroom condos with cooking facilities and access to a private or communal pool. These types of beach rentals are in high demand in Puerto Vallarta and would make an excellent investment for those looking for somewhere to put their money. Luxury villas and larger condos also rent easily and are popular on beach rental websites and rental agent listings.

There are a number of different areas in Puerto Vallarta that are best for beach rentals, most of which have amazing beach access as well as good accessibility to taxis and other amenities. Beach rentals in the Marina are always very popular with both national and international visitors while the south beach area of Puerto Vallarta (Conchas Chinas to Garza Blanca) is also a highly sought after area for beach rentals. The hotel zone, which extends from Villa del Palmar to Playa Camarones, is also a great area for beach rentals as well as timeshare rentals.

The main reason that Puerto Vallarta is one of the best places in Mexico for beach rentals is due to a variety of factors: great accessibility and daily international flights, amazing weather, stunning safe beaches, a host of wonderful activities, a wide selection of gourmet restaurants and cheaper places to eat and superb service. Puerto Vallarta is certainly one of those beach vacation destinations where you will want to visit more than once, which is why it has developed into such a popular location for beach rentals.

Is vacation ownership worth it with Villagroup?

The Villa Group is a leader in vacation ownership in Mexico, with a range of vacation products from timeshare membership to full ownership. Boasting nearly 30 years experience developing vacation ownership products and managing world class resorts, it comes as no surprise that Villagroup is a great investment.

The Villagroup’s most popular product is its timeshare schemes which have been running since the 80s and delighting owners ever since. When it launched its first timeshare resort in Puerto Vallarta, Villagroup sold week intervals, following a more traditional model; nowadays, new buyers have access to the latest points scheme that allows for greater flexibility. Villa Preferred Access is the name of Villa Group’s vacation ownership points scheme, which is available to new buyers as well as current timeshare owners who wish to upgrade.

The benefits you will enjoy from becoming a vacation owner with The Villagroup are many. The first thing you will notice is value for money as you benefit from the timeshare operator’s know-how and experience in developing quality products. Using its own construction firms and following its own tried and tested formulas for success, there is little wastage and savings are passed on to owners. Buying a vacation ownership product at one of the Villagroups resorts will also entitle you to take advantage of other resorts in its family of vacation products. For example when you buy a timeshare at Villa del Palmar in Cabo San Lucas, your membership will allow you to stay in accommodations in Cancun. Puerto Vallarta and Loreto.

Finally, owning a Villa Group timeshare gives you the confidence of being part of a world class development, knowing that your investment is safe and that you will be enjoying your vacation purchase for years to come.

Top Cabo San Lucas Landmarks – Land’s End

Each successful vacation destination seems to have its own defining feature: in Rio it’s the Christ Statue, in New York, it’s the Statue of Liberty, in Cabo San Lucas it’s El Arco, otherwise known as Lands End.

The Land’s End natural rock formation is a huge rocky arch that features on many postcards and guidebooks promoting Cabo San Lucas. Found where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean clash at the tip of the California Peninsula, el Arco is one of Cabo’s most celebrated attractions. Carved over centuries as the sea slowly washes away the rock, Land’s End is now an unforgettable part of Cabo’s identity.

Why is El Arco also Called Land’s End?

In Spanish, the landmark is known as El Arco, which makes logical reference to its shape, while the English version, Land’s End, carries a curious story. The name Land’s End is supposed to have come from the idea that if you were to take a direct trajectory south from the rock formation, you would hit the South Pole without seeing any other land masses on your way – hence Land’s End.

Can you go there?

There are daily tours to Land’s End in Cabo, although you can easily reach the arch on your own steam from Cabo San Lucas Marina by water taxi. You could also hire a manned yacht or small fishing boat to take you at your leisure.

What can you see there?

You could easily spend a few hours at el Arco as there are sandy beaches for swimming and bathing. Snorkeling and diving here is highly recommended as the rock formation provides home to many wonderful fish and marine life. There are turtles and sea lions here too. Just watch out for the pelicans that tend to dive past you with a huge splash.

Say Cheese

Land’s End is a must-do photo opportunity. It will make a great profile picture for Facebook or a screensaver for your computer. Don’t forget to post a photo on Twitter and Instagram!



Fraud or Bona fide? Cabo San Lucas Time Share Presentations

Cabo San Lucas is a top Mexican destination for timeshare resorts and therefore you are not likely to escape being invited to a timeshare presentation at some stage during your visit to the Baja California paradise. The good news is that Cabo San Lucas is not renowned for timeshare scams, although it is always a good idea to beware any invitation that seems dubious or simply too good to be true.

Most Cabo San Lucas time share presentations are the real deal, especially if your are invited to consider buying a from a reputable resort. In any case there are some key tips to take into consideration to avoid a presentations scam in any Mexican beach destination.

1. Check the Authorization of the Person Inviting You

In Mexico, companies need to have a license to sell time share. Anyone you meet on the street who invites your to attend a time share presentation, even if they are located in a shop or tour agency, should have official Cabo ID to show they have permission to invite you in a public place.

2. Take the Name of the Promoter (OPC) and Resort

Make a note of the promoter who is dealing with your presentation as well as the name of the Cabo resort. If you are taken to a resort that does not match the one promoted to you initially, you should beware. There have been cases in Cabo San Lucas where promoters say they are working for a licensed company and then send you to a tour with another illegitimate company which pays more commissions.

3. Check the Reputation of the Timeshare Resort

Once you have agreed to attend a time share presentation in Cabo San Lucas, do a little research on the internet before arriving to the resort. That way you are clued up on what the resort has to offer.

4. Beware Presentations not Held on the Resort

Be wary if you are attending a presentation in a location other than the resort which you are being tempted to buy. If you are considering a pre-sale unit in Cabo San Lucas, you should check the validity of the resort and its operators on the internet before signing a contract. The best advice is to only buy a pre-sale from a reputable chain that already has resorts in other locations.

5. Don’t Trust Too Good to Be True Gifts

The free gift that you receive in return for your time attending a time share presentation should be proportionate to the profit the company are likely to make if they were to sell you a time share. Therefore, when gifts seem too far-fetched, you may be walking into a scam.