Bypass Timeshare Problems

If you want to bypass the probability of timeshare problems then the most sensible thing you can do is read your contract carefully, thoroughly and more than once. Gaining this level of familiarity with your contract is the first step in avoiding timeshare issues because most timeshare problems occur when new owners lack familiarity with their contract. Likewise, all timeshare companies should provide you with their rules and guidelines; you should read these too to help prevent timeshare problems!

Paying your maintenance fees on time will also help you to avoid some of the most costly and inconvenient timeshare problems. One timeshare problem which arises from failing to pay maintenance fees is the inability to make use of your timeshare. In fact, you won’t be able to book or use a timeshare unit at all until your payments are up-to-date. Failure to pay any maintenance at all is likely to end in legal action.

To avoid the timeshare problem of being unable to get the resort and dates that you want, you should book well in advance! Make sure you reserve your timeshare unit in plenty of time to avoid disappointment; most timeshare companies will allow you to book up to two years in advance.

If timeshare problems do arise, however, then you should report them as soon as possible to ensure that you survive the troubles with your investment intact. Problems related to the standard of your unit in terms of repairs or missing items should be reported when you arrive to your timeshare resort. These are easy problems to resolve once they have been reported.

With some quick easy advice, it is easy to see how timeshare problems can be easily avoided.

Dealing With Villa del Palmar Resale Scam

Deciding what is the best way of dealing with Villa del Palmar resale scam can be tough if you have no experience of timeshare scams. However, the Villa Group and Universal Vacation Club are working together with law enforcement departments and ARDA (the American Resort Development Association) in order to wipe out resale scams involving Villa del Palmar timeshares. You can help them do so by ensuring that if you experience a resale scam, or suspect someone is operating one, you take the following steps;

  1. Report the incident or individual to Villagroup members services or UVC.

  2. Make a complaint to the Federal Trade Commision by contacting the Business Fraud Division on 1-877-382-4357.

  3. Report your experience to the Attorney General’s Office in your home state; please consult the internet or your local yellow pages for contact information.

  4. Keep all written materials sent to you by the suspected scammer and notify the Villagroup of UVC if they continue correspondence with you. If the fraudsters continue to send you materials or otherwise contact you then please follow this up by forwarding the emails or information to In this way, details of the scam can be kept on your file.

  5. Report the fraud to ARDA by visiting:

Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more essential for timeshare owners at the top resorts like Villa del Palmar to be adept at dealing with resale scams as they are being targeted more often. In fact ARDA has a library of articles on dealing with Villa del Palmar resale scam; if you think you’re being targeted by a resale scammer then feel free to contact Villa Group directly at

Remember that Villa Group cannot file a claim on your behalf, althgough you will find that members of the support team will be able to offer you as much help and advice as possible.

Villa del Palmar Resale scam victims must initiate any claims themselves so as to provide all the details to the authorities in an official, first hand statement. It is key, however, to keep in mind that all the agencies listed above are on hand to help and assist you, should you need.

The Perfect Vacation at Villa del Palmar Timeshare

The Perfect Vacation at Villa del Palmar Timeshare - Islads of Loreto

A Villa del Palmar timeshare will prove to be your perfect vacation choice as you get much more than what you pay for. A timeshare at Villa del Palmar allows you to get to the utmost level of joy and satisfaction as you succeed to pamper your family with what they deserve.

Options for the perfect vacation at Villa del Palmar Timeshare

The charm and grandeur of the Mexican coastline coupled with the latest luxurious conveniences make your vacation the perfect one at a Villa del Palmar timeshare. Enjoying the fascinating views of where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean at Cabo San Lucas, experiencing a day out at Mayan ruins in Cancun, exploring the diverse forms of marine life at the Islands of Loreto, spending some hours of leisure in contemplation or romance in Puerto Vallarta or snorkeling in Riviera Nayarit having the Sierra Madre as your backdrop, are just a few of the innumerable options for enjoying a perfect timeshare vacation at Villa del Palmar.

World Class Villa Group Properties

The Perfect Vacation at Villa del Palmar Timeshare - Islads of Loreto

Worries depart and bliss arrives the moment your foot touches the grounds of a world famous Villa Group property, which include Villa del Palmar, Villa del Arco, Villa del Palmar Flamingos and Villa del Mar brands. Each of the Villa Group properties proudly offers Villa del Palmar timeshare.

Ideal option for a Memorable Wedding and a Romantic Honeymoon

Apart from being the best destination for a perfect family vacation, Villa del Palmar timeshare also happens to be the ideal option for a memorable wedding and a romantic honeymoon amidst both man made wonders and natural splendors. Imagine your wedding ceremony on the beach or a romantic honeymoon in the Caribbean – the choice is yours at Villa del Palmar.

Exchanging your Villa Group Timeshare

This post will explore ways to exchange your Villa Group timeshares, what benefits are in store for you when you make an exchange and how you can exchange your Villa Group timeshare for destinations around the world.

Internal exchanges with the Villa Group

The Villa Group is characterized by its wonderful range of family-friendly timeshare resorts all over Mexico. Only the top destinations are chosen by the Villa Group as a location to develop its world class vacation ownership products and resorts. Currently, you can exchange your Villa Group timeshare for resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Loreto through Universal Vacation Club, the company that administers the internal exchanges within the Villa Group.

You can rest assured that any resort you visit owned and operated by the Villa Group vacation club in Mexico will provide you with amazing services in stunning locations where the natural environment is respected, thus giving you superb experience of a lifetime.

Your Investment is Safe with the Villa Group

The Villa Group is known as one of the leading timeshare resort developers in Mexico. Thus, you can be very assured that your investment is perfectly secure with a Villa Group timeshare. The company has continued to expand over 30 years to include fabulous well built resorts with more planned for the future. Therefore, you will be taking advantage of your timeshare and exchanges for years to come with your family at any number of Villa Group Resorts.

International Exchanges

Exchanging your Villa Group timeshare also extends to global exchanges thanks to the services of Interval International. Your level of membership with Interval International depends on the level of your Villa Group timeshare membership, which will determine the kinds of units and resorts you can access. Interval International offers exchanges in over 80 countries worldwide and nearly 3000 resorts. With Interval International exchanging your Villa Group timeshare becomes even more value for money.

Discount Vacation Hotels Explained

I often get the question about Discount Vacation Hotels, with many of my followers wondering if it is a scam. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to dispel the myths about Discount Vacation Hotels so that people know what the travel company is really about.

What does Discount Vacation Hotels Offer?

The deals you find at Discount Vacation Hotels are the cheapest on line for some of the top vacation destinations to Mexico. Discount Vacation Hotels are experts in cheap all inclusive and room only packages in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and the Islands of Loreto. As specialists in Mexico travel you can be sure to receive the very best advice about the locations you are considering for your vacation.

The service you will receive from the agents that work for Discount Vacation Hotels is also very good. When you speak to an agent at the call center, it is clear that they know what they are talking about and have been to the destinations they are promoting. You can ask Discount Vacation Hotels questions about both the hotels and destinations offered and you will receive a useful and clear answer.

Are the prices at Discount Vacation Hotels for real?

You will be forgiven for thinking that Discount Vacation Hotels is a scam. The prices are so cheap, you might think there has to be some kind of scam. In reality, the prices are real. The only catch is that you have to attend a presentation. From customer reviews of Discount Vacation Hotels, it seems that the presentation does not take very long and is actually a great way to have a tour of the resort. In exchange for a few hours of your time, Discount Vacation Hotels will provide you the cheapest vacation deal to Mexico.

What about the Quality of the Hotels and Resorts?

Customer reviews and comments on forums indicate that the quality of the hotels where you will be staying when booking through Discount Vacation Hotels are excellent. Resorts range from 4 and 5 stars and you will be treated like royalty. The food included in the all inclusive packages also receive positive reviews.

How do the destinations rate?

The destinations are the best in Mexico: Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Loreto. All boast year round warm sunny weather and are particularly popular during the winter months when north Americans are eager to escape the cold. The cheap packages make Discount Vacation Hotels an excellent choice for a second vacation or a warm winter getaway. In each of the destinations, you will also find a large selection of activities and tours – adventures on land and sea – as well as fine dining and bars.