Celebrating Valentine’s Day Mexico Style

Statistics in the USA claim that more than 20 billion dollars are spent of Valentine’s chocolates, jewelry, cards and gifts each year. Vacations to Mexico to celebrate Valentine’s Day are almost as popular as anniversaries and birthdays. There are many reasons why celebrating Valentine’s Day Mexico style is a great idea.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Mexico Style

Why Choose Mexico for Valentine’s Day

Most people who choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a vacation opt to spend a short period of time like a long weekend or a couple of days. Mexico is perfect for short getaways, especially if you live in the USA and Canada near an international airport. Flights are quick and many are direct, which makes choosing Mexico for a short Valentine’s Day getaway really popular.

The weather is also a key factor that makes Mexico an excellent destination for Valentine’s Day. There are few affordable places in the Northern Hemisphere that can boast warm sunny weather in February, while freezing temperatures back home make a snowy Valentine’s more likely.

Mexico is also a very romantic country. Hotels and restaurants go out of their way to make Valentine’s dinners and excursions highly intimate and romantic. If you tell your hotel that you are visiting for a romantic getaway, you are sure to enjoy some lovie dovie detail in your room or a special privilege.

Places in Mexico to Visit for Valentine’s

The likelihood is that you are looking for somewhere warm and sunny in Mexico to take your Valentine this year; therefore, the coastal beach destinations are the best options. Cancun is a very romantic option with the stunning Caribbean Sea and plenty of Islands to explore, like Isla Mujeres, while Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas offer guaranteed sunsets over the ocean, which are unbeatable for a candlelit Valentines’ dinners for two. If you are looking for somewhere really tranquil, surrounded by nature, the Islands of Loreto on the Sea of Cortez make a great option for Valentine lovers.

Buying a Puerto Vallarta timeshare at Villa del Palmar

Buying a Puerto Vallarta timeshare at Villa del Palmar

It is a generally accepted truth that everyone wants to give their families the very best in life. This hold true when it comes to vacations once all the basics are covered. A Puerto Vallarta timeshare at Villa del Palmar goes above and beyond a great vacation to make sure that you and your family have a good time. Owning a Puerto Vallarta timeshare at Villa del Palmar means that you don’t need to worry about arranging your accommodation every year, and it gives you a base from which to experience and explore the new sceneries around you!

Freedom and Flexibility at Villa del Palmar

Buying a Villa del Palmar membership opens up the option of staying in resorts all over Mexico. This includes resorts in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Loreto and Cabo San Lucas. In fact a membership at Villa del Palmar in Puerto Vallarta also gives you the opportunity to switch your weeks for global destinations through Interval International for accommodation in resorts across the world. The points based system managed by both Puerto Vallarta timeshare at Villa del Palmar and Interval International means that, no matter where you go, you get a like-for-like trade that won’t leave you disappointed.

Buying a Puerto Vallarta timeshare at Villa del Palmar

A Puerto Vallarta timeshare at Villa del Palmar offers a particularly distinctive experience, however; not only do you get a home away from home in a five star resort, complete with wonderful facilities and service, but you also get to experience the unique setting and lifestyle that can only be found in Puerto Vallarta.

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa can be found in a lovely central location in Puerto Vallarta, roughly halfway between the Marina and Downtown areas. A timeshare in this area is particularly enjoyable for visitors as Puerto Vallarta is an easy to navigate city; you can get around very easily by bus, taxi or on foot and there is a supermarket and mall within walking distances, in addition to the Palmita market and deli on site. Yet you really get the sense of living in Mexico, not the super glam, tourist version of Mexico.

Has anyone bought a Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar?

Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar offers accommodations that are of the highest quality.

This question crops up again and again in timeshare forums; people want to know if they’re going to get value for their money when they buy a Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar, and they want to know who offers the best service, as well as the best deals. Frequently, Cabo timeshare Villa del Palmar comes out on top for both of these for many reasons. The Villa del Palmar brand offers high quality timeshares in Mexico, and has long been the best in the country.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is a great location for vacations if you live in Canada or the USA as flights tend to be much cheaper than elsewhere in the world. This means that you can take advantage of the beautiful scenery, sunshine and sea without emptying your bank!

Why Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo has long been a playground for the rich and famous, and it simply can’t disappoint. Stunning beaches, wonderful activities and a thriving culture to make your vacations wonderful. Cabo timeshare is therefore a great choice.

Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar offers accommodations that are of the highest quality.

Why Villa del Palmar?

Villa del Palmar has long been one of the best vacation club options in Baja California; Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar offers accommodations that are of the highest quality. The facilities at the Villa del Palmar Cabo resort are wonderful and include pools, gourmet restaurants, a Spa and secure access to the beach, and, better still, membership that gives you access to other resorts across Mexico. Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar also offers a huge amount of control to members through a points based system which allows you to pick where and when to stay each year.

While staying in Cabo San Lucas there are a huge amount of activities, both paid and free, to keep you and your loved ones busy. You can go zip-lining, take a camel ride, or go on a pirate themed cruise. Whatever takes your fancy. Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar is all about you; what you need and want from your yearly vacation is at the heart of the resort’s make-up. At the Cabo San Lucas resort you’ll feel you have found a home away from home that you can return to year after year.

How many types of timeshare there are?

The term timeshare is actually much broader than you probably think. If you have ever been to a timeshare presentation or some such vacation club sales talk, then your idea of timeshare most probably relates to the program you were being sold at the time. Likewise, if you own a timeshare, then your impression of timeshare will reflect the kind of membership that you own. In actual fact, there are a number of variations of timeshare, such as fixed week timeshare, deeded ownership, right to use timeshare, vacation clubs, points schemes etc, which I will discuss below.

Fixed Week Timeshare

Fixed week timeshare refers to vacation purchases whereby you pay for a fixed week at a resort around the same time of year every year for the length of your contractual agreement, which is usually between 25 and 30 years. Often, these fixed weeks are in the exact same unit in the same resort, while other fixed week timeshares may guaranteed you the same week at the resort in a similar room.

Deeded Ownership

Deeded ownership refers to full and fractional ownership. Full means buying the whole property outright like a second home, while fractional is similar to timeshare in that you only pay for a share of the property, which translates into a set period of time every year. Deeded or titled fractional ownership means that you actually own a bricks and mortar investment that will never expire. You can sell, bequeath or rent your property as you wish.

Right to Use Timeshare

Most timeshares these days work on a right to use basis. This means that you buy the right to access your property during a particular period of time every year. You are not an owner of a property or unit, but an owner of a membership. This kind of scheme is common in residence clubs and vacation clubs. The practicalities are very similar to fixed week timeshares but give you greater flexibility to choose other destinations, bigger or smaller suites or alternative dates for your vacations.

Vacation Clubs

Some timeshares are large vacation clubs where you essentially buy membership rather than a particular unit at a home resort. Your membership may afford you highly discounted rates on vacation accommodation or points, depending on the vacation club. Some international vacation clubs allow you to swap timeshare weeks for alternative destinations, no matter what kind of timeshare scheme you belong to.

Points Schemes

Points shames are highly versatile and allow you to use your membership to suit your needs. Timeshare points are common when buying a timeshare from a timeshare operator who has more than one property to offer, or who is planning on extending the itinerary of resorts for members. You purchase points that can then be used towards any of the resorts managed under your membership as well as towards a variety of accommodations. You can also spend the points that you need to stay in different categories of suites. The advantage of timeshare points schemes is that you can often spend points to pay for all inclusive meal plans and other services.

Being armed with this kind of information before you buy a timeshare is important. Timeshares can open the doors to amazing vacation opportunities if you choose the right company for you.