6 Activities for the Best Day Out on the Islands of Loreto

Islands of Loreto

Americans and Canadians alike love to travel to the Islands of Loreto for its beauty and charm. This destination is one of the most exquisite hot spots you can visit while vacationing in Baja California. If you are a nature lover, you will really love the sites and wonders of the Islands of Loreto. So here are a few things you can do to make this the best day out on the Islands of Loreto.

Loreto’s Farmers Market

This market is not your average fruit and vegetables store. It is currently located north of Loreto in Mimar. There is a selection of premium quality fruit and vegetables not found in other supermarkets. You can also purchase meat, clothing, various crafts, and souvenirs while visiting this market.

Parque Marino Nacional Bahía de Loreto

This jaw-dropping park is a must see on your best day out on the Islands of Loreto! The Loreto Marine Park has a host of flora and marine life that is destined to keep you occupied for hours. Try scheduling a marine park tour in the early morning or mid afternoons for a refreshing and peaceful adventure.

One of Loreto’s Best Kept Secrets

There is not much known about the UNESCO-protected cave paintings found near the Islands of Loreto. All that is known is that the painting was created almost 1500 years ago, and it has more defined and larger markings than the cave paintings found at Europe’s Lascaux and Altamira.

Whale Watching

An island adventure would not be complete without taking a boat tour. So if you are visiting the Islands of Loreto during the winter time, you may want to schedule a fishing or whale watching trip. The best time to see the whales in their natural environment is between December and mid-March.

Non-Motorized Water Sports

To enhance your adventures while having your best day out on the Islands of Loreto , try diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle-boarding, or any other non-motorized water sport to appreciate all the coastal and underwater marvels of Loreto.

Beach Lounging

Playa Coyotes and Playa La Perla are two of the most popular islands tourist like to visit while having their best day out on the Islands of Loreto. Just 2.5 miles away from Loreto is the Isla Danzante, which can be reached by kayak or through north Loreto to Conception Bay. Also, try the clean sand and clear waters of the beaches surrounding the Sea of Cortez. No matter which beach you choose, this tourist event is definitely a surefire way to have the best day out on the Islands of Loreto.

Islands of Loreto

Job Opportunities with the Villa Group in Mexico

Are you looking to change your career? Are you thinking of moving away and starting a new life somewhere in the sun? If the answer to both these questions is “Yes!” then you should consider working for the Villa Group in Mexico.

Mexico’s Job Opportunities in General

Generally speaking, good job opportunities in Mexico for foreigners who don’t speak English are pretty scarce and limited, to be fair. Those that are available might not boast a great wage, either. If you plan to live and work in Mexico then a good grasp of English is required as most foreigners find themselves doing jobs like teaching English, or working in the service industry. While these jobs don’t pay a huge amount you’ll find that they provide enough as the relative cost of living is pretty low!

The very best job opportunities in Mexico, however, are those that involve sales positions. You will often find that timeshare and vacation clubs are the general providers of the best paid work for foreigners in Mexico. Especially those who speak little to no Spanish!

Mexico Job Opportunities with the Villa Group in Mexico for Foreigners

The Villa Group is a company that offers some really great opportunities to English speaking foreigners who want to relocate to Mexico; all you need is a flair for sales. The Villa Group have more than 3 decades experience in the business and is one of the most prestigious companies in the country! They are well known for their positive treatment of employees and the bonuses that working with them provides.

Sales positions are among the best job opportunities with the Villa Group in Mexico. These jobs are great for those who want to have control of their own potential as they are commission based; there’s no limit to what you can make! Best of all you’re selling a quality product so there’s no need to go hard line!

Perhaps best of all, though, is the fact that when you work for the Villa Group in Mexico, you will be living and working in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world! Places like Cabo san Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and the Islands of Loreto all have Villa Group resorts, so you could work and live in anyone of them.

Become a Villa La Estancia Snowbird in Riviera Nayarit

Snowbirds who land in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico will find that Villa La Estancia is capable of offering a great experience to those who settle there. Whether you want to bath in sunshine for a few weeks in winter, or you want to consider a more long term move, Villa La Estancia Residences could have a solution for you. Become a Villa La Estancia snowbird and have the time of your life at you own property each year.

Villa La Estancia Snowbirds in Riviera Nayarit

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Why Choose Villa La Estancia Residences in Riviera Nayarit?

Those seeking to get away from the cold winters of Canada and the USA should choose the Villa La Estancia for a few reasons. Firstly the weather will generally be on your side; the winters on the Riviera Nayarit are generally warm and balmy, and there is little chance of rain on most days. Plus your vacation home will be on the grounds of the 3 Diamond five star hotel; you’ll be able to make full use of the facilities as an owner.

Full and Fractional Ownership at Villa La Estancia Residences

If you opt for full ownership then you will literally have full deeded ownership of your vacation home. This means that as it accrues equity you benefit, and, of course, you can visit whenever you like. You could even live there if you wished! Fractional ownership, on the other hand, gives you access without full responsibility. You still benefit from a portion of any gained equity, and can choose to have access for 6 or 13 weeks during which you can visit at any time.

Pastimes for Snowbirds in Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit has many attractions and sights to keep visiting Villa La Estancia snowbirds happy; all the facilities and activities of the 3 Diamond resort will be at your disposal and, furthermore, the surrounding area is wonderful. Whether you wish to go horseback riding, whale watching, or fishing you will find that there are plenty of opportunities.

    Cabo Timeshare

    major landmark in Cabo San Lucas

    What could be better than visiting Cabo? Well, how about owning a piece of it?! You can own a Cabo timeshare today, and for less than you might think. Still not convinced? Check out all the reasons why you should buy a Cabo timeshare today:

    A Great Vacation Destination

    Cabo San Lucas is one of the top vacation destinations. You can have a luxurious stay and still stay on budget. Seriously-vacations to Cabo can be done for exceptionally affordable prices for visitors from North America, without having any affect whatsoever on the quality. Don’t believe me? Just ask some of the many celebrities that vacation here. Why would a celeb choose anywhere that wasn’t luxurious?

    Home to the Best Beaches

    Cabo timeshare is home to some of Mexico’s best beaches. Cabo San Lucas’ golden sands are sought out by travelers everywhere, and make for a relaxing and picture-perfect stay. Some beaches are even framed by gorgeous cliffs, and there are both private and public beaches to choose from, with many luxury complexes and hotels nearby.

    The Facts Don’t Lie

    People choose Cabo timeshare for a reason. It is actually one of the most popular choices for a timeshare right now, because of its accessibility and high quality accommodations. Cabo San Lucas also has a vast variety of activities. Not every destination can offer this kind of balance for an affordable price. There are tons of timeshare locations to choose from, and once you get there, tons of things to do.

    Tons of Activities

    When I said it, I meant it – there are really tons of things to do in the area, which makes Cabo timeshare the perfect vacation ownership opportunity. If you’re a thrill-seeker, try something like zip lining or going on wild safari adventures. You can also go swimming with the sea life, or you can even ride a camel. If you want to take it easy, try having a nice relaxing day of fishing, golfing, or fine dining.

    Cabo San Lucas really has something for everyone, from families, to couples, to friends and groups. On your next trip out, be sure to stop by El Arco, a beautiful, postcard-ready (no really it’s on the postcards) work of nature, and a major landmark in Cabo San Lucas.

    Cabo timeshare could open the doors to your dream second home!