Best Cabo San Lucas Parks

San Jose's Birds Sanctuary

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico has the best parks. The first thing you should do when you arrive in Cabo San Lucas is explore and enjoy the parks this city has to offer. The parks have gardens, clear waters, and nature all rolled into one. There are smaller parks like the one in the middle of Cabo San Lucas, which is called the Town Square. This is a great small park that has plenty of beauty. You probably love nature if you want to visit the parks in Cabo San Lucas. The Wirikuta Botanical Park, Desert Park Natural Reserve, and the San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary are the top Cabo San Lucas parks. They offer underwater beauty, gardens, and snorkeling and scuba diving too.

San Jose's Birds Sanctuary

Town Square Park

On the north, downtown area of Cabo you can find the Town Square Park. It is a small, charming park that has older trees that is perfect to sit under on hot days. You can often see the neighborhood families gathered at the park to enjoy a picnic or relaxing. Visitors love this park, because it is close to diners, museums, and shopping.

San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary

You will want to put this park on the top of your list if you love watching birds. The San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary has pelicans that you can watch along with migrating birds, and other tropical birds native to the area. In the park many tourist love to kayak, but if that isn’t something you enjoy, then stop by the visitors center to see a list of other fun activities to do at the park.

Wirikuta Botanical Park

The Wirikuta Botanical Park has over a million different plants and over 1500 plants from the desert. This is an exclusive desert garden park that features cacti along with the culture of Mexican descendants. There is granite rock pyramids that have been built from the descendants at the park. You will be amazed at all the plants you can see here and they came from all around the world.

Desert Park Natural Reserve

Within the Cabo San Lucas Corridor region you can visit the Desert Park Natural Reserve Park, which is a desert location that is rough and rugged. The view is amazing as you can see the ocean, desert, and the mountains here. If you really want to experience this park, then you can go on one of the guided tours that take tours on a 4WD tour that last three hours. The cost can range from upwards of $75, and sometimes they are only $50 depending on the season. The park is open every day at 9:00 through 5:00 PM. There is no fee to enter the park, you only pay for tours.

Cabo Pulmo National Park

To get to the Cabo Pulmo National Park, then you won’t have to travel far. It is just a few minutes from the center of the city of Cabo San Lucas. What stands out to tourists at this park is the clear, clean water that is perfect for diving or snorkeling. You can see an array of coral reefs and ocean life in the waters.

Best Packing Tips for Mexico Vacations

Best Packing Tips for Mexico Vacations

Packing for Mexico vacations doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. Packing for any Mexico beach vacation will be one of the easiest things on your ‘to do’ list. Why do many vacationers worry so much about packing?

When you are starting to pack for your Mexico vacations at the beach you should envision the great time you will soon be having, and you won’t think of your packing to be such a chore. Picture yourself laying on the beach or playing in the ocean, then it will be a delight to start your packing for your Mexico vacation.

Best Packing Tips for Mexico Vacations

Packing for Mexico Vacations in Beach Destinations

If you are going to vacation to one of the beautiful beach destinations Mexico offers over backpacking in the mountains, then the fun part is planning what to pack. If you forget anything for your trip, then that won’t be a problem, because there are numerous shopping centers, malls, and vendors located around the popular beach destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Cabo, that you can pick up anything you forget to pack for your Mexico beach vacation. The prices are affordable.

Items you ‘must pack’ for Mexico Vacations
Prescription Medication (Inhalers, Pain Medication, EpiPens)
Your preferred sunscreen
Sensitive skin lotion for problem skin condition(if applicable)
English reading materials
A tablet or Kindle
Your phone, if capable of making out of the country calls
Waterproof camera
Swimwear, shorts, tank tops
Sweater for chilly nights
Flip flops or sandals to match your clothes
Comfortable sneakers
One pair of nice evening shoes
A bottle of your perfume


The following are items that you can easily purchase affordably near most of the larger Mexico beach destinations you might stay at if you forget to pack them:

  • Colorful beach towels
  • Hats
  • Shampoo
  • Shorts
  • Sundresses
  • Soaps
  • OFF repellent

Packing for your Mexico vacations to the beach is quite simple. Start a list of the items that you simply must not forget to pack, then you can always add to the list for your Mexico beach vacation. Don’t make your packing too intense or difficult. If you plan it out, and make it fun, then packing for your Mexico beach vacation can be fun and exciting.

5 Reasons people still buy timeshares


If you’re not already a regular vacationer then it’s understandable if you think that Timeshares and vacation clubs are a fad that went out of fashion decades ago. Certainly timeshares and vacation clubs were given a bad reputation by the notorious scams of the eighties and nineties, but these days there are so many laws and regulations to protect consumers these days that scams are unheard of!

If you’re still not convinced, however, here are five reasons why people still buy timeshares and join vacation clubs to this day.


  1. These days most timeshare providers have switched from the old, rigid system of allocating fixed weeks and unit to a more fluid points based system. This means that you can change where you stay or when you vacation from year to year, and you can sometimes use your points for other things like all-inclusive eating plans.
  2. You save money, time and hassle in the long run. By making your purchase at today’s prices you are essentially investing in cheaper vacations in the future. Plus it means that you never need to worry about running from pillar to post trying to find good accommodations at good prices. All you have to worry about is your flights (which are becoming ever cheaper), and packing your case.
  3. As the timeshare industry has moved into the luxury market you’ll find that the clubs on offer are of a much higher calibre than resorts of comparable prices. This means that the accommodations and suites you get to enjoy are generally of a higher quality too!
  4. Many timeshare clubs have links with international exchange networks such as Interval International and RCI or other such companies meaning that you can swap your points or weeks for accommodation in other countries.
  5. Timeshare companies are often able to provide their members with discounts and exclusive deals as well as offering things like free transport to and from the airport to make sure your vacation starts and finishes as smoothly as possible.

Perhaps the best reason to invest in a timeshare, however, is that it gives you all the benefits of having a second home in a wonderful location without all of the responsibilities and financial strains that come with it.

How to Spend the Best Day Out in Puerto Vallarta

boardwalk Puerto_Vallarta

There’s so much to do in Puerto Vallarta that it can be a little confusing! There is much more for you to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta than its idyllic beaches and excellent cuisine, there are opportunities for different activities, tours and excursions every day of the week for a whole season! Besides choosing to staying in a hotel that has a kids club and free activities, there are many things to do in Puerto Vallarta with both young children and teenagers. Let’s hope this list for things to do for the best day out in Puerto Vallarta will help you decide the best Puerto Vallarta tours for you and your family!


Fun at the beach is certainly among the top things to do in Puerto Vallarta with kids. You can go on a banana boat as a family, rent speed boats, parasailing, paddle boards and more. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, why not take a snorkeling tour or scuba dive.

Marigalante Pirate Ship

Another place to have watersport fun is on the daytime Marigalante pirate ship tour. You can play beach games, go kayaking, and go snorkeling while enjoying pirate-inspired food and drinks. If you decide to take the night tour, be prepared to enjoy the fireworks and special entertainment show. If you bring kids on your vacation, it will be worth your while to incorporate the pirate ship activity into your list of things to do while spending your best day out in Puerto Vallarta.

Walking the Malecon

Puerto Vallarta’s cultural waterfront walk, the Malecon was recently updated in 2011 and was designed with luxurious flower beds and beautiful palm trees that offset the deep blue color of the Pacific ocean. This boardwalk is great for both relaxation and excitement. So walk the Malecon and let the time drift away by watching various waterfront activities as you promenade down the boardwalk. You may also get a chance to see the traditional flying acrobats who catapult themselves from a pole on the beach (Los Voladores de Papantla).


Dolphin Fun

Swimming with dolphins is an enchanting adventure that is sure to be at the top of your list of ways to spend the best day out in Puerto Vallarta. You can get a chance to see how the dolphins are taken care of by their trainers, and you can usually touch the dolphins or swim with them if you have those activities included in your tour package.

Whale Watching

Another sea creature worthy of seeing while spending your best day out in Puerto Vallarta is the humpback whale. If you are planning on vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for the winter season (between mid-November and early March), then this tour will surely be an added treat to your list of things to do. Watch these amazing creatures dazzle you with their acrobatic performance.

Want to add some great suggestions for the best day out in Puerto Vallarta? Please add your top advice to the comments box.