Advice for the Best Day out in Cabo San Lucas

Family vacation

Planning your family vacations is no small feat; keeping everyone happy can feel rather like herding cats, and it’s only made worse if you’re not familiar with the area. Well, stressed moms have no fear! We have a list of the very best, family friendly, days out and activities in Cabo San Lucas!

Here is some great advice for the best day out in Cabo San Lucas

Beach Days

The beaches of Cabo san Lucas are well-kept and stunning whether they’re secluded and empty or bustling with life! The beaches in the tourist zone are close to restaurants, bars, and often have activity stations where you can hire snorkelling equipment or book diving lessons. The more remote beaches are perfect for private picnics, but do keep small children out of the water as these beaches won’t have life-guards on duty.


Heading down town within the first few days of your stay is a great way to orientate yourself while seeing some of the sights. Here you will find shops, museums and plenty of great restaurants as well as a shady, leafy town square where you can escape the heat of the sun. A great day out in Cabo.

Family vacation

Swimming with Dolphins

This is perhaps the best day out in Cabo San Lucas with kids. As far as vacation activities go, it will no doubt tick a box on the kids to do lists! There are plenty of places which offer this experience, and it’s well worth doing. You’ll be able to swim underwater with the dolphins, holding onto their fins, have a picture taken with one, and some places will even let you help feed them! These memories will last a lifetime!

Whale Watching

If you’re in Cabo between November and March you’ll have a unique and rare experience to go whale watching! The coasts of Cabo are home to certain species of whale at this time of year, and you might even see some Orca such as Killer Whales! Nature lovers will want to experience this. The best day out in Cabo San Lucas for nature lovers.

Diving and Snorkelling

These ever popular activities are available to tourists in lesson form, or as free form activities that you can pursue at your own leisure. Just be sure to use a beach with lifeguards if the kids are with you.

Find a New Career in Mexico


The thought of moving to a new location, somewhere warm and sunny for example, to take up a new career and life is a dream common to many, but one that few people actively pursue. If you’re one of those few who want to make it a reality then you’re in the right place! Here you can find unbiased information and sound advice about how you can start making this dream a reality for a life in Mexico! The coastal regions of Mexico tend to be tourist hotspots and are, as a result, a little more developed. If you want rurality you’ll need to move back from the coast a little in many areas.

Starting a New Career in Mexico

Before you even start thinking about what part of Mexico you’d like to move to you should have a five year plan. For example do you want to work for someone else, and move up the corporate ladder? Or maybe you want to start your own business and expand as time goes on? You should keep in mind that the problem with starting a business in a foreign country is that you’ll have no connections. You’ll also need to have a good grasp of Spanish, and a fair amount of money to get you started. If this was your eventual goal, however, you might consider taking up a commission based role in order to save money and improve your Spanish in the interim.

Villa Group for a New Career in Mexico

Sales and promotions careers within the Villa Group represent some of the most lucrative opportunities for foreigners who are non-fluent in Spanish. This is because they are most interested in whether or not you speak fluent English; you’ll be dealing with tourists mainly. They are also commission based which means that you’re in control of your own earning potential. In fact there’s really no limit to your potential salary if you’re dedicated and have the right attitude. It’s key that you are friendly, outgoing, and are not too shy to approach people first.

How to Find a Job?

The way Immigration Laws are in Mexico right now means that your best option is to have a job lined up and waiting for you when you arrive in the country. This is why a sales career with the Villa Group is so attractive; once you fill out the survey at you’ll get a skype interview in which you can ask all those important questions. This means you don’t have to leave the country to start looking for a job in Mexico.

Why a New Career in Mexico?

The motives for such a move are as diverse and unique as the people who hold them, but most people have the desire to break away from whatever rut or routine they’ve worked themselves into. There is, of course, also the fact that many wish to escape to a sun-soaked, sea-side location where they can make the most of the landscape around them.