Mexican Destinations Offered by the Villa Group Timeshare

Mexico is a dream for anyone who wishes a great vacation and a place they can call a second home. It is a beautiful country which has generally tropical weather, picturesque sceneries, fantastic beaches and warm people. This dream can now become a reality with Villa Group Timeshare. For more than 30 years, the Villa Group continues to attract people to make this magnificent country part of their regular lifestyle, offering a list of truly astounding Mexican Destinations.

The Islands of Loreto

Islands of loreto villa group timeshare

Located on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico’s Baja California are the magical islands of Loreto. Get captivated by its charming and comely beauty where nature at its best is personified. The Islands of Loreto and the Sea of Cortez are known as the aquarium of the world because of the stunning underground treasures to be found here. Deep sea diving tops the list of activities here as you will fall in love with its virgin, underwater beauty. Explore the seas in glass bottom kayaks and travel to some places inland where you can find some archaic cave paintings. Stay at the Villa del Palmar resort at the Islands of Loreto and be in a place where the romantic blue ocean is seemingly endless and momentarily yours to keep.

Cabo San Lucas

Villa group Timeshare destination

Become a Villa Group Timeshare owner and explore Cabo San Lucas, experiencing a vacation at its highest quality. Located on the Baja California Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas promises an exciting vacation with its fabulous beaches and mixed varieties of fun filled activities.

Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas in particular are known for the large taffy-colored rock formation called El Arco at Land’s End. This large rocky arch has been the subject of countless photo shoots by people who had been there. One can reach it by water taxi or paying for an organized tour.

Cabo San Lucas’ selection of great restaurant and bars will give you a taste of some superb Mexican food and delicacies. The sun shines brightly here in Cabo San Lucas; good for people who are looking for a hot summer vacation. You can go sunbathing and play beach volleyball under its scorching heat. Whale watching is also fascinating as hundreds of people line up by the seashore to see these mammoth creatures.

Kayaking and Parasailing are other favorite pastime in Cabo San Lucas as the shallow waves make it ideal for such activities. Enjoy horseback and camel riding too and have a tour of the surroundings and see for yourself this wonderful place called Cabo San Lucas.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Villa group Timesahare

Puerto Vallarta is the place where the Villa Group built its very first resort and continues to be a favorite Villa Group timeshare destination.

The Malecon is a hit for many visitors as this mile-long stretch of bars, restaurants and souvenir shop offers incredible views of the romantic sunsets over the bay. Furthermore, you can enjoy cruise adventures aboard a pirate ship, letting you navigate the sea like a true blue pirate villain. Enjoy paddle boarding, jet skiing and kayaking; move that body and flex those muscles as you engage in the city’s many water activities activities. Zip-line your way through Puerto Vallarta and see its breathtaking views. And to top it all, soar like an eagle as you glide down to earth by skydiving.


Villa group timeshare destination

The turquoise sea and Caribbean beaches make Cancun a top Villa Group vacation spot for tourists from all around the world. Perfect for people who love snorkeling and scuba diving because it is naturally gifted with colorful marine life including rare fish and corals.

Fine dining and nightclubs will add spice to an otherwise hot and steamy Caribbean evening; drink your way to some Mexican tequilas to have that hot summer feel. Take time to visit the Mayan ruins, as well as the islands of Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Holbox as they are certified islands of paradise.

Enjoy many adventures like swimming with whale sharks and exploring its underground wealth by diving in an underwater museum Cancun is such a marvelous place for any listless soul.

Best Reasons to Choose Cancun for Your Honeymoon

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are two enticing destinations that will get you excited about your future honeymoon. Cancun is an excellent honeymoon destination, and here are five reason to choose Cancun.

  1. Amazing Beaches
  2. The Caribbean coast of Mexico is known to have the most amazing beaches in the world. The waters are crystal blue and clear, the sands are soft and white with palm trees lining the beach, and the scenery of the beaches will have you and your new spouse mesmerized. Make sure when you arrive on the white sandy beaches you dedicate time to just laying in a hammock that is built for two, go snorkeling, so you can explore the great underwater, and make sandcastles in the sand.

  3. Exciting Excursions
  4. Honeymooners in Cancun will find plenty of exciting excursions to do. Together the two of you can experience interesting and exciting things to do in Cancun. The things that you will do together will give you plenty of stories to share with your family and friends. To experience Cancun to the fullest as honeymooners, then make sure you go to see the Mayan ruins, and embark on an ocean adventure.

  5. Very Affordable
  6. The peso compared to the dollar allows your Cancun honeymoon to be affordable. The flights that are available to Cancun are more affordable than other honeymoon locations even though Cancun is often the first place that honeymooners want to visit. The cheaper air flights will allow you to spend the money you have saved for your honeymoon on exciting things and places in Cancun.

    Along with the air flights being affordable, Cancun offers affordable resorts that have many packages designed just for honeymooners, and these resorts are all five star resorts. Make sure you look over the websites of the resorts to see what deals they are offering for your honeymoon. Many of the resorts will offer spas, dinners that are romantic, and other great bonuses just for honeymooners.

  7. Friendliness
  8. Everyone knows how friendly the Mexicans are, but what you might not know is the Cancun residents are just as friendly. You will see friendly faces and smile all-around town, and they are always willing to be there to assist you if needed. The most unlikely places will end up meeting friends for you and your spouse that will last a lifetime. When you are in the pub the bartender will know everything about you and the hotel staff will be there to meet all your needs including calling a taxi driver that you prefer. You will be amazed on how friendly everyone is in Mexico when you are on your honeymoon.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Cancun for your honeymoon. Everyone is friendly. The prices in Cancun are affordable, and there are so many exciting things that you can see and do, but most of all it is one of the most romantic destinations for a honeymoon.