Cabo ATV Tours

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Get the feeling of pure excitement when you take one of the Cabo ATV tours exploring the beauty of Los Cabos, Baja California’s countryside. There’s no greater way of exploring, hassle and sweat free. Speeding downtown, cruising uphill or driving flatly on dry lands, an Cabo ATV Tours will surely provide those unforgettable experience you are seeking on vacation. Take a closer look at the picturesque sea, desert, mountains and towns while comfortably seated at blinding speed.

Cabo ATV Tours

You can enjoy Cabo ATV tours with family, friends your loved one or even by yourself. It can be the perfect family bonding experience or romantic adventure when you visit Los Cabos’ famous hideaways. A list of enjoyable activities awaits you and your group with each distinctive Cabo ATV tour. Feel the rush of air as you grasp the dune buggy’s handlebars while holding your breath and being amazed by all the panoramic sights around. Places like the Migrino Beach and Desert, the “Los Paredones” and “La Candelaria” never fail to enchant visitors with the unique setting and experiences they deliver.

Cabo ATV tours to Migrino Beach and Desert and Los Paredones

Boasting the best qualities that make up a fabulous beach, the Migrino Beach is a sight to behold. With flour like sands, calm waves and rich marine resources, this place must be on your list when you wander aimlessly atop your ATV. The sights from the high cliffs in Los Paredones are breathtaking, with the vast ocean serving as their background.

Cabo ATV tours to La Candelaria

Many Cabo ATV tours will offer a visit to La Candelaria. Traveling north around twenty-five miles away is La Candelaria, a laid back place populated by an indigenous community. You can taste how it was to live several hundred years ago in Mexico, as these Indians have never lost their ancient ways of living a simple yet full life. Learn the mystery that shrouds them with black and white magic still alive within the town. Time to take a break from life’s modern approach as this Indian village will teach you the traditional ways of ancient times.

These and other enchanting attractions make Cabo ATV tours the hottest thing when it comes to fulfilling your dream Los Cabos vacation.

Scams, Cancellations and Mexican Timeshare Solutions

Scams, Cancellations and Mexican Timeshare Solutions

There are a variety of con artists, scams, and pitfalls that you should be aware of when you are looking for a reputable Mexican timeshare solutions company. When you are searching to purchase a timeshare in Mexico or you would like to cancel, rent or resell your timeshare, then you need to stop and think before you hire just any Mexican timeshare solutions agent. There are some timeshare solutions companies in Mexico that claim they can just cancel your timeshare, but look for the warning signs when you hire these companies. Look below at the top three tips to protect yourself from Mexican timeshare solutions.

  1. Mexican Timeshare Solutions
  2. The Mexican Timeshare Solutions company claim that they can successfully cancel your Mexican timeshare and they claim that they can get your money back too. On their cancellation website you will be able to read ‘testimonials’ from people that claim that Mexican Timeshare Solutions were able to cancel their timeshare and some of these timeshares they claim to successfully cancel include Villa Group and Villa del Palmar timeshares, Mayan Palace timeshares, Real Club, and Velas Vallarta. The doubt that arises is whether the customers who wrote these testimonials actually exist and if what they claim is true.

    Also, one question that I would like to know is why is this company charging such a large fee to help customers cancel their timeshare when any timeshare member can cancel their timeshare without paying any money during the cooling off period, after which time you won’t be able to cancel? Any company that claims to be able to cancel your timeshare after the cooling off period is very, very likely to be a scam.

  3. Legal Cancellation of Mexican Timeshares
  4. It not possible to break your timeshare contract by the laws in Mexico once the cooling off period has passed unless you go to court and prove that the timeshare company has misrepresented their product in your signed contract. The timeshare companies as mentioned above are reputable, so it would be very difficult to prove that they have misrepresented their contract – they sell a genuine product. These timeshare companies are not scammers, but longstanding companies. The real scammers are the Mexican timeshare solutions companies that charge their customers for a service that they cannot commit to.

    The best advice is that any timeshare complaints that you currently have should be dealt with the timeshare company directly, because involving a third party will generally lead to a scam. How can this be a scam you may be thinking? These timeshare solutions will tell you that your timeshare has been cancelled, but it hasn’t, and you will default on the loan of your current timeshare, which can affect your credit rating and imply other legal action.

  5. Avoiding the Need for Mexican Timeshare Solutions
  6. Another tip is to first and foremost read your contract thoroughly. Don’t skip over parts of the contract. When you are dealing with a reputable timeshare company, then you will be provided with a VLO (Verification Loan Officer), and the VLO will be able to answer any questions that you want to ask. The VLO will also go through the contract with you and talk with you about the sale, selling points, and any questions that you may experience.

A Pueblo Magico Near Puerto Vallarta

San Sebastian del Oeste Main square

Many people choosing a vacation only think of Mexico as made up of beach towns, romantic nights, and sunny days. The resort towns that visitors usually spend their vacations at include Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Cancun. Many travelers don’t realize that there are beautiful and exciting places to visit throughout Mexico that are also known for tourism. Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism has officially created the category of Pueblos Magicos, which promotes beautiful, historic, and cultural destinations in Mexico. Each of the towns are chosen for their history and culture, which makes Mexico the nation it is today.

What are Pueblos Magicos?

A way to promote quality tourism in Mexico, the Pueblos Magicos program was established. It was launched in 2001, and there are 83 towns that are featured in 31 of Mexico states. A few of the towns close to Puerto Vallarta that are featured include Tequila, Tapalpa, and San Sebastián del Oeste. These are three towns that are located in Mexico that uphold their history, legends, and culture.

Visiting a Pueblo Magico Near Puerto Vallarta

If you are staying in a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, then you can visit a Pueblo Magico within less than an hour or so. One of the closest Pueblo Magicos to Puerto Vallarta is San Sebastian del Oeste, which is about a 90 minute drive from the seaside destination. Tourists love to spend the day in this magical town. San Sebastian was founded in 1605 as a lucrative mining town, and was thriving back then with over twenty thousand residents. Today there are only six hundred residents, frozen in time. The history of this mining town can be seen throughout, and tourists can enjoy the laid back tempo of the place and a great day out from Puerto Vallarta.

What stands out in this mining town is the central plaza. There are three buildings in the central plaza that attracts tourists. The Church of Saint Sebastian, la Quinta Maria, and the Hacienda de Esperanza. Each of these buildings are made of adobe and cut stone. There isn’t a doubt that San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful Pueblos Magicos near Puerto Vallarta. In fact, San Sebastian is one of the most loved and visited Pueblos Magicos in Mexico, and has been ranked as one of the greatest.