4 Things you Wish you Knew Before your Vacation Rental Nightmare

Vacation Rental Nightmare

Renting a vacation home is becoming popular among tourists around the world because it gives flexibility and comfort rather than staying in the usual hotels. Many travelers these days would rather stay in a condo, house or apartment close to tourist attractions like a fabulous beach, theme parks or ski mountains. The benefit of vacation rentals is that they give you the space needed, especially for large groups or to accommodate several family members.

While renting your own vacation home does have its perks and benefits, it can be quite tricky and deceptive and the risk of a vacation rental nightmare is totally possible. Here are four important things to keep in mind when deciding on a vacation rental to avoid a nightmare.

  1. The importance of checking out your vacation rental before you arrive
  2. Though this might be impossible to do in person when booking a vacation rental abroad, there are other effective ways to assure excellent accommodation. If you like to return to the same place each year, make sure you book your vacation rental in advance and visit the property while you are still there. Another option is to work through an agent who checks the rental on your behalf or ask the owner to give you a virtual tour via skype or some other means. Photographs can be deceiving, so it’s best to see the place live. False advertising is common, especially abroad, so don’t become a victim and face a vacation rental nightmare.

  3. Why agencies are a good idea
  4. If you are looking for quality, you can make your booking through an agency which has a list of respectable vacation homes that have been checked at vetted. These agencies earn through posting advertisements and won’t ruin a good name by offering low quality accommodation. Agencies are more likely to offer superior quality accommodations and luxury compared to other rental opportunities, although you will pay for their services.

  5. Take note of any damages upon arrival
  6. Don’t become a victim of a vacation rental deposit scam when you to learn that your deposit is gone and was used for payment for damages or breakages that you were not responsible for. To avoid this and to get your deposit back, be sure to make a list of any damaged items. There might be things that are broken and defective even beforehand, which the management thinks you have caused. Give them a copy of this audited list so there won’t be any hassle after ending the contract.

  7. Double check
  8. You should always double check any amenities or facilities that are deal breakers for you in your vacation rental. For example, if internet is important, ask the agent or owner to check that it is working. If you really want a place with a Jacuzzi, check that it has received its regular maintenance. Once you have arrived, you do not want to be wasting time sorting out these issues.

  9. Use a Credit Card
  10. If you pay upfront by cash you have no proof that you have paid and you are more at risk of a vacation rental scam. Some credit cards will also include travel insurance too. When using a credit card, you should take care that you are using a secure site for payment. PayPal is another good option.

Travel Companies and the Better Business Bureau

Travel Companies and the Better Business Bureau

Your yearly vacation is important to you, we know, and that’s why you want to know that you can trust the travel company that you’re paying to show you a good time. This is where the Better Business Bureau can help you; the BBB has been working across the USA and Canada for 75 year to protect consumers and build trust in the market place. What you might not know about the Better Business Bureau is that they are not limited to stores, corporations and charities – they also cover tourism and travel services.

Why trust the BBB logo, you ask?

Well, for a start not just anyone can use the Better business Bureau logo; only accredited businesses and service providers can display this symbol on their marketing materials and products. So if you see a travel company with this logo on their brochures you know that they have achieved, and upheld, the Better Business Bureaus exacting standards of practice. These practices include providing privacy and security for consumers, being honest in advertising and avoiding misrepresentation of the products on offer.

A Non-Profit Business

Much like the Federal Trade Commission the Better Business Bureau is a non-profit, non-governmental body which is consumer orientated, and you can go to them for many reasons. They not only have information about the BBB accredited businesses out there, but they very often have information on non-accredited businesses too! So you can find out all you need to know about a travel company before you even place a deposit. What’s more the BBB consistently monitors the behavior of their accredited businesses to ensure that their good practices continue.

Complaint Solutions

Should you find yourself on the wrong end of bad business practice, however, the Better Business Bureau will be there to help you begin the process of resolution. They can claim to resolve around 70% of all complaints made to them, which is a pretty good track record. All you have to do if you wish to make a complaint is to contact your local Better Business Bureau branch and lodge a complaint with them. They will then forward this to the company in question and begin the process of resolving your issue, keeping you updated along the way.