Has anyone bought a Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar?

This question crops up again and again in timeshare forums; people want to know if they’re going to get value for their money when they buy a Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar, and they want to know who offers the best service, as well as the best deals. Frequently, Cabo timeshare Villa del Palmar comes out on top for both of these for many reasons. The Villa del Palmar brand offers high quality timeshares in Mexico, and has long been the best in the country.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is a great location for vacations if you live in Canada or the USA as flights tend to be much cheaper than elsewhere in the world. This means that you can take advantage of the beautiful scenery, sunshine and sea without emptying your bank!

Why Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo has long been a playground for the rich and famous, and it simply can’t disappoint. Stunning beaches, wonderful activities and a thriving culture to make your vacations wonderful. Cabo timeshare is therefore a great choice.

Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar offers accommodations that are of the highest quality.

Why Villa del Palmar?

Villa del Palmar has long been one of the best vacation club options in Baja California; Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar offers accommodations that are of the highest quality. The facilities at the Villa del Palmar Cabo resort are wonderful and include pools, gourmet restaurants, a Spa and secure access to the beach, and, better still, membership that gives you access to other resorts across Mexico. Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar also offers a huge amount of control to members through a points based system which allows you to pick where and when to stay each year.

While staying in Cabo San Lucas there are a huge amount of activities, both paid and free, to keep you and your loved ones busy. You can go zip-lining, take a camel ride, or go on a pirate themed cruise. Whatever takes your fancy. Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar is all about you; what you need and want from your yearly vacation is at the heart of the resort’s make-up. At the Cabo San Lucas resort you’ll feel you have found a home away from home that you can return to year after year.

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