Cancun’s Top Activities – Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger

Cancun is easily among the best vacation destinations in Mexico, competing with the top beach locations in the world. Part of what makes this Caribbean city in Mexico such a popular choice among tourists is Cancun’s top activities. With a wide selection of activities brimming from historical Mayan wonders to cave diving and swimming with whale sharks, there is no doubt that Cancun has what it takes to be a No.1 destination.

One of Cancun’s top activities is the Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger. This family cruise takes place aboard a replica pirate ship called the Jolly Roger, named after the famous skull and crossbones flag flown by mean spirited buccaneers during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. The Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger sets sail from Playa Linda pier each night of the week to promise its captive audience the pirate show of their lives.

One things you can expect to see during the Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger is sword fighting, swinging from ropes and pirate humor, which will take you from sunset to nightfall where fireworks mark the end to an incredible party atmosphere. As far as Cancun’s top activities go, the Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger promises to leave you wanting more and more.

Cancun’s Top Activities - Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger

The great thing about the Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger is that it is packed with bilingual humor and activities for all the family. While the pirates get down to some more adult humor, the little pirates go on an adventure hunt and then dancing brings everyone together.

Your ticket for the pirate ship in Cancun also includes a meal and all your drinks, making it a fully rounded night out and a great event to share with friends and family as well as the beginning of a bachelor’s night out.

There is no doubt that the Jolly Roger Pirate ship deserves to be listed as one of Cancun’s top activities.

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