Bypass Timeshare Problems

If you want to bypass the probability of timeshare problems then the most sensible thing you can do is read your contract carefully, thoroughly and more than once. Gaining this level of familiarity with your contract is the first step in avoiding timeshare issues because most timeshare problems occur when new owners lack familiarity with their contract. Likewise, all timeshare companies should provide you with their rules and guidelines; you should read these too to help prevent timeshare problems!

Paying your maintenance fees on time will also help you to avoid some of the most costly and inconvenient timeshare problems. One timeshare problem which arises from failing to pay maintenance fees is the inability to make use of your timeshare. In fact, you won’t be able to book or use a timeshare unit at all until your payments are up-to-date. Failure to pay any maintenance at all is likely to end in legal action.

To avoid the timeshare problem of being unable to get the resort and dates that you want, you should book well in advance! Make sure you reserve your timeshare unit in plenty of time to avoid disappointment; most timeshare companies will allow you to book up to two years in advance.

If timeshare problems do arise, however, then you should report them as soon as possible to ensure that you survive the troubles with your investment intact. Problems related to the standard of your unit in terms of repairs or missing items should be reported when you arrive to your timeshare resort. These are easy problems to resolve once they have been reported.

With some quick easy advice, it is easy to see how timeshare problems can be easily avoided.

Is vacation ownership worth it with Villagroup?

The Villa Group is a leader in vacation ownership in Mexico, with a range of vacation products from timeshare membership to full ownership. Boasting nearly 30 years experience developing vacation ownership products and managing world class resorts, it comes as no surprise that Villagroup is a great investment.

The Villagroup’s most popular product is its timeshare schemes which have been running since the 80s and delighting owners ever since. When it launched its first timeshare resort in Puerto Vallarta, Villagroup sold week intervals, following a more traditional model; nowadays, new buyers have access to the latest points scheme that allows for greater flexibility. Villa Preferred Access is the name of Villa Group’s vacation ownership points scheme, which is available to new buyers as well as current timeshare owners who wish to upgrade.

The benefits you will enjoy from becoming a vacation owner with The Villagroup are many. The first thing you will notice is value for money as you benefit from the timeshare operator’s know-how and experience in developing quality products. Using its own construction firms and following its own tried and tested formulas for success, there is little wastage and savings are passed on to owners. Buying a vacation ownership product at one of the Villagroups resorts will also entitle you to take advantage of other resorts in its family of vacation products. For example when you buy a timeshare at Villa del Palmar in Cabo San Lucas, your membership will allow you to stay in accommodations in Cancun. Puerto Vallarta and Loreto.

Finally, owning a Villa Group timeshare gives you the confidence of being part of a world class development, knowing that your investment is safe and that you will be enjoying your vacation purchase for years to come.

What are the Advantages of Vacation Rentals?

Renting property for vacation purposes is very easy and is particularly effective when traveling with larger groups or when you want a specific kind of experience. Vacation rentals come in many forms from villas and mansions to condos and studios. Anyone can rent their property so long as someone wants to stay in it and it complies with all the things that it says it has when advertised.

If you are a property owner and wish to rent your home while you are not staying there or you have various properties that you rent for profit, there are a number of ways you can find good reliable renters for your vacation rental.

Resort Administered Vacation Rentals

Fractional or timeshare owners are best advised to rent their timeshare or vacation property through the resort administration for ease and efficiency. However, the downside to this service is that resorts and hotels usually take a large commission, sometimes up to 50% of the cost of rentals. Nevertheless, if you are hoping to offset the cost of your own maintenance fees while you are not staying in your apartment or villa then this can be a good option.

Rent By Owner Vacation Rentals

The most profitable way to rent your property is to market your own property to renters. However, this takes a lot of work and know-how. If you do not have any experience in vacation rentals or marketing, then you may not be as successful as you envisioned. The profit margin is much higher as you do not have to pay agency fees and commissions but you may find that it is more work than its worth.

Agency Vacation Rentals

The most popular form of vacation rentals is through and agency. Many renters like the idea and security of renting through an agency who will also act as their contact in a foreign country. Like dealing with resort administrators, renters have more protection. Agencies will, however, charge a commission, which will take a cut of your profit. The other benefit of agency vacation rentals is that you benefit from their advertising budget and marketing know-how.


What are the pros and cons of timeshare?

While the advantages of owning a timeshare outweigh the disadvantages, it is always wise to look at both sides of the spectrum before purchasing a timeshare. When timeshare is right for you, it will be the best vacation decision you will ever make. Take a look at the pros and cons below:


Pro – Financial Savings

One of the main motives for purchasing a timeshare is to enjoy the savings you can make over the long term, especially if you like to take regular vacations. You buy your timeshare unit at a price that is fixed today, therefore once you have paid for it, you will be enjoying vacation accommodations at what are in effect yesterday’s prices.

Pro – A Home from Home

You get to own a vacation property that you can call your own without any of the hassles that come with full ownership. You pay your maintenance fees and someone else looks after your apartment for you.

Pro – Yearly Vacations

A side benefit to owning a timeshare is that you are inclined to take regular vacations if only to make the most of your timeshare unit and not leave it empty. Knowing in advance when you are going to travel makes planning a vacation much easier and can even save you money on airplane tickets by booking them in advance.

Pro – Top Destinations

Timeshare companies certainly know what they are doing when it comes to choosing the best locations for their resorts and complexes. Not only will you find timeshare in the best destinations but their locations within the destinations are usually excellent too – beachfront, close to restaurants and downtown activities etc.

Pro – Your Fixed Week Dates are Guaranteed

When you buy a fixed week timeshare, you do not have to beat the crowds for the dates that you want. This is particularly beneficial if you have children in school and can only travel during the school holidays. Likewise, if you always want to escape Christmas, then you can specify those weeks.


Con – Resale Scams

Be careful if you ever decide to sell your timeshare not to trust any cold callers who offer you a great price for your timeshare. They will usually ask for an upfront fee and then never find anyone for your property.

Con – Same Location Every Year

This is not a bad thing for all timeshare owners, in fact many people buy a timeshare precisely because they want to return to the same place each year. Also, owning a timeshare does not limit your choices, you can add your timeshare to a vacation club and then swap your units for other destinations.

Con – What if you can’t use it?

Not being able to visit your timeshare for some reason can seem like a waste of money. However, if the occasion arises, you can always rent or lend your timeshare to friends.


Advice on Selling Your Timeshare

Before making any decisions about selling your timeshare, it is important to recognize why you wish to sell. Thinking carefully about your reasons will help you avoid a lot of hard work and trouble. Often our reasons for wanting to sell our timeshare are circumstantial and easily rectified.

Change of Circumstances

Maybe your economic circumstance have changed somewhat since the time when you first bought your timeshare and now you cannot afford to take a vacation every year. Rather than sell your timeshare, you could join a vacation club which will let you bank your timeshare points for the following year, meaning that you take a vacation every two years rather than every year. That way you can stay in a bigger or more luxurious apartment than the one you originally bought and therefore invite friends and family to share the costs.

Another consideration to think about before selling your timeshare is how quickly things can change for the better. Once you have paid for your investment timeshare, then it does not make sense to sell it. Instead you should make the most of your vacations at yesterday’s prices.

Cannot Afford the Maintenance Fees

An easy solution to this predicament is to rent your timeshare to friends and family, charging them only the cost of the maintenance fees. If you want to rent it for a profit then you are best to do so via the Internet or through word of mouth. That way you keep your investment until such a time that you can once again afford the maintenance fees and are able to enjoy your timeshare once again.

Want to Visit Different Places

Nowadays it is very easy to swap your timeshare weeks for other destinations. You can do so through a vacation club or privately through social networks. Vacation clubs or points systems make exchanging your vacation property very easy and flexible.

Bereavement or Divorce

There are frequently emotional reason for no longer wanting to use a timeshare, because of psychological attachments and memories. Rather than selling your timeshare, you may consider a vacation club like Interval International where you could take cruises instead, giving you a completely different experience than the one you shared before.

Inherited Timeshares

You may be in the position that you have inherited a timeshare. Before selling, you should at least visit the timeshare property to decide if you could make good use of it. You might also want to consider donating it to a charity or lending it to other members of your family.