Types of Timeshare Gifts

To entice you to go to a timeshare presentation or tour, most developers will offer some kind of incentive or free gift. These gifts can be all sorts of things, from discounted tickets, money, vouchers, wine and so on. While it is common to receive some kind of freebie, you should beware of companies that offer over the top gifts as you may find you will be paying the price of the privilege of receiving them in some way!

Signs of a Scam

There is a common saying in the industry that you can smell a timeshare scam a mile away by the gift. Generally, the most popular and genuine timeshare developers are pretty secure about the product they are selling and therefore the gift reflects this position. They do not need to “bribe” people to visit the property and you will find that the chance to visit the resort and enjoy a free breakfast is often enough to entice most people to some of the best timeshare resorts.

If you are asked to pay something towards receiving your gift, such as taxes, delivery or a permit, then you should think very carefully about accepting the gift and certainly avoid buying the timeshare property.

Genuine Timeshare Incentives

A reputable timeshare developer selling a great property will usually be pretty conservative about lavishing gifts on its visitor, secure in the knowledge that simply visiting the resort will be a pleasurable experience. Usually the gifts offered are more realistic and less likely to be used to make you feel guilty about not buying a timeshare unit. Common incentives are discounted tickets for local activities, car hire, restaurant vouchers or a free breakfast at the resort. Nowadays, timeshare companies are less likely to offer cash incentives, although some some still do, but that is usually at the discretion of the timeshare promoter or OPC.


Cabo San Lucas: Celebrity Haven

Over the last few years Cabo San Lucas seems to have become a Hollywood hotspot, with the rich and famous descending on its beaches in search of that idyllic beach vacation. The destination is also renowned for some of the best all inclusive resorts in the country, with many offering gourmet dining in addition to premium drinks.

So what makes Cabo San Lucas so attractive to the stars?

The stunning geography of the place is one of the most notable attractions. Cabo San Lucas is surrounded by amazing beaches, incredible mountains and breathtaking desert, making the destination uniquely intriguing. There is also a notable landmark – or rather seamark! – called Land’s End, which is an arched rock formation that rises from the Sea of Cortez at the tip of Baja California. Not only is this landmark a beautiful feature it is also home to lots of wonderful marine life and birds – the perfect spot for snorkeling and diving.

The beaches in Cabo San Lucas are also remarkably clean with bright yellow sand and azure water. The whole coastline is populated with excellent first class resorts that offer great value all inclusive packages, room only and vacation ownership opportunities. In fact, all inclusive vacations are particularly popular in Cabo San Lucas as is the option for timeshare owners to purchase an all inclusive pass during their stay.

There are certainly lots of activities to undertake while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, from tours into the mountains or under the water delivered by certified guides to ATV adventures and zip lining. A novelty tour that is popular amongst tourists is to take a camel ride.

And if an all inclusive package is not your thing, then Cabo San Lucas will keep you happy with its wonderful nightlife and restaurants. There are many different places to dine or spend the evening having a drink or two, in addition to wild nightclubs and chill out lounges for the young and lively.


Timeshare Truths

Contrary to the truth, timeshare suffers from a bad name, primarily because of scams and inexperienced companies with extreme sales tactics. The reality of the timeshare industry is different, the majority of the companies are genuine and offer legitimate timeshare properties at great prices. So, is timeshare a scam or a great investment?
Timeshare in and of itself if not a scam, but there are various ways that people get ripped-off by companies deliberately seeking to defraud people of their hard earned cash. The most common timeshare scams are the resale scams where companies appear to be helping you sell your timeshare but charge upfront fees.
Regular Vacations
Perhaps the best advantage of owning a timeshare is that you are encouraged to take regular vacations with loved ones. Having your own home away from home makes it so much easier to get away.
Luxury Accommodations at Great Prices
Buying a timeshare allows you to purchase a unit that you would not otherwise be able to afford if you were to opt for full ownership. This means that you can afford more luxurious accommodations and apartments. Most timeshares are condo-style or apartments in a resort, which means you can save money on eating out, using the fully equipped kitchens.
Maintenance Fees
It is true that owning a timeshare implies paying maintenance fees, and while these are often the source of complaint, they are in fact necessary for the efficient running and upkeep of your investment. Maintenance fees ensure that your home for home is in perfect condition when you arrive and you share the cost amongst all the owners.
The best timeshare companies like Villa Group have a nose for a perfect vacation destination. If you opt for an established company you can be sure that your investment is safe and that the location is going to be a popular place for years to come. This helps if you ever wish to rent, swap or sell your timeshare at a later stage.