10 Reasons to Buy Villa del Palmar Timeshare

Villa del Palmar Cabo Timeshare
    1. Excellent reputation. Villa del Palmar timeshare is operated by The Villa Group, a company that has been in operation for more than thirty years. The Villa del Palmar timeshare brand has acquired a gleaming reputation over the years as a safe and fabulous vacation club provider.
    2. Great beach destinations. Villa del Palmar timeshare membership gives you access to some of the most stunning locations in Mexico. With Villa del Palmar membership, exotic sunny places like Cabo San Lucas, Loreto and Riviera Nayarit are accessible for regular vacations as well as other destinations throughout the world thanks to the Interval International exchange network.
    3. Value for money. When it comes to value for money, Villa del Palmar timeshare is one of the best vacation clubs to join; you won’t find such luxury for a better price anywhere.
    4. Elegant accommodation. The rooms, suites and residential penthouses offered by Villa del Palmar are elegant, spacious and opulent; better yet, they are situated in lovely beachfront resorts that have awesome facilities. Spas, gyms, bars and restaurants can all be found in these resorts.

Villa del Palmar Cabo Timeshare

  1. A great flexible points system. Villa del Palmar timeshare’s points program means that you are no longer confined to certain weeks for the entirety of your membership. The points system is flexible and allows you to choose where and when you want to use your timeshare. You can even take a vacation for a shorter period than one week or extend your stay for as long as your points allow.
  2. Flexibility. You can bank and borrow Villa del Palmar timeshare points according to your needs on any given year so that you can have a longer, luxurious holiday for special occasions and a shorter one when you’re short on time without losing out!
  3. Care and attention to detail. Villa del Palmar timeshare evolves and develops in response to the needs of its timeshare members. You’d find it difficult to beat, or even match, the level of care given.
  4. Access to additional services. You can exchange your Villa del Palmar timeshare weeks for stays throughout the world with Interval International.
  5. Expansion and development. Villa Group Resorts continues to expand its repertoire – more resorts and hotels will be developed in years to come and, as such, your Villa del Palmar timeshare membership will only get better!
  6. Excellence. The motto of the Villa del Palmar timeshare is “excellence and quality”; it’s one they consistently live up to. You’d have to travel far to find a better timeshare company!

The Perfect Vacation at Villa del Palmar Timeshare

The Perfect Vacation at Villa del Palmar Timeshare - Islads of Loreto

A Villa del Palmar timeshare will prove to be your perfect vacation choice as you get much more than what you pay for. A timeshare at Villa del Palmar allows you to get to the utmost level of joy and satisfaction as you succeed to pamper your family with what they deserve.

Options for the perfect vacation at Villa del Palmar Timeshare

The charm and grandeur of the Mexican coastline coupled with the latest luxurious conveniences make your vacation the perfect one at a Villa del Palmar timeshare. Enjoying the fascinating views of where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean at Cabo San Lucas, experiencing a day out at Mayan ruins in Cancun, exploring the diverse forms of marine life at the Islands of Loreto, spending some hours of leisure in contemplation or romance in Puerto Vallarta or snorkeling in Riviera Nayarit having the Sierra Madre as your backdrop, are just a few of the innumerable options for enjoying a perfect timeshare vacation at Villa del Palmar.

World Class Villa Group Properties

The Perfect Vacation at Villa del Palmar Timeshare - Islads of Loreto

Worries depart and bliss arrives the moment your foot touches the grounds of a world famous Villa Group property, which include Villa del Palmar, Villa del Arco, Villa del Palmar Flamingos and Villa del Mar brands. Each of the Villa Group properties proudly offers Villa del Palmar timeshare.

Ideal option for a Memorable Wedding and a Romantic Honeymoon

Apart from being the best destination for a perfect family vacation, Villa del Palmar timeshare also happens to be the ideal option for a memorable wedding and a romantic honeymoon amidst both man made wonders and natural splendors. Imagine your wedding ceremony on the beach or a romantic honeymoon in the Caribbean – the choice is yours at Villa del Palmar.

Buying Villa del Palmar TimeShare

Villa del Palmar Timeshare

Are you considering the purchase of a Villa del Palmar timeshare? If so, you could be about to join thousands of happy Villa del Palmar timeshare members who have opted to enjoy amazing vacations in Mexico’s best beach destinations.

When buying Villa del Palmar timeshare, remember that you will become members of one of Mexico’s most reputable time share companies, The Villa Group. The Villa Group have been serving its Villa del Palmar timeshare members and hotel guests for nearly 30 years and continue to delight visitors to its resorts with world class services and facilities, offering among the best time share properties on the market worldwide.

Villa del Palmar Timeshare

Buying Villa del Palmar timeshare is easy. You can book a try and buy vacation at a Villa del Palmar resort through one of its affiliated websites such as Discount Vacation Hotels or My Vacation to Mexico or attend a presentation when you arrive to one of the destinations where The Villa Group have a Villa del Palmar timeshare resort. The locations where you can buy a Villa del Palmar timeshare as of 2014 are: Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Loreto. The Villa Group are ever expanding its family of hotels and resorts, so keep an eye open for new resort developments in the press or subscribe to a Villa del Palmar timeshare newsletter at any of the Villagroup resorts.

You will surely find that buying Villa del Palmar timeshare is one of the best vacation investments you will make for you and your family. You can enjoy great value for money and luxury timeshare accommodations guaranteed in the best vacation destinations in Mexico. Just imagine arriving to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Loreto or Cancun knowing that you have your second home waiting for you as though you had never left.

Canceling your Timeshare Contract with Villa del Palmar

canceling your Villa del Palmar timeshare contract

Canceling your Villa del Palmar timeshare contract is not impossible to do if you feel that you really need to get out of your binding agreement. The biggest scam, however, are the various firms offering you assistance and advice while charging crazy prices to help you get out of your Villa del Palmar timeshare contract.

Should I cancel my timeshare at Villa del Palmar?

This is the most important thing to ask yourself when you are thinking about canceling your Villa del Palmar timeshare contract. Many people get cold feet once they talk to people who do not own a timeshare or belong to a vacation club. Often, people who do not believe in timeshare are stuck with the old mentality of the timeshare hard sell of the 80s and are not seeing how timeshare has evolved.

You need to think carefully about the benefits of a Villa del Palmar timeshare:

  • Resorts in the top locations in Mexico
  • Your future vacation costs frozen at today’s prices
  • World class resort facilities
  • Guaranteed quality accommodations each time your travel
  • Special timeshare owner privileges
  • Access to exchange networks for global timeshare swapping
  • Assured quality and excellence

When should I cancel my contract?

If you are sure that you wish to cancel your timeshare at Villa del Palmar you will need to do so within the cooling off period. This time frame is specified on your contract and can vary depending on the resort. It is relatively easy to cancel during the cooling off period and you do not need to pay a timeshare lawyer huge sums of money to do so. If in doubt, contract the Villa del Palmar sales office where you purchased your timeshare or the Villagroup directly.

Once the cooling off period has passed, you will find that canceling your Villa del Palmar timeshare is more complicated. Like any legal contract, it is binding unless you have justifiable cause for cancellation, such as that you were mis-sold a Villa del Palmar timeshare or that their is some clause in your contract that allows you to cancel. In general however, unless you have a legitimate reason to cancel, not even a timeshare lawyer is going to be able to get your money back, so save yourself the expense! In actual fact, cancellation of your timeshare is not a problem if you have no interest in getting your money back.


Timeshare Scams in Mexico: Villa del Palmar

Being involved in a timeshare scam in Mexico is an infrequent yet sad reality for some buyers, renters and re-sellers of timeshare. However, there are simple ways to avoid a timeshare scam in Mexico to ensure that you get the very best deals on excellent legitimate properties.

The easiest way to avoid a scam when looking to own a vacation property at a Villa del Palmar resort is to buy direct from the Villagroup, the timeshare developer and operator of the Villa del Palmar brand. When you purchase a timeshare while on site at a Villa del Palmar resort during a presentation, you are guaranteed that the property you are buying is the real deal. After just a little research, you will see that scams associated Villa del Palmar timeshare properties result from buying a resale, renting from a dubious agent or being duped by a resale agent when attempting to sell your Villa del Palmar timeshare.

When you purchase direct from The Villa Group during one of their tours, you can rest assured that you are buying a genuine timeshare. Whether timeshare as a concept is suitable to your vacation needs is up to you to decide; however, you can trust Villgroup with its 30 years or so in the business to sell you a legitimate unit – the company are not about to go out of business and in fact, their inventory of resorts keeps growing.

Top Tips to Avoid a Villa del Palmar Scam:

1. Always buy directly from the developer (The Villagroup)

2. Do not buy from internet sites claiming to sell or resell Villa del Palmar timeshares

3. Do not pay any upfront agent fees for selling your Villa del Palmar timeshare

4. Do not respond to unsolicited calls claiming to be timeshare advocates and lawyers

5. Read your contract carefully