Top 4 Benefits of Villa del Palmar Membership (2018)

Benefits of Villa del Palmar Membership

After you purchase Villa del Palmar membership, your friends might be asking questions and showing interest in your travels. This is the great time to share the outstanding benefits you get from your Villa del Palmar membership. Start sharing your experiences and let your friends know more about why buying a Villa del Palmar membership is a great choice.

Benefits of Villa del Palmar Membership uncovered

  1. Enjoy Condominium-Style Accommodations with Villa del Palmar Membership: Villa del Palmar membership gives you access to quality resorts in Mexico like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, and Riviera Nayarit. Enjoy condo-style living without the responsibility as you experience an array of amenities in these popular destinations that host Villa del Palmar resorts. Not only that, you can also visit quality resorts around the world with the help of Interval International.
  2. Membership that Provides Spacious Rooms: Your accommodations in Villa del Palmar resorts include above-standard hotel rooms with attractive and roomy spaces. There are also home-like amenities and benefits which are on top of the basic features you can enjoy. Various activities are waiting for you and your family and friends to enjoy. These activities are great for both young and old. Plus, there are multiple swimming pools, tennis courts, outdoor jacuzzis, a world-class spa, and other exercise facilities to enjoy. More amenities are yours to enjoy with your vacation ownership.
  3. Experience Being Part of a Family: One of the main benefits of Villa del Palmar membership is that you will enjoy a deep sense of belonging. Being part of the family is one of the main elements that Villa del Palmar membership offers. As a member, you become part of a growing family. Your timeshare membership goes beyond enjoying access to a fabulous suite in a stunning resort in Mexico’s top beach destinations. Staff know you by name and more of your needs are met as you grow more in your relationship with this family.
  4. Invest in a Millionaire’s Lifestyle with Villa del Palmar membership: Your Villa del Palmar membership is an investment that lets you experience a luxury lifestyle for less. You will discover the best way to spend your money and you get more than your money’s worth; because in life, it’s not about how much money you make nor how much a lifestyle costs.

Treat yourself to a quality lifestyle through the benefits of your Villa del Palmar membership. You and those nearest and dearest to you get to travel and enjoy the best that life can offer. Grab your vacation ownership now and let others know about the benefits of Villa del Palmar membership.

Fake Shills for Timeshare Cancellation

Fake Shills for Timeshare Cancellation

Internet shills and internet trolls seem to be the accepted these days. Each of them thrive on causing problems for genuine websites, articles, and blogs, and they don’t seem to be going away in the near future. TripAdvisor and similar websites are going that extra mile to stop these scammers from posting on their website, and all readers should always remember that many comments that you are reading are usually left by internet shills and trolls. When it comes to timeshare shills, the most common shills are usually promoting fake timeshare cancellation companies and all of their services.

Would you like to know more information about fake shills for timeshare cancellation companies? Continue to read on if you do:

What are fake shills for timeshare cancellation companies?

We all are acquainted with internet trolls who are looking for a fight with their comments that they leave. They are looking to get a response from the offensive comments that they leave. Many times the internet trolls are just doing this for their own pleasure, but the shills have a different goal. The internet shills are paid a wage to leave comments on blogs, forums, articles, and many different websites. They usually leave their comments on timeshare cancellation company’s websites along with the timeshare cancellation companies that they work for along with timeshare complaint forums.

How do fake shills for timeshare cancellation perform?

The fake shills for timeshare cancellations perform by leaving terrible comments about a reputable timeshare company on many different websites such as TripAdvisor, and other complaining forums and websites that people go to when they are wanting timeshare issues advice. The shills will target reputable timeshare companies because they know that they will be in contact with many more people. Often, the internet shills will work together in pairs. The first shill for timeshare cancellation scam will start off by writing a complaint about a timeshare vacation club, then they will express in their comment that they are desperate for timeshare membership advice. The second shill will respond to this message by referring them to the XXX timeshare cancellation service company, so they can cancel their timeshare membership, which in most of the cases cannot cancel their membership.

Here is an example of a fake shills for timeshare cancellation scam:

Shill Number One: I have a timeshare membership with Big Life Timeshare and I want to cancel this timeshare. Where can I go to do this?

Shill Number Two: I too was in the same situation that you are and I recommend that you contact Caribe Timeshare Solutions. Their services was outstanding as they cancelled my timeshare and I didn’t even have to pay them any upfront fees. Follow this link to contact them…

You see how the internet shills operate now. The complaint might be from a genuine unhappy client or it might be another timeshare shill, then the timeshare cancellation companies take advantage of this client (be it fake or real) by responding to the post as another unhappy client who found a solution.

What’s the scam for timeshare cancellation?

Once the cooling off period has passed, no timeshare cancellation company can cancel a timeshare membership. The fake shills for timeshare cancellation are only wanting your money, and they will use any tactics to make you think that they are a genuine company as they even write fake reviews and fake comments on many timeshare forums and websites.

The fake shills for timeshare cancellation scams are real and you should beware of them. If you want to learn how you can identify an internet shill, then click here.

Have you Been Victim of a Shill?

Mexico Timeshare Nightmares

Mexico Timeshare Nightmares

Here’s an honest review of what the Mexican timeshare industry offers. You may have read about the risks and advice against timeshare scams, vacation club fraud, and others. But what really are the dangers involved once you buy a timeshare in Mexico?

  • Mexico Timeshare Nightmares: Listed below are the real dangers you will face when you purchase a timeshare in Mexico. Brace yourself before you’ll discover what’s in store for you… real Mexico timeshare nightmares
  • Jealousy from Friends: You don’t want to experience that horrible feeling when you have to hide your Mexico timeshare photos so they don’t evoke envious comments from your friends. The best way to deal with this Mexico timeshare nightmare is to have your friends join your next vacation.
  • Frozen or on the Rocks? Imagine having to make up your mind for important things during your timeshare visit to Mexico. Will you have your margarita frozen or on the rocks? Not only that, the waiter will approach you and ask whether you prefer mango, tamarind, or strawberry margarita, all the while thinking to yourself that a margarita is only made with lime. What a nightmare!
  • Packing is always a nightmare: Many people hate packing. It’s so taxing on the brain having to think through your what to bring for a full week of vacation in Mexico and even more difficult when your kids come along with you, too. You don’t have to worry about packing by not investing in a timeshare.
  • Making New Friends: Keeping in touch with your old acquaintances and family members is already difficult. How much more when you make more friends every time you spend your timeshare vacation in Mexico. You will have to spend more time on Facebook keeping in touch with everyone.
  • Too Much Smiling: This is one of the Mexico timeshare nightmares that can be avoided by putting on a decent face sunscreen. This is a result when you’re having a great time and you can’t help yourself not to smile under the sunshine and your wrinkles seem to appear worse.
  • Uneven Tan Lines: Vacations in general, not just in Mexico timeshare offer this nightmare. Bathing yourself under the sun in public will result in tan lines that you deal with. Just make sure they are not wonky.
  • Everyone Wants to Come with You: When anyone discovered that you have bought a Mexico timeshare, their first reaction would be to declare they want to come along with you. The best response to this nightmare is to have them attend a presentation so that they can buy their own.
  • Weight Gain: You can’t remove yourself from this timeshare nightmare with all the delicious food you will be eating. A trip to the gym at your timeshare resort and burning some calories there is a great way to get rid of this nightmare.
  • Spend Too Much Time with Spouse: You may be one who cannot stand spending so much time with your nearest and dearest. It can be a timeshare nightmare if you spend 24/7 with your spouse if you are not careful. Take some time apart by having a massage in your resort’s spa.

What’s your worst Mexico timeshare nightmare? Share your experiences by adding your comment here.

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Find Villa Group Timeshare Reviews

Find Villa Group Timeshare Reviews

Are you trying to evaluate a company’s legitimacy? Searching for customer reviews is a good start and you can find some of the best reviews on the internet. With so many reports on scams and frauds happening every year, it is important to be careful about which company you want to entrust with your assets. It’s a form of personal protection that you can start doing on your own by searching through reliable sources of information for reviews. One quick search through online reviews can give you a clear picture of a company’s real standing in terms of trustworthiness.

Find Villa Group timeshare reviews

Read through this blog post to find out where to get the best Villa Group timeshare reviews on the internet.

TripAdvisor’s Villa Group timeshare reviews

If you want to know if a company is a scam, TripAdvisor is a good source of information. Here, reviewers easily highlight any fraudulent behavior which can be your clues to a company’s legitimacy. Just be careful to note who are giving the reviews and read through since anyone can post their reviews on this site. Sometimes you find some disgruntled ex-employees who share their negative insights here. If you wish to have a clear idea of the product you wish to purchase, be sure to read through the reviews and the responses given by the company.

Most of the Villa Group timeshare reviews on TripAdvisor are positive. These are from members who have bought timeshares with our company. When you see a concern posted on this site, check the date when it was posted because most of these issues may have been already resolved but the review stayed on the site.

YouTube’s Villa Group timeshare reviews

Vloggers are becoming more and more popular. This is the reason why YouTube is another great site to find reliable reviews. Here you can find regular videos of testimonials from timeshare members. Even independent travel reviews also share their insights on their Villa Group experiences. Check out more of these Villa Group timeshare reviews through this link: (

Facebook’s Villa Group timeshare reviews

There are comments and other important information about Villa Group timeshare posted by its members. Read this information by following Villa Group’s Facebook page.

Villa Group Vacation Ownership website timeshare reviews

The best place to find honest timeshare reviews is Villa Group’s official website. Timeshare members regularly share their most recent testimonials and some are even presented as videos. All Villa Group members are encouraged to leave their comments and share their Villa Group reviews to help people discover the truth. Take time to read these reviews by going to this site: (

The Villa del Palmar Brand on Banderas Bay

The Villa del Palmar Brand

The Villa del Palmar brand in Banderas Bay offers a diverse range of experiences and accommodations that will meet everyone’s preferences while enjoying a vacation in Mexico. The Villa del Palmar brand has three resorts located on Banderas Bay allowing visitors to enjoy the surrounding areas of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, both of which are packed with excitement. Just imagine taking a vacation in a place where you can play a round or two of golf on championship golf courses, enjoy horseback riding on the beach, go on adventures in the lush jungle, watch folk dancing in the Plaza Principal each Sunday evening, and take a leisurely stroll on the Malecon Boardwalk.

The Villa del Palmar Brand on Banderas Bay

There are three resorts from the Villa del Palmar brand on Banderas Bay: Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Riviera Nayarit (Nuevo Vallarta) and Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, and Villa del Mar in Puerto Vallarta. These resorts are in addition to other Villa del Palmar brand resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and the Islands of Loreto.

What can you expect from the Villa del Palmar brand?

If you have a taste for luxury, then you will surely enjoy the Villa del Palmar brand on Banderas Bay. Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta is conveniently located in the busy hotel zone right in the heart of Puerto Vallarta together with its sister resort, Villa del Mar. Together, these two Villa del Palmar brand properties will provide an atmosphere that is relaxing and welcoming. Downtown Puerto Vallarta on the Banderas Bay is known for excitement and adventure and the two resorts are only 10 minutes away. Vacationers can take advantage of many different activities that include tasty restaurants, a lovely beach, inviting pools, and fabulous services. You can reserve a spot at both resorts with ease by using your Villa Preferred Access points which are allocated each year when you purchase Villa del Palmar membership.

Sister Villa del Palmar Resort in Nuevo Vallarta

The sister Villa del Palmar resort in Nuevo Vallarta called Villa del Palmar Flamingos is ideal for family vacations, a first choice for families due to the kids club that gives parents alone time and all the free activities that are provided. You and your entire family will have a lot of space to enjoy within the accommodations which are elegantly decorated and comfortable. Villa Preferred Access membership allows you to make a reservation at the Villa del Palmar Flamingos and any other Villa del Palmar resort.

The Villa del Palmar brand in Banderas Bay is romantic, luxurious, and beautiful. You can enjoy the Villa del Palmar brand in Banderas Bay by securing your accommodations with your Villa Preferred Access membership.