Timeshare Scams – Top 10 Signs

Timeshare Scams - Top 10 Signs

Timeshare these days has a pretty clean reputation Most timeshare companies offer legitimate solutions for those seeking to get hold of a home overseas minus the gargantuan responsibilities that go with it. Sadly, there are some scammers out there who try to spoil all the fun, coming up with timeshare scams and deceptions that taint the reputation of respected timeshare companies. Everyone should be cautious of potential timeshare scams as becoming victims of these can mean loss of time, money and effort.

Before purchasing timeshare, take some time out of your day to read about the top 10 signs of timeshare scams. Be wise enough not to be fooled.

  1. Having to pay for your timeshare gift
  2. The first warning sign of a timeshare scam is if you are made to pay for your timeshare incentive gift. Genuine timeshare companies encourage potential clients to attend a timeshare presentation by offering incentive gifts. Genuine timeshare companies will not make your pay for these gifts, unless they come as a discount for something like a restaurant or tour, in which case you will pay the remainder.

  3. Not the resort you signed up for
  4. The second most alarming sign that you are about to be involved in a timeshare scam is if you are taken to a resort that is not the same as advertized by your original agent. That is, you think that you are attending a presentation at a particular hotel, but then at the last minute your taxi driver takes you to a different place. Always insist on going to the location that you agreed to go.

  5. Offsite Offices
  6. After your presentation, some timeshare scammers may take you to a different office away from the resort that you have viewed to prepare your “timeshare contract.” You may even be offered a cheaper deal there to encourage you to sign. This kind of behaviour is sure to be a scam. You will find that you hand over cash and then be left with a fake timeshare membership at a non-existent timeshare resort.

  7. Contract to be sent in the post
  8. Another sign you are walking into a timeshare scam if if you are encouraged to hand over money for your timeshare membership before you have seen, read or signed a contract. If the timeshare company hasn’t provided you with a valid contract, you are in a danger of finding yourself involved in a scam.

  9. Online scammers
  10. Purchasing a timeshare resale online can pose a great risk due to the way that scammers can manipulate modern technology these days. Better to find out about the company you’re dealing with first; it can be your best protection against being scammed.

  11. Timeshare companies claiming to cancel your timeshare
  12. There are timeshare scam companies that will tell you that cancellation after the cooling off period is possible with a fee. Remember that this can’t be done, and most likely you’re dealing with a fraudulent timeshare company.

  13. Asking for Upfront Fees
  14. A sure sign of a timeshare scam is when a company asks you for upfront fees. When the time comes and you want to rent or sell your timeshare, you will find a number of timeshare companies that offer their services for an upfront fee. As a rule, those timeshare companies taking commissions after the successful rental or sale of your timeshare are a better bet.

  15. Phone calls out of the blue
  16. Receiving phone calls out of the blue offering to sell, rent or buy your timeshare is a good sign of a scam. If you have not approached a company for information regarding this, this kind of call is a sign of a potential timeshare scam.

  17. Upgrading or purchasing your old timeshare as down payment
  18. It’s very unlikely that a true timeshare company can include an option of letting you trade your membership to one of their competitors, especially after the cooling off period. If you are offered this, it is probably a timeshare scam, so stay away from such offers.

  19. Being taken to a different venue
  20. When someone introduced himself as a salesperson of a particular resort, but takes you to another venue with a different name during the timeshare presentation, it can be a tell-tale sign that you are heading into a timeshare scam. Always check the name of the resort where you are supposed to be heading.

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The Best Cabo Activities – El Arco

Best All Inclusive Vacations Cabo San Lucas el Arco

Cabo San Lucas is a sought after location for those looking for fun in the sun. There are so many exciting sights and activities to enjoy in Cabo San Lucas and these activities will create memories that will last a lifetime. One of the most popular sights is El Arco (Land’s End) in Cabo. These breathtaking stone arches surge from the water and the stones have been carefully created by nature. El Arco is no doubt an amazing site to see and destination in Cabo.

Meeting Spot of Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez

Just at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula is the El Arco. This is the meeting spot of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. The rock formation is one of the most treasured and stunning landmarks in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

El Arco

El Arco is a Spanish name, which means “The Arch” in English, although Land’s End is the name that most English speaking people call this area. It is where the rocky landmark is that features on most Cabo postcards. The story behind the El Arco being called Land’s End is quite interesting. Sailors of old thought that it was the last stop until the South Pole and that they wouldn’t encounter land until they reached the South Pole. The irony is that Cabo’s weather is anything but reminiscent of the South Pole!!

Getting to El Arco

Getting to El Arco is easy to do (although you should avoid trying to swim there – joke!), but grab a boat ride from the Cabo San Lucas marina or Medano Beach. The ride is quick and enjoyable. At the Cabo San Lucas marina you can rent a water taxi, yacht, panga (fishing boat), or a glass bottom boat where you can watch the marine life while you make the journey to El Arco. Once you arrive then you can start taking photos, as this area is quite popular for photos. You can also get off the boat and explore the beaches here too.

El Arco Beaches

If you are looking at El Arco from a distance you may not realize that there are wonderful beaches where you can enjoy swimming for the day. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling where you can explore the Land’s End underwater marine life. Two beaches connect, which are the Lover’s Beach and the Sea of the Cortez beach, where you can swim safely, but you should avoid the Divorce Beach, which is located on the Pacific Ocean side, because it is not safe nor advised to swim in this area.

Plenty of Activities

The beautiful warm weather and the currents are calm, which make diving and snorkeling a wonderful activity to enjoy at El Arco. The sea life is breathtaking as you will see plenty of fish, sea lions, and turtles. You can also bring snacks for the pelicans that breed in this area.

Islands of Loréto Villa del Palmar – Luxury Bungalows

Loreto villa del palmar

The Danzante Bungalows is the newest attraction that Loréto Villa del Palmar has for its vacationers. It introduces a new concept in vacationing, which is unique in many ways. The Luxury Bungalows at Loréto Villa del Palmar offers a glamorous stay for a beach getaway in the Baja California resort, and promises an adventure like no other. If you want to stay close to nature without forfeiting comfort and elegance definitely try the Danzante Bungalows.

Outdoor luxury vacations at the Islands of Loréto

The latest trend in outdoor vacationing is “glamping.” It’s like camping in a glamorous way, where you feel like you are immersed in nature but are totally pampered with those comforts that you desire. Consider this: staying in Danzante Bungalows makes you a stone’s throw away from the white sands of the beach and gets you nearer to the waters of the tranquil Sea of Cortez.

Luxury Bungalows

800 square foot of elegantly designed luxury bungalow lets you have the best views of the surrounding beauty at Loréto Villa del Palmar. With the panels of its cabin walls having the ability to be pulled back, you can treat yourself to amazing views of the Danzante Bay, while you lay safe within the confines of your private suite.

First class amenities

Loréto Villa del Palmar’s luxury bungalows come with complete amenities, from a full bathroom to an elegant living room and luxurious master bedroom complemented by a soft, king-size bed. You can feel the soft breezes of the night air while sitting relaxed and drinking a glass of your favorite beverage on your own private balcony.

Camping like never before

Unlike most camping facilities, your suite is equipped with climate control capabilities, a Bose sound system and an outdoor Jacuzzi for you to indulge in. You can still see the bright stars in the darkness of the night and enjoy the privacy of regular camping, but in an entirely distinctive set-up.

Sierra de la Giganta Mountain Range

Providing the perfect background to your vacations at Loréto Villa del Palmar is the stunning Sierra de la Giganta Mountain Range and the magnificent beach setting along the Danzante Bay. This place is magical, come day or night, and leaves vacationers to the Islands of Loréto spellbound by its attractiveness and charm. The Villa Group has come up with a real brilliant idea in granting the wishes of its countless patrons for an innovative way of spending a vacation.

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Points

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Points

There are a variety of vacation choices to meet everyone’s preferences and needs, which is why the Villa del Palmar timeshare points in Mexico is terrific. The Villa del Palmar timeshare points are easy to use, easy to understand, and perfect to meet anyone’s vacation preferences and needs. Villa del Palmar timeshare points membership comes in the form of the Villa Preferred Access timeshare membership.

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Points

Villa del Palmar timeshare membership with points allow members to visit the Villa Group resorts in a variety of destinations by using their points. Not everyone desires to take their vacation the same time of the year or want the same type of suite or room, which is why the Villa del Palmar timeshare membership will allow members to use their points to take a short or longer vacation or several vacations in one year at many different resorts.

Villa del Palmar Destinations

With Villa del Palmar membership you are able to stay at a number of the Villa Group resorts depending on your points allowance. For example, you can stay in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cabos San Lucas, Cancun and the Islands of Loreto. Just make sure you have enough points to cover the accommodation you wish to use.

More Points Gives More Luxuries and Choices

The more Villa del Palmar timeshare points that you have, then the more choices and options that you have, because you will be able to use your timeshare membership in a variety of ways. Take a minute and think about your Villa del Palmar timeshare points, then think of them kind of like a Lego piece. You can build your very own vacation, where you want, just by adding pieces whenever you want. The more pieces of Lego that you have, then the more you can build, which is what you can do with your Villa del Palmar timeshare points.

Villa Preferred Access timeshare points chart

Take a look at your Villa Preferred Access timeshare points chart, then start thinking on how you can use your points with a variety of scenarios. You will quickly see that there are going to be a variety of choices and varieties of Villa del Palmar vacations that will only benefit you.

Still not sure about Villa del Palmar timeshare points?

If you are in any way confused about your Villa del Palmar timeshare membership, then simply contact the member services and the representative will assist you on what the best options are for you and your timeshare points. The representative will let you know what is the best way and advantage for you to use your Villa Preferred Access timeshare points where you will get the best vacations ever.

Who Keeps Calling from 18003457439?

18003457439 vacation member cabo san lucas

Are you asking yourself who keeps calling you from 18003457439? Don’t be alarmed. The number is coming from VacationMembers.com, which is an online travel specialists that offers discounted accommodations in Mexico. If you are interested in a vacation discount, then you should pick up the phone when you see the number 18003457439, because it means that you were specially picked to receive a Mexico vacation discount that only certain people are privileged to receive. This is a genuine travel agency that offers discounted vacation packages that are 100% real.

Let 18003457439 VacationMembers.com Assist You

VacationMembers.com provide professional and qualified agents that call from 18003457439. The agents have to make sure that you indeed do qualify for a discounted vacation package. To be qualified you must be over the age of thirty years and have a full time job. If you are not thirty and you don’t possess a full time job, then at this time you do not qualify for a discounted vacation, but you may in the near future.

The VacationMembers.com travel agents must verify the aforementioned information, so you can take advantage of the big discounts that are being offered to certain people, then you will be offered an amazing Mexico vacation package. First, answer a couple of questions from the travel agent, then you will be able to select the Mexico destination and vacation, then the agent will reserve your vacation that is an all-inclusive vacation package.

Remember, the travel agents will be contacting you from 18003457439 and are with VacationMembers.com. The travel agents are very professional and knowledgeable, so feel free to ask them any questions.

At this time, VacationMembers.com are offering these amazing vacation package deals:

All Inclusive Vacation Package

Destination Package Activities Price
Cabo San Lucas 2 Adults and 2 Children – 5 Days and 4 Nights Whale Sightseeing, ATV tours, Camel rides, Los Arco rock formation, and many more activities in Cabo San Lucas. $899
Puerto Vallarta 2 Adults and 2 Children – 5 Days and 4 Nights Visiting mountains, jungle and beaches. Gourmet dining, dancing and nightlife, and many more activities in Puerto Vallarta. $899
Cancun 2 Adults and 2 Children – 5 Days and 4 Nights Visiting the Mayan temples, diving, snorkeling, Caribbean breathtaking views, nightlife, and many more activities in Cancun. $899

If you do not wish to take advantage of the discounted vacation packages with VacationMembers.com 18003457439, then just ask the agent to remove your name at this list, but if you are interested in receiving a discounted vacation package, then you can go on their website to look over the packages and get more information. You will see that there are many Mexico destinations available and there is also other destinations too. Plan your next vacation and get an amazing deal with VacationMembers.com today or call on 18003457439.