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Best All Inclusive Vacations Cabo San Lucas el Arco

Cabo San Lucas is a sought after location for those looking for fun in the sun. There are so many exciting sights and activities to enjoy in Cabo San Lucas and these activities will create memories that will last a lifetime. One of the most popular sights is El Arco (Land’s End) in Cabo. These breathtaking stone arches surge from the water and the stones have been carefully created by nature. El Arco is no doubt an amazing site to see and destination in Cabo.

Meeting Spot of Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez

Just at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula is the El Arco. This is the meeting spot of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. The rock formation is one of the most treasured and stunning landmarks in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

El Arco

El Arco is a Spanish name, which means “The Arch” in English, although Land’s End is the name that most English speaking people call this area. It is where the rocky landmark is that features on most Cabo postcards. The story behind the El Arco being called Land’s End is quite interesting. Sailors of old thought that it was the last stop until the South Pole and that they wouldn’t encounter land until they reached the South Pole. The irony is that Cabo’s weather is anything but reminiscent of the South Pole!!

Getting to El Arco

Getting to El Arco is easy to do (although you should avoid trying to swim there – joke!), but grab a boat ride from the Cabo San Lucas marina or Medano Beach. The ride is quick and enjoyable. At the Cabo San Lucas marina you can rent a water taxi, yacht, panga (fishing boat), or a glass bottom boat where you can watch the marine life while you make the journey to El Arco. Once you arrive then you can start taking photos, as this area is quite popular for photos. You can also get off the boat and explore the beaches here too.

El Arco Beaches

If you are looking at El Arco from a distance you may not realize that there are wonderful beaches where you can enjoy swimming for the day. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling where you can explore the Land’s End underwater marine life. Two beaches connect, which are the Lover’s Beach and the Sea of the Cortez beach, where you can swim safely, but you should avoid the Divorce Beach, which is located on the Pacific Ocean side, because it is not safe nor advised to swim in this area.

Plenty of Activities

The beautiful warm weather and the currents are calm, which make diving and snorkeling a wonderful activity to enjoy at El Arco. The sea life is breathtaking as you will see plenty of fish, sea lions, and turtles. You can also bring snacks for the pelicans that breed in this area.

Best Vacation Beach in Cabo San Lucas

Beach in Cabo San Lucas

As the most popular beach in the whole of Los Cabos, El Médano Beach, with its dazzling golden sands and alluring vistas is located at the eastern end of the Cabo San Lucas Bay. The beach which is some 2 miles in length and ends outside the three Villa Group Resorts is an excellent venue to have a super fun filled day. With some of the best dining and swimming that can be found in the area, El Médano Beach is a marvellous location for travellers on vacation and visitors alike.

Best Vacation Beach in Cabo San Lucas

The well known beach, Playa El Médano is a safe and fun packed location which overlooks the stunning El Arco rock formation and Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas. This place is the ideal location to enjoy many of the local bars and restaurants that litter this coastline. Stunning views, along with an idyllic location make this coast a versatile way to spend the day.

Just pop in and out of the local bars and restaurants, enjoying the odd margarita or two, or stay longer and enjoy some of the best entertainment in one of Cabo San Lucas’s most iconic hotspots. As Medano Beach has easy access to the downtown area, you are able to take advantage of all the shops and local sights and mix with the local people. Playa El Médano is a popular place to visit for all.

Water sport in Cabo San Lucas

Medano Beach is a centre for many water sport activities. It is one of the safest places to swim in Cabo San Lucas and you can take advantage of the shallow waters along the shores to enjoy numerous water activities. You can always hire yourself a SUP board, readily available from various locations along the beach and take a leisurely paddle around the bay. Take the banana boat and enjoy an exhilarating ride around the bay or meet up with some of your friends and have a kayaking adventure.

Whatever you decide to do, you definitely will enjoy the sensational vibes of Cabo San Lucas’ most popular beach and really appreciate getting your feet wet in its turquoise blue waters.

Amazing Golf Courses in Cabo

Golf Courses in Cabo

Thanks to Jack Nicklaus, since the 1990’s Cabo has experienced a great increase in the number of superb golf courses. During the early 1990’s three major golf courses were opened by Nicklaus. This caused many of the other top golf clubs to do likewise. At the present day, there are three of the world’s top golf courses in Cabo San Lucas area. Many of the other golf clubs are doing a great job at offering spectacular courses too. If your taste is for the landscape, the challenge or maybe you are a novice; there is a Golf course in Los Cabos for all.

    Amazing Golf Courses in Cabo

    take a look at these below:

  1. Cabo Del Sol Ocean Course
  2. In the past, many famous names have been attached to golf courses. No name has been more recognized than that of the legendary Jack Nicklaus. On Cabo San Lucas coastline, overlooking the Sea Of Cortez, this course is celebrated as one of Nicklaus’s best designed golf courses. Being named on numerous occasions as one of the top 100 golf courses in the world, you can understand why. The course’s length is 7075 yards. It has extensive views of Cabo’s sea, desert and mountains. There are many elevation changes together with the undulating greens, which can provide challenges to any low or high handicap golf players.

  3. Palmilla Golf Course in Cabo
  4. This is the second top-ranked golf course in Cabo and was also designed by the renowned Jack Nicklaus. This, the second of the three Golf courses in Cabo San Lucas area is also rated in the top 100 worldwide. There are 3 completely different 9 hole courses to choose from. These are the Arroyo Course, the Mountain Course, and the Ocean Course. As the name suggests the Ocean Course has splendid views of the Sea of Cortez and is the most spectacular of the three courses available. At each course there are five sets of tee boxes, which cater for players of any handicap.

  5. Querencia
  6. Querencia is a super 18 hole golf course spanning over 300 acres and was designed by Tom Fazio. If you wish to play golf in a stunning landscape, this is a place not to be missed. The course is set out amongst ancient cacti and lush palm trees and carves its way through deep arroyos and rests atop a cool plateau. If you are looking to leave the touristy and crowded areas behind you, then this is a course for you. It is a challenging golf course in Cabo in a beautiful location.

  7. Cabo Real Golf Course
  8. The Cabo Real Golf Course was designed by Robert Trent Jones II and is 7,037 yards long. It has flourishing fairways, and you play between swaying palm trees, stunning ocean views and massive cactus plants. The challenging start to your round will be through the desert, with the easier back nine allowing the golfer to enjoy the impressive sea views. If you are holidaying and playing during the whale season, you may be lucky enough to see the whales breaching the sea as you play. The natural world and sport all in one.

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ATV Reviews for Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas ATV Tour

When you are vacationing in Los Cabos, Baja California you will want to experience a ride of excitement by taking an ATV tour that provide exhilaration and much more. An ATV Tour provides an exhilarating 21-mile ride through paradise, which will take you through Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. On the tour you will experience breathtaking views and scenery, rugged terrain, and a ride on the wild side. The ATV ride will have you zipping and cruising through the sand bars on beautiful beaches, then riding through an Indian village that is over 200 years old. Taking an ATV tour while visiting Cabo San Lucas should be a priority.

You will immediately notice exciting and amazing things in the city when you are visiting. If you are asking the locals what to see and do, then they all will tell you to actually experience the city you should take an ATV tour, because it is more than just an adventure. Take your friends and family with you, then experience “La Candelaria”, “Los Paredones”, and “the Migrino Beach” and “Migrino Desert” on an ATV. The magic of Los Cabos comes alive when you experience it on an ATV.

If you head just twenty miles north of the city you will run into La Candelaria, which is a unique and intriguing Indian village that is over 200 years old. The village is one of the most popular ATV tours available, because it is known for its black magic and white magic. There is only around 60 people that live in the village today, but the traditional ways is still being upheld as it has for many centuries. La Candelaria has very little modern amenities that Los Cabos offers.

Another wonderful place to ride an ATV off the coast of Baja California, is on the Migrino Beach. Migrino Beach has a beautiful three mile stretch of sands, waves, and marine life. Along with the sand is the desert that connects, then dry riverbeds where you will run into cliff towers of over 100 feet that offers you breathtaking views of the ocean. The Migrino Beach is one of the popular ATV tours that tourists go on in Los Cabos.

Flying First Class for Honeymoons

Flying First Class for Honeymoons

It’s not all that out of the ordinary for couples to want to be flying first class when on their honeymoon. Not so long ago, people who were seated in the front of the airplane were often seen as being elite compared to everyone else in the economy seats. Flying first class was seen as a type of luxury status. A big part of this is that individuals in the first class areas have extra privacy and space, which is why it is so appealing to honeymooners. However, the status and comfort associated with flying first class has changed in recent years, making it equal to Business Class so it is not as romantic as you would think.

Before booking your tickets for flying first class for your honeymoon, consider the following points.

  1. Where are you going?
  2. Will you be on a domestic flight to Mexico or somewhere that is farther away? If you are going to be in the air only for 5 hours or less, there really is not much of a difference between first and economy classes. You will have a tiny bit more room for your legs, a free drink, and you also have priority check-in. For this reason, you may want to reconsider the decision of flying first class, unless you intend on booking with one of the top ten luxury airlines where the cabins have the appearance of mini-apartments, so you can enjoy many more amenities.

  3. Who will you be flying with?
  4. The company that you choose for your honeymoon flight is an important consideration in determining whether or not it is worth it to upgrade to flying first class. If you are traveling only within North America, the airlines do not really offer many benefits. You will have some additional space when you fly on Delta, as well as free wifi and slightly better quality of food and beverages. However, it is still going to be airplane food, so you shouldn’t expect too much.

  5. What type of plane is scheduled for your honeymoon flight?
  6. Though it might not seem like a huge deal, the kind of plane you fly in does play a role in how good the First Class service is going to be. If you are flying in an older plane, you likely will not have many luxury accommodations that you would find in the newer airplanes. This is especially the case with their technology. Smaller jets will not give you as much extra space as you would get in larger planes. You may even be in a puddle jumper with single row seating in First Class, putting you farther away from your spouse than you would like for your honeymoon.

  7. How much more does it cost you for flying first class?
  8. International travel costs within North America costs an extra $500 to $1500 if you upgrade from Economy to First Class. If you are flying overseas, it is even higher. The price jumps sometimes are not worth your while. Your honeymoon flight can cost a small fortune to begin with, and this extra money can be put to good use elsewhere. For instance, you can opt for a day at the spa with your loved one, a private yacht to go off on the waters on a romantic cruise, or hire a chef for in-suite service. There are so many things you can do with a $1000 that will not leave you potentially frustrated. Of course, if you are paying with air miles, you might not care how much it is going to cost you.