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Loreto villa del palmar

The Danzante Bungalows is the newest attraction that Loréto Villa del Palmar has for its vacationers. It introduces a new concept in vacationing, which is unique in many ways. The Luxury Bungalows at Loréto Villa del Palmar offers a glamorous stay for a beach getaway in the Baja California resort, and promises an adventure like no other. If you want to stay close to nature without forfeiting comfort and elegance definitely try the Danzante Bungalows.

Outdoor luxury vacations at the Islands of Loréto

The latest trend in outdoor vacationing is “glamping.” It’s like camping in a glamorous way, where you feel like you are immersed in nature but are totally pampered with those comforts that you desire. Consider this: staying in Danzante Bungalows makes you a stone’s throw away from the white sands of the beach and gets you nearer to the waters of the tranquil Sea of Cortez.

Luxury Bungalows

800 square foot of elegantly designed luxury bungalow lets you have the best views of the surrounding beauty at Loréto Villa del Palmar. With the panels of its cabin walls having the ability to be pulled back, you can treat yourself to amazing views of the Danzante Bay, while you lay safe within the confines of your private suite.

First class amenities

Loréto Villa del Palmar’s luxury bungalows come with complete amenities, from a full bathroom to an elegant living room and luxurious master bedroom complemented by a soft, king-size bed. You can feel the soft breezes of the night air while sitting relaxed and drinking a glass of your favorite beverage on your own private balcony.

Camping like never before

Unlike most camping facilities, your suite is equipped with climate control capabilities, a Bose sound system and an outdoor Jacuzzi for you to indulge in. You can still see the bright stars in the darkness of the night and enjoy the privacy of regular camping, but in an entirely distinctive set-up.

Sierra de la Giganta Mountain Range

Providing the perfect background to your vacations at Loréto Villa del Palmar is the stunning Sierra de la Giganta Mountain Range and the magnificent beach setting along the Danzante Bay. This place is magical, come day or night, and leaves vacationers to the Islands of Loréto spellbound by its attractiveness and charm. The Villa Group has come up with a real brilliant idea in granting the wishes of its countless patrons for an innovative way of spending a vacation.

What brings Chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez to the Islands of Loreto?

Chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez

With culinary talents sharpened by extensive experience working in a number of kitchens around Mexico, Chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez was hired by the luxurious Villa del Palmar resort at the Islands of Loréto as its acclaimed sous chef. He’s the perfect man for the role because aside from his outstanding culinary skills, he has a friendly personality and a great attitude that benefits resort’s mission to extend world class services to all its visitors. Chef Gerardo’s passion for cooking and his perfectionist trait for attaining the best taste from his dishes have made the Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto a sought after place for matchless gastronomical experience.

A little about Chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez

Chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez

Chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez

He first began working professionally as a cold table chef at Casa de Campo, a famous hotel and restaurant in Mexico city. Indeed, Mexico City has become a stage for gourmet Mexican cuisine in the last few years, and in the process has produced the country’s most respected culinary masters, including of course chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez. He found himself working with the most famous masters of the kitchen with the likes of Vicente Etchegaray, Thierry Dufour and Olivier Lombart. Chef Gerardo claims he learned a lot from them, and that they were instrumental in the cooking style he possesses today.

His cooking approach is a mixture of both the traditional and modern techniques you would expect to find in a fine dining kitchen, coming up with dishes that delight both traditional and cosmopolitan tastes. Before becoming a sous chef at Villa del Palmar Loréto, he worked with the very finest kitchens of the region with positions held like Executive Chef, Kitchen manager and kitchen supervisor. These experiences were very beneficial in the development of a culinary style uniquely his own. His cooking style and techniques are very effective, and have been highly praised by those looking for truly authentic Mexican cuisine. Chef Gerardo has perfected his craft, and his outputs are enjoyed by the enthusiastic and satisfied gourmet seekers at the Villa del Palmar resort in Loreto.

The arrival of Chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez to the Villa del Palmar Islands of Loreto benefits everyone because Mexican tastes and flavors have never been this good. It’s such a pleasure to experience gastronomical contentment at this famed Mexican destination.

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Mexican Destinations Offered by the Villa Group Timeshare

Mexico is a dream for anyone who wishes a great vacation and a place they can call a second home. It is a beautiful country which has generally tropical weather, picturesque sceneries, fantastic beaches and warm people. This dream can now become a reality with Villa Group Timeshare. For more than 30 years, the Villa Group continues to attract people to make this magnificent country part of their regular lifestyle, offering a list of truly astounding Mexican Destinations.

The Islands of Loreto

Islands of loreto villa group timeshare

Located on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico’s Baja California are the magical islands of Loreto. Get captivated by its charming and comely beauty where nature at its best is personified. The Islands of Loreto and the Sea of Cortez are known as the aquarium of the world because of the stunning underground treasures to be found here. Deep sea diving tops the list of activities here as you will fall in love with its virgin, underwater beauty. Explore the seas in glass bottom kayaks and travel to some places inland where you can find some archaic cave paintings. Stay at the Villa del Palmar resort at the Islands of Loreto and be in a place where the romantic blue ocean is seemingly endless and momentarily yours to keep.

Cabo San Lucas

Villa group Timeshare destination

Become a Villa Group Timeshare owner and explore Cabo San Lucas, experiencing a vacation at its highest quality. Located on the Baja California Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas promises an exciting vacation with its fabulous beaches and mixed varieties of fun filled activities.

Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas in particular are known for the large taffy-colored rock formation called El Arco at Land’s End. This large rocky arch has been the subject of countless photo shoots by people who had been there. One can reach it by water taxi or paying for an organized tour.

Cabo San Lucas’ selection of great restaurant and bars will give you a taste of some superb Mexican food and delicacies. The sun shines brightly here in Cabo San Lucas; good for people who are looking for a hot summer vacation. You can go sunbathing and play beach volleyball under its scorching heat. Whale watching is also fascinating as hundreds of people line up by the seashore to see these mammoth creatures.

Kayaking and Parasailing are other favorite pastime in Cabo San Lucas as the shallow waves make it ideal for such activities. Enjoy horseback and camel riding too and have a tour of the surroundings and see for yourself this wonderful place called Cabo San Lucas.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Villa group Timesahare

Puerto Vallarta is the place where the Villa Group built its very first resort and continues to be a favorite Villa Group timeshare destination.

The Malecon is a hit for many visitors as this mile-long stretch of bars, restaurants and souvenir shop offers incredible views of the romantic sunsets over the bay. Furthermore, you can enjoy cruise adventures aboard a pirate ship, letting you navigate the sea like a true blue pirate villain. Enjoy paddle boarding, jet skiing and kayaking; move that body and flex those muscles as you engage in the city’s many water activities activities. Zip-line your way through Puerto Vallarta and see its breathtaking views. And to top it all, soar like an eagle as you glide down to earth by skydiving.


Villa group timeshare destination

The turquoise sea and Caribbean beaches make Cancun a top Villa Group vacation spot for tourists from all around the world. Perfect for people who love snorkeling and scuba diving because it is naturally gifted with colorful marine life including rare fish and corals.

Fine dining and nightclubs will add spice to an otherwise hot and steamy Caribbean evening; drink your way to some Mexican tequilas to have that hot summer feel. Take time to visit the Mayan ruins, as well as the islands of Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Holbox as they are certified islands of paradise.

Enjoy many adventures like swimming with whale sharks and exploring its underground wealth by diving in an underwater museum Cancun is such a marvelous place for any listless soul.

6 Activities for the Best Day Out on the Islands of Loreto

Islands of Loreto

Americans and Canadians alike love to travel to the Islands of Loreto for its beauty and charm. This destination is one of the most exquisite hot spots you can visit while vacationing in Baja California. If you are a nature lover, you will really love the sites and wonders of the Islands of Loreto. So here are a few things you can do to make this the best day out on the Islands of Loreto.

Loreto’s Farmers Market

This market is not your average fruit and vegetables store. It is currently located north of Loreto in Mimar. There is a selection of premium quality fruit and vegetables not found in other supermarkets. You can also purchase meat, clothing, various crafts, and souvenirs while visiting this market.

Parque Marino Nacional Bahía de Loreto

This jaw-dropping park is a must see on your best day out on the Islands of Loreto! The Loreto Marine Park has a host of flora and marine life that is destined to keep you occupied for hours. Try scheduling a marine park tour in the early morning or mid afternoons for a refreshing and peaceful adventure.

One of Loreto’s Best Kept Secrets

There is not much known about the UNESCO-protected cave paintings found near the Islands of Loreto. All that is known is that the painting was created almost 1500 years ago, and it has more defined and larger markings than the cave paintings found at Europe’s Lascaux and Altamira.

Whale Watching

An island adventure would not be complete without taking a boat tour. So if you are visiting the Islands of Loreto during the winter time, you may want to schedule a fishing or whale watching trip. The best time to see the whales in their natural environment is between December and mid-March.

Non-Motorized Water Sports

To enhance your adventures while having your best day out on the Islands of Loreto , try diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle-boarding, or any other non-motorized water sport to appreciate all the coastal and underwater marvels of Loreto.

Beach Lounging

Playa Coyotes and Playa La Perla are two of the most popular islands tourist like to visit while having their best day out on the Islands of Loreto. Just 2.5 miles away from Loreto is the Isla Danzante, which can be reached by kayak or through north Loreto to Conception Bay. Also, try the clean sand and clear waters of the beaches surrounding the Sea of Cortez. No matter which beach you choose, this tourist event is definitely a surefire way to have the best day out on the Islands of Loreto.

Islands of Loreto