8888851333 Calling from Elite Resorts Club


Have you received a call from 8888851333? The call will have been from Elite Resorts Club contacting you to offer you an amazing vacation discount at the best beach destinations in Mexico. The Elite Resorts Club is one of the top affordable travel and tourism agencies in Mexico and they are very professional.

8888851333 Calling from Elite Resorts Club

United States and Canadian citizens are eligible to get a call from the professional agents at the Elite Resorts Club on 8888851333. The professional agents call from 8888851333 Elite Resorts Club to make sure that you are indeed eligible to receive an amazing Mexican vacation package offer. The professional agents will be able to provide you with the best vacation packages at a low, low price and the vacation packages are in wonderful locations that include Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun. The agents go that extra mile too as they will even provide you the information for flights to these cities in Mexico.

Don’t Wait! You Can Call Today by dialing 8888851333

You don’t have to wait as you can call the Elite Resorts Club today by dialing 8888851333. The agents at the call center will provide you with the information on all the vacation deals in Mexico.

The Elite Resorts Club at 8888851333 has the best accommodations in the best destinations in Mexico. The Elite Resorts Club is a trusted travel agency in Mexico that provides people with the best vacation options and deals for the best destinations that include Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas in the beautiful country of Mexico.

Read Below about what Elite Resorts Club 8888851333 has to offer you in terms of discount vacations:

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico is also known as the holy grail of sunshine and it is the perfect vacation destination for all sun lovers. Cancun has year-round sunshine and the beaches are beautiful and breathtaking. While on vacation in Cancun, Mexico visitors can enjoy the Mayan ruins, diving, whale shark swimming, exciting nightlife, and much more. The Elite Resorts Club on 8888851333 has the lowest vacation accommodations and prices.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Many visitors and vacationers claim Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is great for families, friends, and couples looking for that romantic getaway. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has a large variety of places to dine and bars. Visitors can enjoy an array of activities in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which include riding camels on the beaches, golfing, watching whale sharks, zip lining, and riding in glass bottom boats on tours. Contact the Elite Resorts Club 8888851333 to make your reservation and secure you vacation spot. Don’t forget to stop by the El Arco rock formation that is located at Land’s End.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is on Banderas Bay, which is on the Pacific Coast. This beautiful sunny beach location has been named as being the safest cities in Mexico, and vacationers from Europe, Canada, and the United States choose Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for their vacation spot. Vacationers can enjoy many different activities such as ATV’s riding, boating tours, pirate ship tours, zip lines, golfing, mountains, and the beaches. The Elite Resorts Club on 8888851333 will provide you with the best accommodations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

If you are ready to plan your vacation, then contact the Elite Resorts Club at 8888851333. The deals and vacations that you can get at the Elite Resorts Club by calling 8888851333 are some of the best on the market.

OPCs and Timeshare at Puerto Vallarta Airport

Puerto Vallarta Airport

Maybe you have experienced it in your travel wherein right after alighting off the plane you are approached by a number of salespeople eagerly telling you about the great resorts and services they can offer you. This is a common scene in many of the world’s top vacation destination airports, and you should not feel bothered or annoyed as these hardworking people might just have something beneficial for you. The Puerto Vallarta airport in Mexico is no exception. With the city known for its fabulous seaside resorts, OPCs and timeshare sales agents are plentiful at Puerto Vallarta airport.

Why you might want to listen to an OPC at Puerto Vallarta airport

OPCs that operate at Puerto Vallarta airport are hand-selected agents who have been fully trained and authorized to work within the airport’s restricted zones. They are a wealth of information when it comes to tourist information, recommendations and discounts at restaurants and for tours. While many tourists arriving to Puerto Vallarta airport may snub them, you might receive some great information, if you give them a moment of your time. You just have to understand that this is all in a day’s work for them. Try to give a few minutes of your precious time and you’ll be surprised to know that they do have interesting things and stories to tell.

Timeshare people at work at the airport

You might be tired after a long flight and speaking with strangers whom you know are resort or timeshare promoters is possibly the last thing you want to do. These salespeople at the airport are the most professionals in their field considering they earned their place in a highly secured social place, and so they deserve to earn your respect too. The timeshare resort that they represent sent them to personally meet and attract potential clients at the Puerto Vallarta airport. They can be the first step towards the fulfillment of your dream vacation with them as your first contact who’ll present you exciting possibilities that you don’t know exist.

Timeshare presentations

You might not have the time to spend a couple of hours for a timeshare presentation, but the opportunity is surprisingly worth it. Puerto Vallarta timeshare promoters at the airport will go out of their way for you to say “yes” and will do anything to make it fit your hectic schedule. Think of this: a free visit to a gorgeous resort where you get to eat fine food and personally admire the complete amenities in a blissful beach setting can soon ranked as some of the best hours of your international experience. You can be swept off your feet, imagining what an excellent vacation you and your family could have in the future.

These salespeople can be a guide and a friend

These airport sales personnel are ready to treat you like kings and queens, obliging to every request you might have. You’re sure to have questions in mind regarding the fun activities in the resort or the ideal places for a nice dinner, and they would readily share tips and advice regarding these. They’ll be happy to accommodate you just to assure that your dream vacation can be found in their resort and that magical vacation moment will soon be realized.

What do these timeshare promoters have in their pockets?

One stressful situation in every trip abroad is about transportation and how to get it. Timeshare promoters can easily provide this for you. This means no more encounters with abusive taxi drivers or a long walk towards the nearest bus station. It’s a big sigh of relief especially if it’s your first time at the place and don’t know your way around. Secondly, discounted tours will benefit you financial-wise, and they have lots of it under their sleeves. You can get big savings if you plan on a fishing journey, getting specialized spa treatments, engaging on a romantic sailing tour or want to play a round of golf in a world class golfing facility. Listening to these true professionals is worth your time, and they can be the way to having the best deals in town.

Enjoy Sea Turtle Season in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Enjoy Sea Turtle Season in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The beach life is an exciting place for the summer and fall months. In Puerto Vallarta, the beach is also an exciting place to observe the sea turtle season as these creatures prepare for the next generation. Between the months of July and December, you will encounter a host of sea turtles making their way back to the beaches where they came from. Because of these creatures’ devotion to their homeland, many residents of Puerto Vallarta are concerned about ensuring the species remains an important part of this location’s ecosystem.

Sea Turtle Season in Puerto Vallarta from June Through December

Don’t be surprised to have your resort nights entertained by the many sea turtles that will come and gather at the shore during the turtle season. If you are lucky, you may even get a chance to see them in Puerto Vallarta prepare their nests before they return to the ocean to await another egg-laying season. Just watching the turtles labor for hours to create their nests in the sand is very awe-inspiring. Once they lay the eggs in the nest, the sea turtles have a 1 in 1000 chance of growing into an adult turtle. It’s these slim odds of survival that makes it clear that this species is in danger of extinction if nothing is done to help increase their odds of survival.

Factors that Affect the Survival of Sea Turtles in Puerto Vallarta

In addition to low survival odds, there are other factors that affect the survival of the sea turtles. Rising human expansion into formerly natural territories, pollution, massive ocean fishing, and being easy prey are some of the many reasons why these poor creatures are having a poor survival rate. However, the establishment of a variety of conservation initiatives in many locations within Puerto Vallarta makes it possible to keep people aware of their impact on endangering this species. As a result, Puerto Vallarta has witnessed over 30 years of hard work from local businesses (restaurants, tourist agencies, hotels, and resorts) that help ensure the survival of the Olive Ridley sea turtle and other local animals that are threatened for extinction.

Turtle Season

Between mid-summer to early winter, those who have a love for sea turtles can appreciate the preservation initiatives established all over Puerto Vallarta. You may even want to participate in caring for the turtles and helping them become released into the natural habitat. The whole family can enjoy the opportunity to learn about these magnificent creatures, and you may even get a chance to help usher some into the ocean as they prepare for their life’s adventures.

Summer Vacations in Puerto Vallarta with Children

Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

Excited about your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta but having difficulty thinking about how your children will enjoy the trip with you? Worry no more! Your trip to Puerto Vallarta is sure to be packed with exciting summer fun for you and your kids of all ages. From your hard-to-please toddler up to the pickiest teenager, summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta will surely challenge and thrill them. That means plenty of time for you to relax and enjoy as well.

Take a look at these remarkable adventures for your children while enjoying summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta:

Hiking to Las Animas

Kids love adventure. Their high amounts energy will be well-spent in this two-hour nature walk where tropical birds, plants, hidden beaches and a small river are waiting for them to behold and explore. This coastal trail begins on the South Side of the river in Boca de Tomatlan, only thirty minutes away from Puerto Vallarta. If you don’t have a rental car vehicle, there are buses and taxis that will take you there along the South Shore highway (Carretera a Barra de Navidad). Once in Tomatlan, the beginning of the trail is easy to spot or local folks are friendly enough to be your guides. Kids from ages of five and above will have the best two hours of their life as they hike through this wonderful nature trail.

Swimming and Other Adventures at Las Animas

More adventures are waiting on your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta once you and your children reach Las Animas beach along the coastal trail. Another way to reach this town is by water taxis from Boca de Tomatlan or Los Muertos Beach, or through organized tours. This is a magnificent place for kids where they can dive off from the pier and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, feeding the fish, and other water fun. Those in organized tours can already make friends while on their boats. There is also a waterfall located on the South End of the beach for additional fun. Appealing restaurants are ready to satisfy your little adventurers’ gastronomical cravings.

Dining and River-exploring at El Rio BBQ

Hidden on the inland part of the town, this unique restaurant can be reached by taking the local highway called Libramiento. The trip will only take ten minutes and you will be welcomed by the savory aroma of their special ribs and chicken barbecues. They also serve fries and watermelon and jicama salad for a complete mouth-watering meal. Your meal will sometimes be accompanied by live music and a wooden dance floor is ready for kids’ energetic moves. The real adventure is found beneath this dining area. The segment of El Rio Cuale which is well-maintained by the owners and their resident dog which waits for children to play with it offers amazing fun for your young ones. Children may swim; make sandcastles, dive, and swing off a rope into the cool waters. This will keep them busy while parents enjoy their cocktails while watching over them. A great choice while on your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta.

Sight-seeing at Isla Rio Cuale

At the center of Puerto Vallarta is the Isla Rio Cuale. This island was designated by the town’s municipality as a kids’ area since the 70s. Formed by the natural interlocking waters of the River Cuale, this island can only be reached through two hanging bridges, which already provide an adventure for your kids. Once they reach the island, a statue of John Huston and the city’s cultural center are great places to discover. But the best thing in this island is the hundreds of kitty cats that find their homes here. Volunteer animal advocates feed these kittens. They don’t mind if kids would take pictures, feed, hold, and cuddle these cute creatures.

Doing Charitable Works

Make your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta unforgettable and even life-changing experiences for your children. Puerto Vallarta has associations which are in great need for monetary donations, medicines, or animal or children’s supplies. These organizations include Purr Project, DIF Old Age Home, Corazon de Nina Children’s Home, and Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Orphanage. The DIF Old Age Home has a program where your family can adopt a grandparent. Teaching your kids to share their blessings will make your summer vacation not only filled with fun and excitement, but also filled with new perspectives about life.

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Best Direct Flights to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s Pacific

Direct Flights to Puerto Vallarta

With the popularity of Puerto Vallarta on the increase, there are numerous airlines now offering nonstop direct flights to this trendy resort. If travelling from the United States of America or Canada, vacation hunters can now take advantage of booking direct flights to one of Mexico’s most popular cities: Puerto Vallarta.

Direct Flights to Puerto Vallarta

Whether you are flying to Puerto Vallarta from Vancouver, Canada on the west coast or from New York on the east, the major airlines have made great efforts to ensure that direct flights are readily available to all travelers, at reasonable prices together and with practical flight plans.

One of the top reasons for booking direct flights to Puerto Vallarta is that they give you much more time to take in the beauties of your Mexican location on your arrival day and also on departure. Direct flights to Puerto Vallarta enable you to take more time in enjoying your vacation and taking in the sun. Traveling on from Puerto Vallarta to locations like Riviera Nayarit, Sayulita, Bucerias, and Punta Mita, is easily serviced from the Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport. With a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta, you are making sure you maximize your time in the destination.

Booking a direct nonstop flight from one of these cities below enables you to take more time enjoying Puerto Vallarta and starts your vacation off in the right way. Check out the listings below.

Here are some direct flights to Puerto Vallarta from Canada
From Airlines
Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver WestJet Airlines, Air Canada and Air Transat.
Edmonton, Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Victoria and Winnipeg WestJet Airlines and Air Transat.
Abbotsford, Comox and Prince George, WestJet Airlines.
Montreal and Quebec, Air Transat.
Here are some direct flights to Puerto Vallarta U.S.A:
From Airlines
Chicago Aeromexico, American Airlines, United, and US Airways.
Dallas-Fort Worth American Airlines, US Airways and Sun Country Airlines.
Los Angeles Delta, United and Alaska Airlines
San Francisco Aeromexico, United, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America
New York, Delta, Aeromexico and United
Denver United, Frontier Airlines, and Southwest
Houston Aeromexico, United and Southwest.
Phoenix American Airlines and US Airways.
Orange County Southwest and Alaska Airlines
Minneapolis/St. Paul Delta and Sun Country Airlines
Seattle/Tacoma Delta and Alaska Airlines
Atlanta, Detroit and Salt Lake City Delta.
Saint Louis, MO Frontier Airlines.
Portland and San Diego Alaska Airlines