8 Benefits of Villa del Palmar Timeshare Membership

Benefits of Villa del Palmar Timeshare Membership

Thinking about vacation ownership? Want to find out more about the benefits of Villa del Palmar timeshare membership? Take a look at the top 8 benefits highlighted below.

  1. Top Value for Money
  2. One of the most common comments in timeshare forums and Villa del Palmar reviews is the great value for money you can enjoy. The Villa del Palmar brand targets a sector where luxury is affordable and quality is at the forefront.

  3. Reputable Company
  4. With over 30 years in business and ever-expanding, the Villa del Palmar brand is one of the most reputable vacation ownership opportunities in Mexico.

  5. Flexible Membership
  6. Flexibility lies at the hearts of this timeshare chain of resorts. A points based timeshare membership means that you can use your points flexibly to stay for as little as 2 days and as long as your points will cover.

  7. Redeem Points for Services
  8. Part of the flexibility of Villa del Palmar timeshare membership is that you can use your club points to pay for services at the Villa del Palmar resorts as well as to reserve accommodations. For example, you can use points to pay for all inclusive meal plans or spa services.

    Benefits of Villa del Palmar Timeshare Membership

  9. Visit Other Locations in Mexico
  10. One of the greatest benefits of Villa del Palmar timeshare membership is that you can use your timeshare privileges to stay in any of the Villa del Palmar resorts in Mexico, which includes locations such as Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and the Islands of Loreto.

  11. Access to Interval International
  12. Your Villa del Palmar timeshare membership also allows you to qualify for Interval International services, which gives you the opportunity to swap your timeshare weeks for other locations around the globe.

  13. Bank and Borrow Points
  14. One of the popular benefits of Villa del Palmar timeshare membership is that you can borrow points if you need extra for a special occasion as well as bank points to plan an extravagant vacation for the future. Banking points also means that you do not lose out if you cannot travel and use your timeshare at Villa del Palmar one year – you can use your club points the next year, or up to five years into the future.

  15. Ever Growing Company
  16. And finally, one of the key benefits of Villa del Palmar timeshare membership is that you are investing a company that continues to grow, constantly improving its services as well as planning to expand its repertoire of hotels further.

Is vacation ownership worth it with Villagroup?

The Villa Group is a leader in vacation ownership in Mexico, with a range of vacation products from timeshare membership to full ownership. Boasting nearly 30 years experience developing vacation ownership products and managing world class resorts, it comes as no surprise that Villagroup is a great investment.

The Villagroup’s most popular product is its timeshare schemes which have been running since the 80s and delighting owners ever since. When it launched its first timeshare resort in Puerto Vallarta, Villagroup sold week intervals, following a more traditional model; nowadays, new buyers have access to the latest points scheme that allows for greater flexibility. Villa Preferred Access is the name of Villa Group’s vacation ownership points scheme, which is available to new buyers as well as current timeshare owners who wish to upgrade.

The benefits you will enjoy from becoming a vacation owner with The Villagroup are many. The first thing you will notice is value for money as you benefit from the timeshare operator’s know-how and experience in developing quality products. Using its own construction firms and following its own tried and tested formulas for success, there is little wastage and savings are passed on to owners. Buying a vacation ownership product at one of the Villagroups resorts will also entitle you to take advantage of other resorts in its family of vacation products. For example when you buy a timeshare at Villa del Palmar in Cabo San Lucas, your membership will allow you to stay in accommodations in Cancun. Puerto Vallarta and Loreto.

Finally, owning a Villa Group timeshare gives you the confidence of being part of a world class development, knowing that your investment is safe and that you will be enjoying your vacation purchase for years to come.

Are Timeshares All-Inclusive?

As a general rule, timeshare is not all-inclusive. In fact, most timeshare properties come complete with fully equipped kitchens and dining areas where you can prepare food for the whole family and save yourself money on eating out at every meal.

However, when you buy a timeshare that is located on a resort, usually these complexes function as a hotel too, catering for guests as well as owners. Sometimes these resorts will offer both room only and all-inclusive packages which means that timeshare owners can benefit from an all-inclusive package, if they choose.

Timeshare resorts that offer all-inclusive packages are very likely to offer owners the option to buy vouchers or a pass which might cover anything from a day to the whole time of your stay. Very rarely is this compulsory and you can often opt for a few days all-inclusive. In these cases, timeshare owners really get the best of both worlds where you can can pick and choose how all-inclusive you want your vacation to be.


Time-Share at Flamingos Villa del Palmar

Villa del Palmar Flamingos is a fantastic timeshare resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico developed by the long standing timeshare gurus, The Villagroup. Famed for its expertise in selecting the very best destinations for its timeshare resorts, The Villagroup leads the pack in Mexican timeshare properties and fractional ownership. Villa del Palmar Flamingos is one of the most popular Villagroup ventures thanks to its stunning installations and spectacular endless beach.

Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit

Villa del Palmar Flamingos is located at the heart of Riviera Nayarit in Nuevo Vallarta, only 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta’s downtown. The coastline is celebrated for its golden sand and shallow water for swimming and body boarding. About 20 minutes from Puerto Vallarta’s International airport, Nuevo Vallarta is very convenient for visitors from North America as there are many cheap direct flights from the major cities. Timeshare owners benefit greatly from such good accessibility, especially when booking flights in advance.

Villa del Palmar Flamingos

The resort architecture and landscaping of Villa del Palmar Flamingos is impressive, making for a dream timeshare purchase or exchange. There is a large multi-leveled swimming pool as a central focus and access to a wonderful sandy beach straight from the resort. You can alternate from the ocean to the swimming pool with elegant ease.

The restaurants that are available at Villa del Palmar Flamingos are first rate with excellent choices and extensive menus. As a timeshare owner, you can choose whether to spend your entire vacation self catering in your unit, take advantage of eating in the restaurants or buy an all-inclusive pass for a minimum of 3 days. The choice is yours!

Another amazing feature of Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta is the Tatewari Spa, which offers a whole exquisite range of treatments, massages, facials, beauty services and therapies. After Spending an afternoon in the spa you will leave feeling 20 years younger. Next to the spa you will find the fitness center with all the equipment you need to keep your figure in shape and the blood pumping.

Villa del Palmar Flamingos Accommodations

All suites come with air-conditioning and all the mod-cons necessary for a modern lifestyle. The timeshare units at Villa del Palmar Flamingos are luxuriously designed with spacious living areas and balconies. Suites with kitchens are big enough to live in! En suite bathrooms and elegant decor will ensure that you have made the right choice in purchasing a Villagroup timeshare unit.

Activities and Distractions

Villa del Palmar Flamingos is perfectly located for golf lovers, boasting some excellent courses nearby. There are also plenty of distractions for all the family with Puerto Vallarta’s tempting nightlife just a short taxi ride away or the sophisticated dining options in Nuevo Vallarta. The kids might enjoy the daytime Pirate Ship tour or swimming with dolphins, while adults can enjoy a fishing trip or whale watching excursions. There really is so much on offer in Riviera Nayarit.


The Villa Group Timeshare

Villa Group timeshare cancun

If you are thinking about buying a Villa Group timeshare,  it is wise to take a little time to research the timeshare developer you are planning to buy from.

Who is The Villa Group Timeshare?

The Villa Group is a reputable timeshare developer with resorts in Mexico that has proven itself time and again to deliver quality products at great prices. The company has been in the business for nearly three decades and look set to continue to be leaders in the timeshare property market in Mexico for decades to come.

Is The Villa Group Timeshare trustworthy?

With such a great track record and excellent reputation, any timeshare purchase with The Villa Group will be bona fide and above board. The only thing you need to worry about is choosing the property that suits your vacation needs. As is the case will all long standing companies, buying with The Villa Group will ensure you avoid any timeshare scams or deliberate frauds.

Does The Villa Group Timeshare have a best practice policy?

In terms of The Villa Group’s best practice rules, the company is very active in its self assessment and monitoring of sales staff. The Villa Group timeshare division has very strict guidelines for staff members and how they deal with potential buyers in an attempt to safeguard its reputation and combat the bad press that timeshare so regularly receives. The company prides itself on the fact that their exceptional products sell themselves. Therefore, if you are not happy with how you have been treated by a Villa Group timeshare associate, you should contact the company immediately.

Why buy a timeshare from The Villa Group?

When you buy a timeshare with The Villa Group you are guaranteed an apartment in one of Mexico’s top beach vacation destinations. The Villa Group has nine resorts in destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and the Islands of Loreto. Owing to the fact that The Villa Group has so much experience and expertise developing timeshare resorts, you will enjoy the very best accommodations in resorts that have the finest facilities, such as world class spas, gourmet restaurants, large pools and other amenities.

Will my investment be safe?

You can also be sure that your investment is safe with The Villa Group Timeshare. This long standing company is here to stay and its resorts are well established throughout Mexico. You and your family will be enjoying your timeshare for years to come.

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