5 Errors People Make on Vacation to Mexico

Of all the vacation destinations on offer these days, Mexico is one of the most popular with vacationers from Canada and the USA. One of the best things about vacations is, of course, that you get to cut loose and enjoy yourself, but keep in mind that Mexico, just like any country, has its do’s and don’ts. Here’s a list of 5 things you should never do when in Mexico.

  1. Don’t do things you wouldn’t usually do at home
  2. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should do things that you wouldn’t do when you’re at home. The laws are there to protect you and the locals, and just like at home, things like drunk driving and buying drugs are highly illegal!

  3. Work!
  4. Vacations are meant to be times where you chill out and let the stress of day to day life slip away. Be sure to leave your laptop and work phone at home! This does, however, have two meanings; working illegally in Mexico while on vacation could land you in serious and expensive trouble!

  5. Never, ever insult a Mexican’s mother
  6. This is generally a give no matter where you are; there’s no need to make insults directed towards anyone’s mother. In Mexican society, however, mothers are particularly honored and respected so insulting someone’s Mom is likely to cause the kind of trouble you want to avoid.

  7. Avoid scuba diving without a guide
  8. Divers of the world will love Mexico; there are cenotes, coral reefs and shipwrecks aplenty, but be sure to take a guide with you. A local guide can tell you where the best spots are and where it’s safe to dive. Cenote or cave dives are particularly dangerous and, as such, should never be done alone.

  9. Don’t have sex in a public
  10. As in most countries, having sex in public is illegal in Mexico. Though it’s not treated as severely as in other countries such as Thailand and Egypt, it will still leave you in trouble. All in all, sex on the beach should remain a cocktail and not an activity.

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