5 Restaurants at Villa Del Palmar Cabo that Come with a Warning

Having fun and eating delicious food are just two perks when you are on vacation. When you dine at Villa Del Palmar in the beautiful Cabo San Lucas, you will experience the award-winning resort’s finest cuisine, which will make you forget that you made that New Year’s resolution.

Being a Villa del Palmar Cabo guests will allow you the option of enjoying its all-inclusive dining plan, or you can just pay as you eat with a room only reservation. For the all-inclusive experience you could spend each night dining at a different restaurant at the Cabo San Lucas Villa del Palmar resort. You can try a bit of everything or just stick with your favorite foods while dining in the gourmet restaurants and family favorite snack bar.

When you are a guest at Villa Del Palmar Cabo, the experience you will have will last you a lifetime. Take a look at the restaurants that await you at one of Cabo’s finest hotels.

Bella California

Bella California

For a perfect location for any meal, the Bella California is the restaurant to choose at Villa del Palmar Cabo. The Bella California is located beachside, so you will get to experience breathtaking sunsets, the breeze from the ocean, and the delightful scents coming from the kitchen. The Bella California offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and there is a variety of dishes that you can choose from.

So, what’s the warning here? The dishes are so wonderful you will want more and more and might find your swimsuit a bit tight by the end of your vacation!

The Taco Bar

The Taco Bar

If you are on the beach and get hungry, then the Taco Bar is the spot to eat. You can wear your flip flops and bathing suit while you enjoy a delicious Mexican meal at the Villa Del Palmar’s Taco Bar. They offer homemade house salsas along with fish, chicken, and steak tacos. You will want to order the frozen margarita or a cold brew with your meal. The views of El Arco is just an added bonus when you dine at the Taco Bar.

So, what’s the warning here? You might spill some salsa down your favorite shirt because you are so awestruck by the view!

Tortugas Sports Bar

Tortuga Sports Bar

The Villa Del Palmar Cabo offers fun, excitement, and sports at the Tortugas Sports Bar. You can enjoy the game while you drink a cold brew and get a bite to eat. The Tortugas Sports Bar is open every day at 1:00pm – 10:30pm. This is the perfect restaurant at Villa del Palmar Cabo to eat a late lunch or dinner, or just enjoy a great drink in a fun environment.

So what’s the warning here? For men, your wife will always know where to find you! For women, you might not be able to tear him away from the screen!

Ice Cream Corner

Ice Cream Corner

You may want to forget about lunch or dinner and just head for dessert at Villa del Palmar Cabo. There are plenty of delicious desserts that you can choose from at the Ice Cream Corner. Along with delicious desserts you can enjoy coffee, lemonade, and other cold, refreshing beverages. You will always be welcome at the Ice Cream Corner if you arrive alone, or you bring the family. You will discover the best cooling and tasty desserts at the Ice Cream Corner.

So, what’s the warning here? The sugar rush might inspire you to join the dancing classes while your kids upload YouTube videos for all the family to see.

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