San Sebastian del Oeste Main square

A Pueblo Magico Near Puerto Vallarta

Many people choosing a vacation only think of Mexico as made up of beach towns, romantic nights, and sunny days. The resort towns that visitors usually spend their vacations at include Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Cancun. Many travelers don’t realize that there are beautiful and exciting places to visit throughout Mexico that are also known for tourism. Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism has officially created the category of Pueblos Magicos, which promotes beautiful, historic, and cultural destinations in Mexico. Each of the towns are chosen for their history and culture, which makes Mexico the nation it is today.

What are Pueblos Magicos?

A way to promote quality tourism in Mexico, the Pueblos Magicos program was established. It was launched in 2001, and there are 83 towns that are featured in 31 of Mexico states. A few of the towns close to Puerto Vallarta that are featured include Tequila, Tapalpa, and San Sebastián del Oeste. These are three towns that are located in Mexico that uphold their history, legends, and culture.

Visiting a Pueblo Magico Near Puerto Vallarta

If you are staying in a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, then you can visit a Pueblo Magico within less than an hour or so. One of the closest Pueblo Magicos to Puerto Vallarta is San Sebastian del Oeste, which is about a 90 minute drive from the seaside destination. Tourists love to spend the day in this magical town. San Sebastian was founded in 1605 as a lucrative mining town, and was thriving back then with over twenty thousand residents. Today there are only six hundred residents, frozen in time. The history of this mining town can be seen throughout, and tourists can enjoy the laid back tempo of the place and a great day out from Puerto Vallarta.

What stands out in this mining town is the central plaza. There are three buildings in the central plaza that attracts tourists. The Church of Saint Sebastian, la Quinta Maria, and the Hacienda de Esperanza. Each of these buildings are made of adobe and cut stone. There isn’t a doubt that San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful Pueblos Magicos near Puerto Vallarta. In fact, San Sebastian is one of the most loved and visited Pueblos Magicos in Mexico, and has been ranked as one of the greatest.

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