Beware Unsolicited Timeshare Lawyer Phone Calls

A new scam affecting Villa del Palmar timeshare owners and Villa Preferred Access members has come to light that involves Villagroup members being contacted by telephone by a company professing to be a timeshare attorney firm. The Villagroup has issued a warning to its members to be wary of these phone calls which try to extract personal information.

According to Villa del Palmar members who brought the scam to the attention of The Villagroup, the callers claim to be timeshare lawyers or attorneys representing a class action group suing the Villagroup. Such cold calling would not be such an issue if it weren’t for the fact that the “legal” representatives asked members to reveal personal information.

It is too early to tell just how sinister the motives are for this scam, therefore all timeshare owners are advised to beware unsolicited phone calls from timeshare lawyers or attorneys. If you have any doubts, do not reveal any personal information over the telephone and hang up should they become insistent or aggressive. If they are a genuine legal firm with a legitimate concern, they will send you information in writing.


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