Class Action Scams, Timeshare and the Villa Group

The timeshare industry just like any growing sector has its share of controversies and scams. Just like the old cliché: “you can’t make everyone happy”. Timeshare owners who feel like they are getting the raw end of the deal sometimes resort to court action against timeshare developers in the hope of receiving “damages” or to be able to cancel their timeshare without penalty. While everyone has the right to take legal action, it is important to establish the facts before going for a legal move, especially as most of the advice you will receive about class action timeshare suits is provided by fraudulent companies and scammers. For example, you will find fraudulent class action suits against even the most reputable hospitality companies including big names like Disney, Sandals, Starwood and the Villa Group, which should set the alarm bells ringing.

What’s a class action suit?

The concept of a class action suit is not a scam (on the contrary, they have helped many people be able to access affordable legal support); the scams arise depending on how the concept is used. Class action suits are a legal remedy wherein a group of people files a case in court against an individual or a company for violations or misdeeds that they feel are breaches of contract. Unsatisfied clients normally ask services of lawyers and attorneys to act on their behalf in exchange for fees and in a class action case, these fees are divided more affordably between all parties. Class action suits are most successful in the area of medical negligence, widespread fraud etc.

Why most timeshare class action suits are scams?

When you consider that class action suits have been offered for even the most well-reputed timeshare developers like the Villa Group Timeshare or Disney, it becomes clear that we are more likely to be dealing with a scam company than a genuine case. Your case is not likely to be valid against bonafide timeshare providers but the class action fraudsters will take your money nonetheless.

The timeshare industry with all its rules and restrictions governing registered timeshare companies tries to limit the possibility of scams or frauds taking place, meaning that your contract is likely to be binding. Before filing a class action suit against a reputable timeshare company like the Villa Group, one must ensure they have a solid case with unquestionable evidence for it to prosper. What you will find is that there are a number of class action scams that will try to convince you that they can win your case, when the reality is that you are likely to lose. Many of these companies create cases that are full blown fabrications in order to make fast money.

The only ones who end up winners are those companies who claim to be representing your case. It’s like plain robbery, and the money they receive is no small amount by any standards. If there are around 10 or more being represented in the class action suite, the fee then is multiplied by the same number. Never let these cheats get the better of you. Instead of deciding to file class action suits, it is recommended to exert all out effort to get representatives of timeshare companies to the negotiating table in private. Every complainant should bear in mind that filing a class action suit is not simple, and that the best way to approach any problem regarding existing contracts with top timeshare companies like the Villa Group is to talk it out with them personally. Drastic moves most often results to unfavorable results.

The Good News

The timeshare industry has grown during the past decades, and as such there are regulating bodies committed towards the overall welfare and satisfaction of timeshare clients such as ADEPROTOUR, ACLUVAQ and AUSDESTICO. The government on its part has passed laws that regulate the timeshare industry, and most of these points to the good of timeshare owners and patronizers. Save yourself from all the stresses and expenses that come attached in a class action suit.

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