Eagle’s Wings Foundation and Universal Vacation Club

Eagle’s Wings Foundation and Universal Vacation Club

Eagle’s Wings Foundation and Universal Vacation Club (UVC) are two separate entities united to help charitable projects in Mexico. The Eagle’s Wings Foundation is a registered charity, which can receive donations in kind as well as financial aid that is tax deductible, while Universal Vacation Club is a mutual benefit company that provides services to Villa Group timeshare members.

The way that Eagle’s Wings Foundation and Universal Vacation Club are linked is that, in 1999, Universal Vacation Club board of directors member, the late James McCarthy came up with the idea to form a charitable institution that would support the poorest people in the communities where the Villa Group timeshare resorts were established. He established what is now the Eagle’s Wings Foundation.

Today, Universal Vacation Club offers different kinds of support to the Eagle’s Wings Foundation, including administrative services, legal support and executive strategy advice. Universal Vacation Club members also make donations and in kind gifts to Eagle’s Wings Foundation, and many volunteer when they visit Mexico. The idea is for timeshare owners to be able to give something back to the communities where they take their regular vacations.

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation runs many programs, some of which function to raise money to support established programs in Mexico and others which support cases directly. For example:

Grants Program

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation grants program works with dozens of organizations, allocating the money donated by Universal Vacation Club members or collected from fundraising events. The kinds of organizations supported by the Eagle’s Wings Foundation and Universal Vacation Club include schools, libraries, orphanages, educational institutions and programs for the elderly, amongst others.


Universal Vacation Club members owning Villa Group timeshares are asked to bring items from home which they think could be of use to children or the elderly, such as pens, coloring pencils, clothing, toys and so on.

In-Kind Donations

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation can also receive in-kind donations such as medical equipment, computers, shoes, buses, ambulances and so on.


Universal Vacation Club members can also donate their time in any of the resort destinations where UVC operate.

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