Easy Timeshare Solutions

There are some common timeshare problems which might affect major timeshare companies and their members. Here are some easy timeshare solutions for you!

1. I can’t get the right dates or rooms that I want

It quite a common issue when you are new to timeshare to find that the precise dates or room types that you want might be unavailable at a particular resort, especially if the hotel or destination is very popular. A good timeshare solution for you, in this case, is to book as far in advance as possible; most companies will allow you to book up to 2 years in advance!

2. I can’t afford to vacation abroad every year

Just because you can’t afford to take a vacation every year doesn’t mean you can’t own a vacation property! The easy timeshare solutions for this kind of issue are: purchase a biannual membership that will allow you to access your timeshare every other year and the cost will be lower than a regular membership or bank your points from one year to the next and stay in a more luxurious suite every other year – that way you can also use points to pay for all inclusive meal plans.

3. Need to upgrade your vacation or suite

Those who are unfamiliar with the mechanics timeshares might assume that you must stay in the same resort or villa at the same time every year. This is only true of old fashioned, fixed term timeshares and these days most timeshare clubs are flexible. They allow you to use your timeshare points to book different weeks or suites every year, if you wish, of course you could visit the same resort at the same time every year, but this way you have the choice! Choosing a points based timeshare is the best solution.

4. Death, Divorce and Troubles

If you run into financial troubles and are unable to pay your maintenance fees then you might consider the following timeshare solutions: renting your timeshare to family and friends. This timeshare solution means that you can pay your fees and maybe even make a little extra cash! In the event of a death or divorce in which two or more parties are unwilling to part with their rights to the timeshare, the easiest timeshare solutions are to either sell the timeshare and split the profits or, alternatively, split the cost and usage of the timeshare between the parties equally.

While these are just a few of the more common issues, this list should help to guide you through the less complex issues you might face!

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