Exchanging your Villa Group Timeshare

This post will explore ways to exchange your Villa Group timeshares, what benefits are in store for you when you make an exchange and how you can exchange your Villa Group timeshare for destinations around the world.

Internal exchanges with the Villa Group

The Villa Group is characterized by its wonderful range of family-friendly timeshare resorts all over Mexico. Only the top destinations are chosen by the Villa Group as a location to develop its world class vacation ownership products and resorts. Currently, you can exchange your Villa Group timeshare for resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Loreto through Universal Vacation Club, the company that administers the internal exchanges within the Villa Group.

You can rest assured that any resort you visit owned and operated by the Villa Group vacation club in Mexico will provide you with amazing services in stunning locations where the natural environment is respected, thus giving you superb experience of a lifetime.

Your Investment is Safe with the Villa Group

The Villa Group is known as one of the leading timeshare resort developers in Mexico. Thus, you can be very assured that your investment is perfectly secure with a Villa Group timeshare. The company has continued to expand over 30 years to include fabulous well built resorts with more planned for the future. Therefore, you will be taking advantage of your timeshare and exchanges for years to come with your family at any number of Villa Group Resorts.

International Exchanges

Exchanging your Villa Group timeshare also extends to global exchanges thanks to the services of Interval International. Your level of membership with Interval International depends on the level of your Villa Group timeshare membership, which will determine the kinds of units and resorts you can access. Interval International offers exchanges in over 80 countries worldwide and nearly 3000 resorts. With Interval International exchanging your Villa Group timeshare becomes even more value for money.

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