Fake Shills for Timeshare Cancellation

Fake Shills for Timeshare Cancellation

Internet shills and internet trolls seem to be the accepted these days. Each of them thrive on causing problems for genuine websites, articles, and blogs, and they don’t seem to be going away in the near future. TripAdvisor and similar websites are going that extra mile to stop these scammers from posting on their website, and all readers should always remember that many comments that you are reading are usually left by internet shills and trolls. When it comes to timeshare shills, the most common shills are usually promoting fake timeshare cancellation companies and all of their services.

Would you like to know more information about fake shills for timeshare cancellation companies? Continue to read on if you do:

What are fake shills for timeshare cancellation companies?

We all are acquainted with internet trolls who are looking for a fight with their comments that they leave. They are looking to get a response from the offensive comments that they leave. Many times the internet trolls are just doing this for their own pleasure, but the shills have a different goal. The internet shills are paid a wage to leave comments on blogs, forums, articles, and many different websites. They usually leave their comments on timeshare cancellation company’s websites along with the timeshare cancellation companies that they work for along with timeshare complaint forums.

How do fake shills for timeshare cancellation perform?

The fake shills for timeshare cancellations perform by leaving terrible comments about a reputable timeshare company on many different websites such as TripAdvisor, and other complaining forums and websites that people go to when they are wanting timeshare issues advice. The shills will target reputable timeshare companies because they know that they will be in contact with many more people. Often, the internet shills will work together in pairs. The first shill for timeshare cancellation scam will start off by writing a complaint about a timeshare vacation club, then they will express in their comment that they are desperate for timeshare membership advice. The second shill will respond to this message by referring them to the XXX timeshare cancellation service company, so they can cancel their timeshare membership, which in most of the cases cannot cancel their membership.

Here is an example of a fake shills for timeshare cancellation scam:

Shill Number One: I have a timeshare membership with Big Life Timeshare and I want to cancel this timeshare. Where can I go to do this?

Shill Number Two: I too was in the same situation that you are and I recommend that you contact Caribe Timeshare Solutions. Their services was outstanding as they cancelled my timeshare and I didn’t even have to pay them any upfront fees. Follow this link to contact them…

You see how the internet shills operate now. The complaint might be from a genuine unhappy client or it might be another timeshare shill, then the timeshare cancellation companies take advantage of this client (be it fake or real) by responding to the post as another unhappy client who found a solution.

What’s the scam for timeshare cancellation?

Once the cooling off period has passed, no timeshare cancellation company can cancel a timeshare membership. The fake shills for timeshare cancellation are only wanting your money, and they will use any tactics to make you think that they are a genuine company as they even write fake reviews and fake comments on many timeshare forums and websites.

The fake shills for timeshare cancellation scams are real and you should beware of them. If you want to learn how you can identify an internet shill, then click here.

Have you Been Victim of a Shill?

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