How to Make your Money go Further in Puerto Vallarta?

villa del palmar puerto vallarta

If you are a beach lover from Canada and USA or even Europe, here you will find out how to make your money go further in Puerto Vallarta with some simple tips. Puerto Vallarta is a great place for vacationing, be it for short weekends or a weeklong vacation and there are various ways to make your money go further in Puerto Vallarta.

The beautiful mountains, sea, sandy beaches, fun filled activities and interesting things to buy make it a perfect vacation spot for families and couples alike. However, it is easy to overspend while vacationing in Mexico without realising it. Although a cheap destination when compared to other coastal beaches in USA and Canada, overpaying for hotels, engaging in expensive activities, eating and drinking out can all add to the expenses. However, a little forward planning and budgeting can actually help you save high costs and make your money go further in Puerto Vallarta.


Contrary to the popular notion that low season is always cheaper, you are more likely to find cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta during the high season (in winter) when the budget airlines operate and cheaper tickets are available. When you spend less on airfare and accommodation and you will have saved enough to engage in more fun activities, enjoying more expensive restaurants and buying souvenirs.

There are plenty of resorts and hotels in Puerto Vallarta and prices of accommodation are pretty cheap if compared to those in Europe and USA – just by choosing Mexico as your vacation destination is a way how to make your money go further on vacation. Even if you’re not willing to compromise on your accommodation standards, you can easily avail of discounts from special loyalty programmes and timeshare schemes that will make your stay cheaper than you expect.

And finally, the best way how to make your money go further in Puerto Vallarta is to set yourself a daily budget and stick to it, limiting children to a set amount of spending too. With a little organization, a vacation in Puerto Vallarta need not be too expensive and you can avoid sacrificing your favorite things because you are trying to save money in Puerto Vallarta.


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