Islands Of Loreto

A New Golf Course for the Islands of Loreto

While the Islands of Loreto have many natural assets, including the majestic Giganta mountains, the shimmering Sea of Cortez and the utterly stunning Danzante Bay, they’ll soon be getting a fantastic new asset that hopes to share the glory of, if not outshine, mother nature’s gifts. The new Danzante Bay Golf Course, designed by famed architect Rees Jones on behalf of the Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto is close to its official opening.

The Islands of Loreto

The Islands of Loreto are famed for many things; it’s stunning views, the majestic Giganta mountains and the wonderfully beautiful waters of the sea of Cortez. Soon it’ll be famous for the new Danzante Bay Golf Course which will be within sight of all these lovely attractions. Rees Jones and his design team are in charge of creating the 7,400 yard course which will be designed with the minimization of environmental issue in mind.

Islands Of Loreto

Rees Jones’ New Golf Course

With 170 golf courses to his name, Jones knows what it takes to make a stunning and harmonized course that will delight players of all ages and calibres and this 18-hole course will be made with Paspalum, a material that suits perfectly the climate in Baja California. Jones intends to will work with the natural beauty of the Islands of Loreto and showcase the landscapes and textures already present; streams, dunes and foothills will all feature.

By working with the beauty of the natural environment, Rees offers Villa del Palmar at the Island of Loreto members an experience that’s worth getting worked up about. If you’re an environmentalist yourself you’ll definitely be interested in the Villa del Palmar’s environmental programs which were put in place to minimize the negative effects of tourism.

By December 2014, the course will have smooth greens and sandy pockets ready to go on the first 5 holes and, as such, the Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto hopes to offer members the chance to play the first 5 holes by Christmas! When it’s completely finished, however, there will be 18 holes and a huge, sparkling lake in the centre of the course, joining together the 10th and 11th holes. When you stay at the Villa del Palmar you have total control of your perfect golfing day; you can arrange everything to your satisfaction.

A Day of Golf at the Islands of Loreto

Imagine the scene … You can take a walk before a healthy breakfast, then do some kayaking after lunch. Why not play a round late afternoon before dinner and then have a massage in the lovely Sabila Spa? At Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto your day is your own; all that matters is that you enjoy it to the fullest because, in all honesty, holidays are fleeting. Your memories of the Danzante Bay Golf Course, however, will last a lifetime.

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