Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

Summer Vacations in Puerto Vallarta with Children

Excited about your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta but having difficulty thinking about how your children will enjoy the trip with you? Worry no more! Your trip to Puerto Vallarta is sure to be packed with exciting summer fun for you and your kids of all ages. From your hard-to-please toddler up to the pickiest teenager, summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta will surely challenge and thrill them. That means plenty of time for you to relax and enjoy as well.

Take a look at these remarkable adventures for your children while enjoying summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta:

Hiking to Las Animas

Kids love adventure. Their high amounts energy will be well-spent in this two-hour nature walk where tropical birds, plants, hidden beaches and a small river are waiting for them to behold and explore. This coastal trail begins on the South Side of the river in Boca de Tomatlan, only thirty minutes away from Puerto Vallarta. If you don’t have a rental car vehicle, there are buses and taxis that will take you there along the South Shore highway (Carretera a Barra de Navidad). Once in Tomatlan, the beginning of the trail is easy to spot or local folks are friendly enough to be your guides. Kids from ages of five and above will have the best two hours of their life as they hike through this wonderful nature trail.

Swimming and Other Adventures at Las Animas

More adventures are waiting on your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta once you and your children reach Las Animas beach along the coastal trail. Another way to reach this town is by water taxis from Boca de Tomatlan or Los Muertos Beach, or through organized tours. This is a magnificent place for kids where they can dive off from the pier and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, feeding the fish, and other water fun. Those in organized tours can already make friends while on their boats. There is also a waterfall located on the South End of the beach for additional fun. Appealing restaurants are ready to satisfy your little adventurers’ gastronomical cravings.

Dining and River-exploring at El Rio BBQ

Hidden on the inland part of the town, this unique restaurant can be reached by taking the local highway called Libramiento. The trip will only take ten minutes and you will be welcomed by the savory aroma of their special ribs and chicken barbecues. They also serve fries and watermelon and jicama salad for a complete mouth-watering meal. Your meal will sometimes be accompanied by live music and a wooden dance floor is ready for kids’ energetic moves. The real adventure is found beneath this dining area. The segment of El Rio Cuale which is well-maintained by the owners and their resident dog which waits for children to play with it offers amazing fun for your young ones. Children may swim; make sandcastles, dive, and swing off a rope into the cool waters. This will keep them busy while parents enjoy their cocktails while watching over them. A great choice while on your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta.

Sight-seeing at Isla Rio Cuale

At the center of Puerto Vallarta is the Isla Rio Cuale. This island was designated by the town’s municipality as a kids’ area since the 70s. Formed by the natural interlocking waters of the River Cuale, this island can only be reached through two hanging bridges, which already provide an adventure for your kids. Once they reach the island, a statue of John Huston and the city’s cultural center are great places to discover. But the best thing in this island is the hundreds of kitty cats that find their homes here. Volunteer animal advocates feed these kittens. They don’t mind if kids would take pictures, feed, hold, and cuddle these cute creatures.

Doing Charitable Works

Make your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta unforgettable and even life-changing experiences for your children. Puerto Vallarta has associations which are in great need for monetary donations, medicines, or animal or children’s supplies. These organizations include Purr Project, DIF Old Age Home, Corazon de Nina Children’s Home, and Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Orphanage. The DIF Old Age Home has a program where your family can adopt a grandparent. Teaching your kids to share their blessings will make your summer vacation not only filled with fun and excitement, but also filled with new perspectives about life.

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