The Weather in Loreto

The best way to describe the climate in Loreto is that it offers sunny weather almost any time of the year. With its desert climate, temperatures are warm even during the winter months and rain is not a hindrance to vacations.

Temperatures throughout the summer season are around 91ºF (33ºC) with average lows of 82ºF (28ºC) while the winter season sees average temperatures of approximately 77ºF (25ºC) with average lows of 57ºF (14ºC). What makes Loreto a great beach vacation destination is that it rarely gets too hot or too cold and its desert conditions means that evenings cool down enough to sleep like a baby, even in summer.

The hours of sunlight that visitors enjoy during their stay in Loreto does vary somewhat, during the longest days of the year you can expect to enjoy nearly 14 hours of daylight while during the shortest days, just under 11 hours. The clearest skies are generally from fall until spring with more chance of cloudy horizons during the summer months.

There is not a fixed rainy season in Loreto and you could experience rain at any time of the year. However, there is only an average 12% chance of rain and precipitation generally falls as drizzle or light rain. On the whole you can be pretty sure that rain is not going to ruin every day of your vacation.



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