Timeshare Lawyers? Timeshare Attorneys?

The world of timeshare can be confusing, especially if your encounter with timeshare has you looking for a timeshare lawyer or attorney. Most people who purchase a timeshare will not need the services of a lawyer or an attorney. All contracts will be drafted by a timeshare lawyer, but those costs will already have been covered by the timeshare company you are buying from.

The only time you may need a timeshare lawyer or attorney is in the event that you have been involved in a deliberate scam, for you which you have collected evidence or you have a case where the timeshare company is in breach of their contract. Otherwise, the majority of timeshare or fractional owners may never need the services of a timeshare lawyer.

Nevertheless, should you be looking for legal advice in relation to your timeshare, you should first know the differences between a timeshare lawyer and timeshare attorney.

The first thing to note is that anyone who has a college degree in law or been to law school is technically a lawyer. However, having studied law does not give you the right to represent someone in the courts. You need to take specialized bar exams to be qualified as an attorney.

Seeking the advice of a timeshare lawyer is a good option if all you are looking for is some guidance and suggestions, and that is a good starting point if you have been victim to a scam. Once your case goes to court, you will need to pay for a timeshare attorney who specializes in real estate. This may become more complicated if your purchase occurred in a foreign country.

Other occasions where you may need the services of a timeshare lawyer is if you are behind on your timeshare maintenance fees and are on the receiving end of legal action from the timeshare operator. In those instances, a timeshare lawyer will be able to advise you, although you could save yourself a lot of money by simply paying the fees or coming up with a payment program directly with the timeshare company, cutting out the lawyer’s fees.


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