Timeshare Resales Villa del Palmar – The Horrible Truth

If you are thinking of buying a Villa del Palmar resale property in one of The Villa Group‘s 5 destinations throughout Mexico: Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, then you should think very carefully about your decision and more importantly do some research about the company that is selling you the property.

On the whole, when buying a Villa del Palmar timeshare from someone you know or through a friend of a friend then you are probably getting a genuine timeshare property, although some of the terms and benefits of the original timeshare ownership package many not apply, like access to vacation club member benefits etc. If, however, you are thinking of buying from a timeshare agent or in response to an add on a timeshare forum or email, then you need to double check all contracts and read the small print very carefully.

Villa del Palmar timeshare properties are very popular, hence why there are many resale scams that involve selling these desirable units. Due to the sheer number of Villa Group resorts throughout Mexico, they are very commonly offered for resale, although you would be much safer to buy directly from the developer to take advantage of all the wider benefits, such as Villa Preferred Access, which basically allows you to exchange your home resort unit for another of the Villa Group’s properties. Most of the time when you buy a resale, you are limited only to the original resort location.

Resale Scams

Another horrible truth about Villa del Palmar resales is the number of deliberate scams there are that target happy timeshare owners as well as those people who are interested in buying a Villa del Palmar timeshare. Timeshare owners are frequently targeted by scammers offering to buy their unit, even though they had no intention of selling. When offered a great unbeatable sum for the property, most of us will consider selling, especially if we bought years ago and will stand to make a great profit. However, these scams catch you for that same reason. You pay a referral fee to gain the details of the potential buyer and then never hear from the resale agent again. Duped!

Legal Rights when Original Owner Dies

Timeshare contracts are not as straightforward as people think. There have been cases where a timeshare has been “sold on” to new owners as a resale, yet when the first owner dies, the timeshare is still officially in his or her name, therefore leaving doubt as to who is the legal inheritor of the timeshare. Family members have been know to bring into question the validity of timeshare resales and you could end up losing your timeshare investment.

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