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Villa Group Elite Timeshare Membership

Are you familiar with the Villa Group Resorts? They are a top resort and timeshare provider in Mexico that has 10 luxury resorts in the country’s best destinations. If you aren’t familiar with timeshare ownership, it’s a high-value program where members can prepay for future travel at today’s low rates. By doing so, timeshare owners save money in the long run and always have the best vacations. In today’s hectic world when life passes us by so quickly, the value of spending special moments with loved ones has no price tag. If you want to treat your friends and family to amazing getaways in Mexico, consider joining the Villa Group Elite Club. It’s a division within the program that has extra special perks and benefits to make each vacation experience that much better. Keep reading below to learn more about Villa Group Elite membership. 

Villa Group Elite Timeshare Info

Villa Group timeshare ownership is designed to give members a set amount of time at their unit each year. On average, members spend 1-2 weeks each year enjoying incredible getaways. By locking in today’s low rates, members are able to save money on their vacation expenses as well. Plus, the accommodations and amenities are really amazing. That way, you can really enjoy every moment of vacation and not worry about being disappointed by booking a lackluster hotel. In addition, if you really want to make the most of your investment, Villa Group Elite Membership could be for you. Villa Group Elite Membership is an upgraded, exclusive program for members that see the value in the program. Using a points based system, members get to upgrade vacations and enjoy perks that other members don’t have access to. 

  • Points Based System

As stated above,the Villa Group Elite Membership program is a points based system within their exclusive vacation club. It is segregated into three different membership levels based on the number of points accrued. Your Elite status group will be based upon how many points you have. To start with, the first Elite level is the Four Star level where members need 5,000 points. Next, the second tier is for members who have earned 10,000 points known as the Five Star level. Lastly, the third and most exclusive tier is the Elite Residences level for members who have earned 15,000 points or more. More points means better accommodations, upgrades at restaurants, spa services, and so much more. Are you already a Villa Group owner and want to see if you can participate? Contact Member services today to see if you are eligible for Villa Group Elite Membership.

  • Villa Group Elite Membership Perks

There are nice perks that Elite members will love during their upgraded vacation experience. For example, Elite members have a 30-day reservation booking window that allows for added flexibility when arranging your vacation time. Upon arrival at Villa Group resorts, Elite members receive priority service and attention. For example, they are eligible for a pre-arrival check-in process not available for other members. Skip the line and go straight to the Villa Group Elite Membership concierge for assistance. Also, you can even check in in the privacy of your suite if you request so ahead of time. Similarly, Elite members also have their own Villa Group Elite Membership call center reserved just for Elite members. Last but not least, COVID safety measures have been implemented at all resorts so you can feel safe to relax in paradise during your stay.

  • Villa Group Accommodations & Amenities

Villa Group Elite members get access to the best accommodations, too. Also, they receive VIP attention at restaurants and poolside. Perks include getting the best tables at restaurants and an exclusive Elite members only pool with plush and luxurious towlers. Plus, Elite members also enjoy unlimited use of the spa wet areas, personalized butler service and complimentary wifi service for all of your devices. Having these perks just makes a wonderful vacation even better. In addition, the Villa Group is always adding new perks just for Elite members so you can expect to keep enjoying benefits going forward as well. Right now, resorts are located in Mexico’s most desirable destinations such as Cabo, Cancun, Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, and Islands of Loreto. Members get to visit all 10 resorts when they join so you can look forward to exploring some of Mexico’s most beautiful locations.

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If you want to join the best timeshare club in Mexico, contact the Villa Group today to sign up to attend a sales presentation. The timeshare presentation covers all the perks of membership and how much it costs to join. Plus, you will enjoy a property tour so you can see the amazing accommodations and amenities up close and in person. Right now, all-inclusive travel deals are available so you can enjoy a wonderful getaway without breaking the bank too. If you are already part of the club and want to upgrade your existing membership, contact the Elite customer service team. They can let you know how many points you have accrued and explain in more detail how the program works. As members, you will love knowing you are giving your family ultra luxurious vacations and staying on budget, too.

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