Villa Preferred Access

What is Villa Preferred Access?

This is timeshare points scheme which enables timeshare owners to convert their current Villa del Palmar timeshare into points or to purchase points directly. Villa Preferred Access is an initiative offered by The Villagroup, one of Mexico’s most long standing and reputable timeshare companies.

What is the purpose of Villa Preferred Access?

One of the complaints voiced by people who do not buy a timeshare is that they do not want to return to the same resort year after year. Villa Preferred Access is a direct response to this opinion in that the scheme provides greater flexibility and more options for customers. In a nutshell, your timeshare property is converted into points; that is, the value of your timeshare is given a point score which you can then divide and use as your wish.

What are the benefits of Villa Preferred Access?

Due to the fact that The Villagroup have such an great range of resorts in fantastic beach locations in Mexico, including Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun and Loreto, the points scheme makes it easier for owners to exchange their timeshare for other destinations. It is then easier for you to transfer your points to an international vacation club, where you can further enhance your exchange possibilities for accommodations globally.

Another clear benefit of Villa Preferred Access is that timeshare owners can become more flexible with their dates. You no longer have to stick to the same 7 days every year and can decide to split your points and therefore take two short vacations in one year, or even save your points for the following year to spend on a more luxurious or bigger property.

Villa Preferred Access responds to the changing needs of more sophisticated vacation schedules. No one want to be trapped by their vacation home, on the contrary, Villa Preferred Access liberates timeshare owners to truly experience their investment.


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