What are the financial benefits to timeshare ownership?

The question of the financial benefits of timeshare is highly disputed, especially between advocates of timeshare and those that see it as a money making scam. However, no matter what side of the fence you are sitting, what is clear is that you are not going to get rich renting your timeshare, nor is it a highly lucrative financial investment in the traditional sense of stocks and shares. Nevertheless, there are financial benefits to owning a timeshare, and it is precisely these advantages that entice thousands of people into purchasing a timeshare every year.

The easiest place to see where you timeshare might save you money is in the fact that the price you pay for your timeshare is calculated at today’s prices. It stands to reason therefore, that you will be saving money on any future vacation accommodation costs as you have essentially frozen the price of your suite by paying today. Within a relatively short time, you can note the savings you are making in comparison to paying for hotel rooms every time you take a vacation.

Unlike hotel rooms that limit the number of people that can stay in your suite, a timeshare property is yours to use as you see fit. Most will have sofa beds so that you can make the most out of the space. In this way, your timeshare can save you money on paying for more than one hotel room.

Another fringe financial benefit comes if you purchase a timeshare for a unit that has kitchen and dining facilities. In this way you can eat at home and prepare some meals in your unit, thus saving money on eating in restaurants for every meal. Over time, this can be a significant saving for you and your family’s budget.

Finally, the majority of reputable timeshare operators offer discounts and have special arrangements with local tour agents and stores. You will find that you are constantly being offered vouchers or special discounts thanks to your membership.



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