Best Direct Flights to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s Pacific

Direct Flights to Puerto Vallarta

With the popularity of Puerto Vallarta on the increase, there are numerous airlines now offering nonstop direct flights to this trendy resort. If travelling from the United States of America or Canada, vacation hunters can now take advantage of booking direct flights to one of Mexico’s most popular cities: Puerto Vallarta.

Direct Flights to Puerto Vallarta

Whether you are flying to Puerto Vallarta from Vancouver, Canada on the west coast or from New York on the east, the major airlines have made great efforts to ensure that direct flights are readily available to all travelers, at reasonable prices together and with practical flight plans.

One of the top reasons for booking direct flights to Puerto Vallarta is that they give you much more time to take in the beauties of your Mexican location on your arrival day and also on departure. Direct flights to Puerto Vallarta enable you to take more time in enjoying your vacation and taking in the sun. Traveling on from Puerto Vallarta to locations like Riviera Nayarit, Sayulita, Bucerias, and Punta Mita, is easily serviced from the Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport. With a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta, you are making sure you maximize your time in the destination.

Booking a direct nonstop flight from one of these cities below enables you to take more time enjoying Puerto Vallarta and starts your vacation off in the right way. Check out the listings below.

Here are some direct flights to Puerto Vallarta from Canada
From Airlines
Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver WestJet Airlines, Air Canada and Air Transat.
Edmonton, Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Victoria and Winnipeg WestJet Airlines and Air Transat.
Abbotsford, Comox and Prince George, WestJet Airlines.
Montreal and Quebec, Air Transat.
Here are some direct flights to Puerto Vallarta U.S.A:
From Airlines
Chicago Aeromexico, American Airlines, United, and US Airways.
Dallas-Fort Worth American Airlines, US Airways and Sun Country Airlines.
Los Angeles Delta, United and Alaska Airlines
San Francisco Aeromexico, United, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America
New York, Delta, Aeromexico and United
Denver United, Frontier Airlines, and Southwest
Houston Aeromexico, United and Southwest.
Phoenix American Airlines and US Airways.
Orange County Southwest and Alaska Airlines
Minneapolis/St. Paul Delta and Sun Country Airlines
Seattle/Tacoma Delta and Alaska Airlines
Atlanta, Detroit and Salt Lake City Delta.
Saint Louis, MO Frontier Airlines.
Portland and San Diego Alaska Airlines

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Discount Vacation Hotels Cancun Resort

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Amazing Golf Courses in Cabo

Golf Courses in Cabo

Thanks to Jack Nicklaus, since the 1990’s Cabo has experienced a great increase in the number of superb golf courses. During the early 1990’s three major golf courses were opened by Nicklaus. This caused many of the other top golf clubs to do likewise. At the present day, there are three of the world’s top golf courses in Cabo San Lucas area. Many of the other golf clubs are doing a great job at offering spectacular courses too. If your taste is for the landscape, the challenge or maybe you are a novice; there is a Golf course in Los Cabos for all.

    Amazing Golf Courses in Cabo

    take a look at these below:

  1. Cabo Del Sol Ocean Course
  2. In the past, many famous names have been attached to golf courses. No name has been more recognized than that of the legendary Jack Nicklaus. On Cabo San Lucas coastline, overlooking the Sea Of Cortez, this course is celebrated as one of Nicklaus’s best designed golf courses. Being named on numerous occasions as one of the top 100 golf courses in the world, you can understand why. The course’s length is 7075 yards. It has extensive views of Cabo’s sea, desert and mountains. There are many elevation changes together with the undulating greens, which can provide challenges to any low or high handicap golf players.

  3. Palmilla Golf Course in Cabo
  4. This is the second top-ranked golf course in Cabo and was also designed by the renowned Jack Nicklaus. This, the second of the three Golf courses in Cabo San Lucas area is also rated in the top 100 worldwide. There are 3 completely different 9 hole courses to choose from. These are the Arroyo Course, the Mountain Course, and the Ocean Course. As the name suggests the Ocean Course has splendid views of the Sea of Cortez and is the most spectacular of the three courses available. At each course there are five sets of tee boxes, which cater for players of any handicap.

  5. Querencia
  6. Querencia is a super 18 hole golf course spanning over 300 acres and was designed by Tom Fazio. If you wish to play golf in a stunning landscape, this is a place not to be missed. The course is set out amongst ancient cacti and lush palm trees and carves its way through deep arroyos and rests atop a cool plateau. If you are looking to leave the touristy and crowded areas behind you, then this is a course for you. It is a challenging golf course in Cabo in a beautiful location.

  7. Cabo Real Golf Course
  8. The Cabo Real Golf Course was designed by Robert Trent Jones II and is 7,037 yards long. It has flourishing fairways, and you play between swaying palm trees, stunning ocean views and massive cactus plants. The challenging start to your round will be through the desert, with the easier back nine allowing the golfer to enjoy the impressive sea views. If you are holidaying and playing during the whale season, you may be lucky enough to see the whales breaching the sea as you play. The natural world and sport all in one.

ATV Reviews for Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas ATV Tour

When you are vacationing in Los Cabos, Baja California you will want to experience a ride of excitement by taking an ATV tour that provide exhilaration and much more. An ATV Tour provides an exhilarating 21-mile ride through paradise, which will take you through Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. On the tour you will experience breathtaking views and scenery, rugged terrain, and a ride on the wild side. The ATV ride will have you zipping and cruising through the sand bars on beautiful beaches, then riding through an Indian village that is over 200 years old. Taking an ATV tour while visiting Cabo San Lucas should be a priority.

You will immediately notice exciting and amazing things in the city when you are visiting. If you are asking the locals what to see and do, then they all will tell you to actually experience the city you should take an ATV tour, because it is more than just an adventure. Take your friends and family with you, then experience “La Candelaria”, “Los Paredones”, and “the Migrino Beach” and “Migrino Desert” on an ATV. The magic of Los Cabos comes alive when you experience it on an ATV.

If you head just twenty miles north of the city you will run into La Candelaria, which is a unique and intriguing Indian village that is over 200 years old. The village is one of the most popular ATV tours available, because it is known for its black magic and white magic. There is only around 60 people that live in the village today, but the traditional ways is still being upheld as it has for many centuries. La Candelaria has very little modern amenities that Los Cabos offers.

Another wonderful place to ride an ATV off the coast of Baja California, is on the Migrino Beach. Migrino Beach has a beautiful three mile stretch of sands, waves, and marine life. Along with the sand is the desert that connects, then dry riverbeds where you will run into cliff towers of over 100 feet that offers you breathtaking views of the ocean. The Migrino Beach is one of the popular ATV tours that tourists go on in Los Cabos.

4 Things you Wish you Knew Before your Vacation Rental Nightmare

Vacation Rental Nightmare

Renting a vacation home is becoming popular among tourists around the world because it gives flexibility and comfort rather than staying in the usual hotels. Many travelers these days would rather stay in a condo, house or apartment close to tourist attractions like a fabulous beach, theme parks or ski mountains. The benefit of vacation rentals is that they give you the space needed, especially for large groups or to accommodate several family members.

While renting your own vacation home does have its perks and benefits, it can be quite tricky and deceptive and the risk of a vacation rental nightmare is totally possible. Here are four important things to keep in mind when deciding on a vacation rental to avoid a nightmare.

  1. The importance of checking out your vacation rental before you arrive
  2. Though this might be impossible to do in person when booking a vacation rental abroad, there are other effective ways to assure excellent accommodation. If you like to return to the same place each year, make sure you book your vacation rental in advance and visit the property while you are still there. Another option is to work through an agent who checks the rental on your behalf or ask the owner to give you a virtual tour via skype or some other means. Photographs can be deceiving, so it’s best to see the place live. False advertising is common, especially abroad, so don’t become a victim and face a vacation rental nightmare.

  3. Why agencies are a good idea
  4. If you are looking for quality, you can make your booking through an agency which has a list of respectable vacation homes that have been checked at vetted. These agencies earn through posting advertisements and won’t ruin a good name by offering low quality accommodation. Agencies are more likely to offer superior quality accommodations and luxury compared to other rental opportunities, although you will pay for their services.

  5. Take note of any damages upon arrival
  6. Don’t become a victim of a vacation rental deposit scam when you to learn that your deposit is gone and was used for payment for damages or breakages that you were not responsible for. To avoid this and to get your deposit back, be sure to make a list of any damaged items. There might be things that are broken and defective even beforehand, which the management thinks you have caused. Give them a copy of this audited list so there won’t be any hassle after ending the contract.

  7. Double check
  8. You should always double check any amenities or facilities that are deal breakers for you in your vacation rental. For example, if internet is important, ask the agent or owner to check that it is working. If you really want a place with a Jacuzzi, check that it has received its regular maintenance. Once you have arrived, you do not want to be wasting time sorting out these issues.

  9. Use a Credit Card
  10. If you pay upfront by cash you have no proof that you have paid and you are more at risk of a vacation rental scam. Some credit cards will also include travel insurance too. When using a credit card, you should take care that you are using a secure site for payment. PayPal is another good option.