Scams to Avoid this Summer

A summer vacation has its perils; you can get sunburn, heat stroke and a nasty hangover, but what you really need to worry about is the summer scammers who come out to play in the peak seasons. So, in order to help you avoid these fraudsters and their money-grabbing schemes, we’ve compiled what we know about the most common scams to be found during the summer period. Knowledge is power, after all, and we want to empower you to side-step the scammers.

Summer Take Away Restaurant Scams

The take-away scam kicks in when you’re just arriving to your destination and, in part, relies on you being hungry and tired enough to have a lapse in judgement. They’ll put a flyer under your door which advertises a takeaway service that’s open late, and when you call they’ll claim that (for security reasons) they cannot take cash at the door and so need your credit or debit card details. You can imagine where this is going, no doubt.

Rental Fraudsters

Rental scams prey on people looking for last-minute deals and getaways by advertising great properties at low prices at short notice. They’ll tell you that you can’t pay by credit card as it’s a private rent, and that they need the money (or most of it) up front. This is when they take your money and run, leaving you to turn up at a derelict, or occupied, property none the wiser.

Drop and Switch Scams

This is a quick and common little scam that’s actually fairly easy to prevent if you’re on your guard. This involves the person you are giving money to switching in a smaller bill so that they can claim you’ve given them less and give you less change, or get you to give them to difference. A good way to avoid this is to visibly count out and orally confirm the money that you are giving over in payment.

Summer Scams at Check-In

Yet another late-night scam, this one happens after you check in to your hotel (hence the name). You’ll arrive and check in without incident, but soon after someone claiming to be the receptionist will call your room saying that your card has been declined. They’ll ask you to confirm your details or provide an alternative. They do it so smoothly that you may not even think about it again until you notice charges on your card.

Internet Wifi Scams

Internet cafes are common in most countries now, and they make it much easier for us all (especially those who work on the go) to stay connected. The problem is that these cafes cannot ensure a secure connection and it’s very, very easy to connect to a fake network which hackers can gain access to your systems from.

Remember – never give your credit card details over the phone, always check what money you hand over and always check the network you’re connecting to.

Summer Vacations in Puerto Vallarta with Children

Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

Excited about your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta but having difficulty thinking about how your children will enjoy the trip with you? Worry no more! Your trip to Puerto Vallarta is sure to be packed with exciting summer fun for you and your kids of all ages. From your hard-to-please toddler up to the pickiest teenager, summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta will surely challenge and thrill them. That means plenty of time for you to relax and enjoy as well.

Take a look at these remarkable adventures for your children while enjoying summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta:

Hiking to Las Animas

Kids love adventure. Their high amounts energy will be well-spent in this two-hour nature walk where tropical birds, plants, hidden beaches and a small river are waiting for them to behold and explore. This coastal trail begins on the South Side of the river in Boca de Tomatlan, only thirty minutes away from Puerto Vallarta. If you don’t have a rental car vehicle, there are buses and taxis that will take you there along the South Shore highway (Carretera a Barra de Navidad). Once in Tomatlan, the beginning of the trail is easy to spot or local folks are friendly enough to be your guides. Kids from ages of five and above will have the best two hours of their life as they hike through this wonderful nature trail.

Swimming and Other Adventures at Las Animas

More adventures are waiting on your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta once you and your children reach Las Animas beach along the coastal trail. Another way to reach this town is by water taxis from Boca de Tomatlan or Los Muertos Beach, or through organized tours. This is a magnificent place for kids where they can dive off from the pier and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, feeding the fish, and other water fun. Those in organized tours can already make friends while on their boats. There is also a waterfall located on the South End of the beach for additional fun. Appealing restaurants are ready to satisfy your little adventurers’ gastronomical cravings.

Dining and River-exploring at El Rio BBQ

Hidden on the inland part of the town, this unique restaurant can be reached by taking the local highway called Libramiento. The trip will only take ten minutes and you will be welcomed by the savory aroma of their special ribs and chicken barbecues. They also serve fries and watermelon and jicama salad for a complete mouth-watering meal. Your meal will sometimes be accompanied by live music and a wooden dance floor is ready for kids’ energetic moves. The real adventure is found beneath this dining area. The segment of El Rio Cuale which is well-maintained by the owners and their resident dog which waits for children to play with it offers amazing fun for your young ones. Children may swim; make sandcastles, dive, and swing off a rope into the cool waters. This will keep them busy while parents enjoy their cocktails while watching over them. A great choice while on your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta.

Sight-seeing at Isla Rio Cuale

At the center of Puerto Vallarta is the Isla Rio Cuale. This island was designated by the town’s municipality as a kids’ area since the 70s. Formed by the natural interlocking waters of the River Cuale, this island can only be reached through two hanging bridges, which already provide an adventure for your kids. Once they reach the island, a statue of John Huston and the city’s cultural center are great places to discover. But the best thing in this island is the hundreds of kitty cats that find their homes here. Volunteer animal advocates feed these kittens. They don’t mind if kids would take pictures, feed, hold, and cuddle these cute creatures.

Doing Charitable Works

Make your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta unforgettable and even life-changing experiences for your children. Puerto Vallarta has associations which are in great need for monetary donations, medicines, or animal or children’s supplies. These organizations include Purr Project, DIF Old Age Home, Corazon de Nina Children’s Home, and Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Orphanage. The DIF Old Age Home has a program where your family can adopt a grandparent. Teaching your kids to share their blessings will make your summer vacation not only filled with fun and excitement, but also filled with new perspectives about life.

Best Direct Flights to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s Pacific

Direct Flights to Puerto Vallarta

With the popularity of Puerto Vallarta on the increase, there are numerous airlines now offering nonstop direct flights to this trendy resort. If travelling from the United States of America or Canada, vacation hunters can now take advantage of booking direct flights to one of Mexico’s most popular cities: Puerto Vallarta.

Direct Flights to Puerto Vallarta

Whether you are flying to Puerto Vallarta from Vancouver, Canada on the west coast or from New York on the east, the major airlines have made great efforts to ensure that direct flights are readily available to all travelers, at reasonable prices together and with practical flight plans.

One of the top reasons for booking direct flights to Puerto Vallarta is that they give you much more time to take in the beauties of your Mexican location on your arrival day and also on departure. Direct flights to Puerto Vallarta enable you to take more time in enjoying your vacation and taking in the sun. Traveling on from Puerto Vallarta to locations like Riviera Nayarit, Sayulita, Bucerias, and Punta Mita, is easily serviced from the Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport. With a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta, you are making sure you maximize your time in the destination.

Booking a direct nonstop flight from one of these cities below enables you to take more time enjoying Puerto Vallarta and starts your vacation off in the right way. Check out the listings below.

Here are some direct flights to Puerto Vallarta from Canada
From Airlines
Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver WestJet Airlines, Air Canada and Air Transat.
Edmonton, Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Victoria and Winnipeg WestJet Airlines and Air Transat.
Abbotsford, Comox and Prince George, WestJet Airlines.
Montreal and Quebec, Air Transat.
Here are some direct flights to Puerto Vallarta U.S.A:
From Airlines
Chicago Aeromexico, American Airlines, United, and US Airways.
Dallas-Fort Worth American Airlines, US Airways and Sun Country Airlines.
Los Angeles Delta, United and Alaska Airlines
San Francisco Aeromexico, United, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America
New York, Delta, Aeromexico and United
Denver United, Frontier Airlines, and Southwest
Houston Aeromexico, United and Southwest.
Phoenix American Airlines and US Airways.
Orange County Southwest and Alaska Airlines
Minneapolis/St. Paul Delta and Sun Country Airlines
Seattle/Tacoma Delta and Alaska Airlines
Atlanta, Detroit and Salt Lake City Delta.
Saint Louis, MO Frontier Airlines.
Portland and San Diego Alaska Airlines

18776060014 Discount Vacation Hotels All Inclusive Getaways

Discount Vacation Hotels Cancun Resort

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Meals are already calculated in the price of your vacation, and so are other services. Therefore, you don’t have to preoccupy yourself with calculating every service or activity you choose to participate in while vacationing.

An assessment of Discount Vacation Hotels 18776060014

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Amazing Golf Courses in Cabo

Golf Courses in Cabo

Thanks to Jack Nicklaus, since the 1990’s Cabo has experienced a great increase in the number of superb golf courses. During the early 1990’s three major golf courses were opened by Nicklaus. This caused many of the other top golf clubs to do likewise. At the present day, there are three of the world’s top golf courses in Cabo San Lucas area. Many of the other golf clubs are doing a great job at offering spectacular courses too. If your taste is for the landscape, the challenge or maybe you are a novice; there is a Golf course in Los Cabos for all.

    Amazing Golf Courses in Cabo

    take a look at these below:

  1. Cabo Del Sol Ocean Course
  2. In the past, many famous names have been attached to golf courses. No name has been more recognized than that of the legendary Jack Nicklaus. On Cabo San Lucas coastline, overlooking the Sea Of Cortez, this course is celebrated as one of Nicklaus’s best designed golf courses. Being named on numerous occasions as one of the top 100 golf courses in the world, you can understand why. The course’s length is 7075 yards. It has extensive views of Cabo’s sea, desert and mountains. There are many elevation changes together with the undulating greens, which can provide challenges to any low or high handicap golf players.

  3. Palmilla Golf Course in Cabo
  4. This is the second top-ranked golf course in Cabo and was also designed by the renowned Jack Nicklaus. This, the second of the three Golf courses in Cabo San Lucas area is also rated in the top 100 worldwide. There are 3 completely different 9 hole courses to choose from. These are the Arroyo Course, the Mountain Course, and the Ocean Course. As the name suggests the Ocean Course has splendid views of the Sea of Cortez and is the most spectacular of the three courses available. At each course there are five sets of tee boxes, which cater for players of any handicap.

  5. Querencia
  6. Querencia is a super 18 hole golf course spanning over 300 acres and was designed by Tom Fazio. If you wish to play golf in a stunning landscape, this is a place not to be missed. The course is set out amongst ancient cacti and lush palm trees and carves its way through deep arroyos and rests atop a cool plateau. If you are looking to leave the touristy and crowded areas behind you, then this is a course for you. It is a challenging golf course in Cabo in a beautiful location.

  7. Cabo Real Golf Course
  8. The Cabo Real Golf Course was designed by Robert Trent Jones II and is 7,037 yards long. It has flourishing fairways, and you play between swaying palm trees, stunning ocean views and massive cactus plants. The challenging start to your round will be through the desert, with the easier back nine allowing the golfer to enjoy the impressive sea views. If you are holidaying and playing during the whale season, you may be lucky enough to see the whales breaching the sea as you play. The natural world and sport all in one.