Lightning and Thunderstorm Shows in PV 

Puerto Vallarta is a great place to vacation, even during the summer. The summer season is actually the low season when it comes to tourism. So if you want a relaxing getaway without having to deal with lots of people, the summer and fall seasons are nice times to visit.

Plus, the rainy season occurs during the summer and fall months in Banderas Bay. Visitors to PV are always in awe of the majestic lightning and thunderstorm storms that summer storms create over Banderas Bay.

The abundant rain helps revive the local flora so that the surrounding greenery is fresh and new again. If you aren’t sure where to stay, check out the Villa Group Resorts. They have amazing amenities, excellent services, and comfortable accommodations.

They have special travel packages available right now that are affordable, too. Keep reading below about visiting PV in the summertime and fall. 

Lightning and Thunderstorm Shows in PV

Summer has arrived in Banderas Bay along with lots of humidity and heat. The rainy season occurs during summer as well with lightning and thunderstorms that light up the evening sky. The Sierra Madre jungle is vibrant and green once again thanks to the badly needed precipitation. 

During the winter and spring, many local plants remain in a dormant mode and store water in their roots to survive the dry season. Once the summer rains arrive, PV is converted into a lush and tropical oasis once more.

The Sierra Madre mountain greenery creates a striking contrast with the sparkling waters of Banderas Bay, which is the largest bay in Mexico. Despite being the rainy season, most days are still sunny with the storms arriving in the afternoons or evenings.

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Visit Waterfalls and Swimming Holes

If you want to skip the beach for a day, take advantage of the area’s swimming holes that become perfect places for a dip during the summer. Local waterfalls and swimming holes become full of water thanks to the summer rainstorms.

Many of the best spots are located a bit inland so visitors will need to go hiking to reach them. El Salto Waterfall and swimming hole is one of the area’s best places to visit. You can hike inland from the town of Paso Ancho near downtown.

There, visitors will find a perfect swimming hole and a beautiful waterfall. Adventure seekers can even take a big jump off a steep rock ledge into the water below.

Another great spot to visit is the Palo Maria waterfall which is just south of downtown. Visitors and Puerto Vallarta residents love the area’s natural beauty which is best enjoyed during a morning hike in the Sierra Madre jungle. 

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Banderas Bay Lightning Displays  

Puerto Vallarta is well known for its stunning thunder and lightning storms that occur during the summer rainy season. Incredible images will delight visitors when they watch an evening storm over Banderas Bay. If you stay at the Villa Group Resorts, you can enjoy some quiet time on your private balcony as you safely enjoy Mother Nature’s fireworks.

If you want to be on the beach, head down to the Malecon and you will find tons of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy dinner and a cocktail during a storm. The storms will refresh the air and cool down the air temperature as well for a much-needed break during the dog days of summer.

Another reason to visit Banderas Bay during the summer is that there are fewer people around. The high season occurs during the winter months when days are sunny and cooler.

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Fewer people visit PV during the summer, so if you don’t love big crowds you may enjoy the more laidback and peaceful vibe due to fewer people in town.  

Summer is officially here and the rainy season has arrived. Are you ready to plan a trip to PV? If you are, you should book your stay at one of the Villa Group Resorts. They have Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Palmar Flamingos, and Villa La Estancia in Banderas Bay.

There’s nothing as beautiful as the incredible thunder and lightning shows in Puerto Vallarta when viewed from the comfort of a private, beachfront balcony. Ask to see if you are eligible to join their exclusive vacation club. If you are, you can prepay to save money on future travel.

Sign up to attend a sales presentation to learn all the perks of benefits that come with membership. You deserve to make the most of summer. Come to Mexico and go check out the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta for yourself! 

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