I keep getting calls from a mystery number 8773890787. Who is it?

8773890787 is the telesales outbound number for TODAY GETAWAY. They are a longstanding travel agent that works over the telephone offering exclusive discounts on vacations in Mexico and Orlando.

They specialize in discounts on all inclusive vacations in:

  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Cabo San Lucas
  • The Islands of Loreto
  • Cancun
  • Riviera Nayarit
  • Orlando

Will it cost me to call them back on 8773890787?

No, the number is a toll free number, so you can call them back at your convenience. You can also check out their website: www.todaygetaway.com


Timeshare: Blocked Week or Points?

When you buy a timeshare, many operators offer a choice of blocked weeks or the option to join a points system. Most reputable timeshare companies now offer points as they provide greater flexibility and suit the growing needs of the contemporary timeshare buyer.

What is a blocked week?

Blocked week timeshares are the traditional model for fractional ownership. It simply means that the property has been divided into weeks throughout the year and you buy access to your property for a certain number of weeks. These weeks can be fixed, floating or rotating.

Fixed week timeshares are when you buy a specific week, say week 24 and you have guaranteed access to that week. The benefit of fixed weeks is that you don’t have to fight over school vacations or Christmas week if you have bought a timeshare during those times. Floating weeks don’t have specific dates but you can reserve anytime during a general period of time, like a season. Rotating weeks simply jump one week forward or back every year. Rotation is generally more popular for longer periods of fractional ownership, such as when you buy by the month or season.

What is the Points System?

Most timeshare companies are moving to this method as it better serves the growing needs of the modern traveler. Simply put, rather than buying a specific week you buy points that are equivalent to a certain property during a particular period of time (summer vacations, Christmas, off-peak). You then exchange your points according to your requirements. Perhaps one year you stay in a three bedroom timeshare for one week while the next year you use the same number of points to stay for 2 weeks in a one bedroom apartment.

The other advantage of the points system is that you can also change the destination of your timeshare very easily, especially if you buy with a timeshare chain that has resorts in other locations. You can easily tailor your timeshare to suit you and your family.


Smaller Timeshare Companies

When buying a timeshare it is advisable to work on the premise that bigger is indeed better. On the whole, it is prudent to avoid small timeshare companies for reasons to be explained below.

Five Reasons to Beware Small Timeshare Companies:

1. Usually the smaller companies are new operators emerging onto the market. That can leave your investment in a risky position as you cannot trust that the company will have success. This is especially important if you are buying a property that has not been built. You could find that you pay your money and the resort is never finished.

2. All timeshare companies implement maintenance fees but according to timeshare reviews, the smaller the timeshare company the higher the fees. Smaller timeshare companies do not have the weight to significantly negotiate prices.

3. Flexibility, upgrades and the range of units are more limited with smaller companies. The advantage of buying with a larger timeshare company is that you can swap weeks and properties easily, as well as, upgrade your timeshare as your finances change over time.

4. Smaller timeshare companies do not usually have the capital to invest in marketing and branding, which can make it very difficult to sell your timeshare or even rent it, should the necessity arise. People will tend to avoid a timeshare company who do not have a recognizable brand.

5. Larger, established companies have, on the whole a better track record for their treatment of clients before, during and after presentations. Excellent products should sell themselves. Smaller companies are reported to show tendencies towards more aggressive sales


Timeshare Truths

Contrary to the truth, timeshare suffers from a bad name, primarily because of scams and inexperienced companies with extreme sales tactics. The reality of the timeshare industry is different, the majority of the companies are genuine and offer legitimate timeshare properties at great prices. So, is timeshare a scam or a great investment?
Timeshare in and of itself if not a scam, but there are various ways that people get ripped-off by companies deliberately seeking to defraud people of their hard earned cash. The most common timeshare scams are the resale scams where companies appear to be helping you sell your timeshare but charge upfront fees.
Regular Vacations
Perhaps the best advantage of owning a timeshare is that you are encouraged to take regular vacations with loved ones. Having your own home away from home makes it so much easier to get away.
Luxury Accommodations at Great Prices
Buying a timeshare allows you to purchase a unit that you would not otherwise be able to afford if you were to opt for full ownership. This means that you can afford more luxurious accommodations and apartments. Most timeshares are condo-style or apartments in a resort, which means you can save money on eating out, using the fully equipped kitchens.
Maintenance Fees
It is true that owning a timeshare implies paying maintenance fees, and while these are often the source of complaint, they are in fact necessary for the efficient running and upkeep of your investment. Maintenance fees ensure that your home for home is in perfect condition when you arrive and you share the cost amongst all the owners.
The best timeshare companies like Villa Group have a nose for a perfect vacation destination. If you opt for an established company you can be sure that your investment is safe and that the location is going to be a popular place for years to come. This helps if you ever wish to rent, swap or sell your timeshare at a later stage.


What are the Benefits of Trading Power?

Anyone who is new to the timeshare scene are probably not sure of the significance of the concept “trading power“. The term is used by the RCI vacation club, the world’s most extensive exchange network who have more than 35 years in the field. They offer exchanges with some of the best resorts and hotel groups in the world, making them highly competitive.

When you become a member of RCI, timeshare owners can swap their timeshare week for points that they can then use towards vacations in different destinations and during different dates. Vacation clubs make timeshare super flexible and convenient.

Trading Power

When we talk about RCI trading power we are talking about the relative value given to your timeshare when you add or “deposit” it into the program. There are various criteria that will have an influence on the trading power you receive such as the type of resort, the demand, time of year, size of unit, comment card scores for the resort etc. Depending on how well your timeshare scores will determine your trading power.

Motive for Trading Power

The reason for introducing trading power is to make sure that all members receive a fair exchange for their timeshare. For example, someone depositing a luxury residence in Hawaii would not have a fair straight swap for a one bedroom ground floor suite in Florida. Therefore, trading power interprets the value of your property like currency.

Maximize your Trading Power?

There are ways of getting the most out of your trading power such as depositing your property as early as possible. You can add the unit as far in advance as 2 years. You can also request a high demand week in your original timeshare which will translate into a higher trading power that you could use to go to a higher demand location. In addition, you could save any trading power to use the credit on a vacation the following year.