Smaller Timeshare Companies

When buying a timeshare it is advisable to work on the premise that bigger is indeed better. On the whole, it is prudent to avoid small timeshare companies for reasons to be explained below.

Five Reasons to Beware Small Timeshare Companies:

1. Usually the smaller companies are new operators emerging onto the market. That can leave your investment in a risky position as you cannot trust that the company will have success. This is especially important if you are buying a property that has not been built. You could find that you pay your money and the resort is never finished.

2. All timeshare companies implement maintenance fees but according to timeshare reviews, the smaller the timeshare company the higher the fees. Smaller timeshare companies do not have the weight to significantly negotiate prices.

3. Flexibility, upgrades and the range of units are more limited with smaller companies. The advantage of buying with a larger timeshare company is that you can swap weeks and properties easily, as well as, upgrade your timeshare as your finances change over time.

4. Smaller timeshare companies do not usually have the capital to invest in marketing and branding, which can make it very difficult to sell your timeshare or even rent it, should the necessity arise. People will tend to avoid a timeshare company who do not have a recognizable brand.

5. Larger, established companies have, on the whole a better track record for their treatment of clients before, during and after presentations. Excellent products should sell themselves. Smaller companies are reported to show tendencies towards more aggressive sales


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