What are the Benefits of Trading Power?

Anyone who is new to the timeshare scene are probably not sure of the significance of the concept “trading power“. The term is used by the RCI vacation club, the world’s most extensive exchange network who have more than 35 years in the field. They offer exchanges with some of the best resorts and hotel groups in the world, making them highly competitive.

When you become a member of RCI, timeshare owners can swap their timeshare week for points that they can then use towards vacations in different destinations and during different dates. Vacation clubs make timeshare super flexible and convenient.

Trading Power

When we talk about RCI trading power we are talking about the relative value given to your timeshare when you add or “deposit” it into the program. There are various criteria that will have an influence on the trading power you receive such as the type of resort, the demand, time of year, size of unit, comment card scores for the resort etc. Depending on how well your timeshare scores will determine your trading power.

Motive for Trading Power

The reason for introducing trading power is to make sure that all members receive a fair exchange for their timeshare. For example, someone depositing a luxury residence in Hawaii would not have a fair straight swap for a one bedroom ground floor suite in Florida. Therefore, trading power interprets the value of your property like currency.

Maximize your Trading Power?

There are ways of getting the most out of your trading power such as depositing your property as early as possible. You can add the unit as far in advance as 2 years. You can also request a high demand week in your original timeshare which will translate into a higher trading power that you could use to go to a higher demand location. In addition, you could save any trading power to use the credit on a vacation the following year.

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