10 Reasons to Join a Vacation Club

Before looking at the reasons why you might want to join a vacation club, it is probably a good idea to explain briefly what they are and how they work.

The reality of vacation clubs is that they are much like the timeshare model, rather you buy points instead of fixed weeks. The points are then spent or used towards vacation accommodations that are the same excellent standard as timeshare properties. The level of your membership privileges will determine the kinds of accommodations you can use, in which destinations and for how long.

So, why does joining a vacation club make sense?

1 – Top Destinations

Vacation clubs only offer accommodations in the best locations in the world, meaning you get to take advantage of their expertise in choosing the very best destinations.

2 – Spacious Accommodations

Vacation clubs offer the very best timeshare accommodations, so they are usually much larger than hotel rooms and are very likely to include kitchens and areas for socializing.

3 – Only Spend Money on the Time You Use

Better than full ownership, you only pay for the time that you use. Also, you don’t have to stay for a complete week and could spend as little or as long as you choose to reserve.

4 – Versatile

Depending on your membership, you can choose the exact dates that you wish to travel and are not limited to taking a vacation during the same times every year. You also have more freedom about the type of accommodation you want and where you wish to travel to.

5 – Save Money

By staying in larger accommodations with kitchens, families can actually make vacations a lot more economical. You can reduce the cost of eating out by cooking in your suite and make room for all the family.

6 –  Vacations Every Year

Once you join a vacation club, you are encouraged to make full use of your privileges and will want to take a vacation every year.

7 – No Hassle

You don’t have to trawl the internet for the best deals. You can log in to your vacation club website and see what is on offer when you want to travel or alternatively make a reservation by telephone. It’s so easy.

8 – Transfer Your Privileges

Some vacation clubs allow you to transfer lifetime membership to family members and most permit being able to leave membership in a will.

9 – Add Existing Timeshare Properties

Vacation clubs allow you to make your existing fixed timeshare weeks more flexible. You simply join and add or deposit your timeshare week to start taking advantage of the exchange programs.

10- Discounts

Members benefit from discounts and special offers on flights, vacations and often deals in local stores and restaurants.


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