5 Reasons people still buy timeshares

If you’re not already a regular vacationer then it’s understandable if you think that Timeshares and vacation clubs are a fad that went out of fashion decades ago. Certainly timeshares and vacation clubs were given a bad reputation by the notorious scams of the eighties and nineties, but these days there are so many laws and regulations to protect consumers these days that scams are unheard of!

If you’re still not convinced, however, here are five reasons why people still buy timeshares and join vacation clubs to this day.


  1. These days most timeshare providers have switched from the old, rigid system of allocating fixed weeks and unit to a more fluid points based system. This means that you can change where you stay or when you vacation from year to year, and you can sometimes use your points for other things like all-inclusive eating plans.
  2. You save money, time and hassle in the long run. By making your purchase at today’s prices you are essentially investing in cheaper vacations in the future. Plus it means that you never need to worry about running from pillar to post trying to find good accommodations at good prices. All you have to worry about is your flights (which are becoming ever cheaper), and packing your case.
  3. As the timeshare industry has moved into the luxury market you’ll find that the clubs on offer are of a much higher calibre than resorts of comparable prices. This means that the accommodations and suites you get to enjoy are generally of a higher quality too!
  4. Many timeshare clubs have links with international exchange networks such as Interval International and RCI or other such companies meaning that you can swap your points or weeks for accommodation in other countries.
  5. Timeshare companies are often able to provide their members with discounts and exclusive deals as well as offering things like free transport to and from the airport to make sure your vacation starts and finishes as smoothly as possible.

Perhaps the best reason to invest in a timeshare, however, is that it gives you all the benefits of having a second home in a wonderful location without all of the responsibilities and financial strains that come with it.

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